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Michael has a wonderful association and companionship with Angels for 71 years, since about age 5. He travelled the world for many years, through all English speaking countries, promoting Angels and a positive loving life at lectures, workshops or playshops and courses. He is a Healer, Facilitator, Minister, Awareness Light artist, author and Spiritual Explorer. Michael is a Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique: Level 3 Master Practitioner, and a Minister with Serenity Ministries®, using SVH and 
Rainbow Light Healing.

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Name: Rev. Michael Francis Bray

Birthday: 15 June (Gemini, born exactly on the full moon)

Favourite Colour: Turquoise and blue

Favourite Angel/Master: AA Michael & many others. Masters Horis & El Moyra

Favourite Quote: ‘Everyone is an Angel in training ...’

'Listen to your heart, it knows ......(love)'

‘Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective

not a truth.’ ~ Marcus Aurelius

My favourite songs:

1.‘When you Believe.’

2.‘I’ll find my way home’

3.‘Let it be'

4.‘Hair- Aquarius’

5.‘You raise me up’

6.‘True Colours'

7.‘The Call’

8.‘Ode to Joy’ - on YouTube.

9.‘My Heart Will Go On'

9.“Wonderful World’

10. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

11. ‘Amazing Grace’.

12. ‘I am what I am’.

13. 'When you wish upon a star'

14. 'Bow Down Mister' (Boy George)

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- Pronouns: he / him





CHECK OUT MICHAEL'S NEW IDEA: A HOLISTIC/SPIRITUAL (Healing) CARE CENTRE.. ... an Idea that seeds are being planted & will be created, in the state of NSW, Australia.

Michael traveled to France in April 2014, with the idea of living in Europe which was a goal when he first visit there in 1968. He loved to travel in Europe and while he was there he drove to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, UK, Ireland, Andorra and Spain. Once he traveled through 5 countries in one day ( NL, B, D, L, and FR ), because he could.

He had goals to travel to the UK, however while living in Pau, France, near Lourdes he experienced a stroke on 30 March 2018. He spent a month in the local hospital, then decided he would be better off having rehabilitation in Australia. He heard some years back that Ipswich hospital was good and he contacted his friend in Ipswich, Megan Maher who collected him at Brisbane airport and took him to Emergency, where he spent another month. Physiotherapy helped him walk (slowly) again and he is also gaining the use of his left arm and hand. He was residing in a Care Centre, & he was living near Ipswich, QLD; but has moved to Glen Innes NSW, where he is resting often, surrounded by trees and takes time to create this site, typing with one hand. He gets around with a walking stick and can now travel by train, bus, or car :-) 

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