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There are lots of ways -

The main thing is that you take time to plan and get excited about your passion or goal and stay excited about it happening. Love it.

Watch getting caught up in other people's ideas and please do not get in your own way, as a suggestion.

Allow your Angels and the Universe to work with 'how' it unfolds.

Here are more ideas, suggestions:

Angels web site (This site)

Imagine that you have a great idea about a business or something to do in your life or maybe for part of your work, or something else.

This is something great that is happening in your life, you love it. Then all of a sudden the great idea you had is vanishing because you got talked out of it, or you got caught up in fear or another person's idea. (Just describing all of this.)

So you whisper to your Angelic Team for assistance:

1 - you ask for help, maybe take time to be still, relax and breathe

2 - you write down what your Divine Ideal Outcome is and what your great idea is all about

3 - you plan the steps to get to your goal - like the steps up a ladder to make it easy for you

4 - you decide to use ease and grace and achieve the steps in your Divine Timing and placement

5 - you decide to no longer listen to any ideas that are less than 100% Love and Light

6 - you remember to recheck your plan and your steps so they are right for you each day / week.

7 - you ask the Angels to help in different ways like :

 * helping you to relax when you get busy or anxious or stressed - use self-love

 * assist with tasks, so you get things done with ease and grace - or take shorter steps

 * arrange to meet appropriate people who have an expertise in the field you are entering/exploring

 * when you need outside help, you meet that person at the perfect place and time

 * you get great parking places (as always)

 * you find that everything is flowing into place wonderfully and it surprises you :-)

8 - you are grateful for what is happening and the assistance you are receiving and acknowledging

9 - you discover the many different and relaxed ways your Angelic team is helping you using love

- a loving work in progress -

Angels whispers is a site to encourage love and remind you to connect with your team of Angels, Guides, Masters, Helpers, Ancient Companions and ArchAngels.

YouTube Video  # 1 - about your Body & Love. 13:33

'We are never alone, our Angels, Guides or Helpers are always there, with us, and we also have the backing of the whole Universe'... from "Angels are Real" by Michael Francis Bray.

We remind you that your team of Angels and Guides are waiting for you to ASK for help. Take time to whisper your request, or just yell it out if the situation needs that. You are never alone - your Angelic team is always there.

Learn to be easy on yourself. Love yourself. You do not have to do everything in a day.

Rome was not built in a day ..... just describing

In this new era of using love while living on this wonderful world, you just need to be patient and take time to appreciate what you are doing and maybe your goal is closer that you think. 

We remind you it is a Wonderful World.

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Disclaimer: Some things on this site are an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please disregard the idea and decide what you want or choose to believe.

This information on this site is a guide to life and it is a suggestion. It is no intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. SVH healers balance energy.

Angels Whispers Healing

Angels Whispers: Whisper this prayer and healing to your Angels

Click here: YouTube for 13.33 - about this healing - in a new window

OR - You can read it here:

Be comfortable ..... and now be still -

Breathe, ..... deliberately breathe

now connect with your heart

feel the love in your heart

( breathe )

feel the love, its the same love as your Angels

its the same love as the Creator or Divine Mother or the ArchAngels, or all the Masters, its all the same love.

Feel that love sparkle -

Now take that love from your heart, take it out through your arteries and in through your veins,

so it flows through your whole physical body - it connects all of your body - so it flows smoothly and uninterrupted through your arteries and your veins. The love is also very healing - its 100% unconditional love - it is also the connection you have with all the sentient parts of your physical body.

Now take that love through all your atoms and cells in your physical body, it connects them all. Feel them all communicating, feel the love expressing that clear communication so your whole body connects, communicates and clearly loves itself and each other part. Your whole body is in love with itself - its alive, it lives within you.

Your whole body is alive with this love - it sparkles

It can be gold or white or any colour, it can be rainbows and it is always there.

All you need to do is to remember to tap into it. You are that love.

Now lets take that love out through your etheric bodies, however many you believe you have and now take it out through all your chakras, some people say there are 8,860 - take it out to however many chakras you believe you have.

Now take it out through your whole aura - feel your love growing; feel your aura glowing in that love, fell what that feels like; to expand your aura so it goes out to infinite possibilities, it goes out beyond the beyond.

It goes out beyond planet earth and it goes through the Milky way, all through the universe and then to all the universes; some say there are 47 universes.

Take your love and your aura and keep spreading it so it covers the all and the everything; everything is connected with love. 

Everything has been created with love,

these whispers are love; your breath is love;

your feelings are love

your hearing is love

your inner knowing is love, your vision is love

your mind is love

your everything is love

you are that love

your love connects with the all and the everything, always.

All the Masters, all the Angels, all the ArchAngels and also remembering all of nature - you connect with the fairies, the gnomes, the leprechauns and then all of Gaia - every leaf and every blade of grass - every flower petal and tree, every animal, every bug, every fish and bird from the smallest to the largest; and to all of the people you connect with the all and the everything.

Feel the love connecting, feel that from your heart.

continue to breathe - continue to share the love you are.

( breathe )

totally accept the love that you are, totally remember that this is the real you - feel that beautiful love.

And now for the healing:

imagine a screen in front of you, that love is on the screen, the big picture of the all and the everything is on the screen - feel into all of that. 

Your feelings are on the screen,

your hearing is on the screen

your pictures are on the screen,

your inner - knowing is on the screen,

Anything that does no connect with this ideal, can be healed by the Creator.

It can also be healed by Divine Mother or ArchAngel Michael or whoever you choose.

It can also be healed by all of your Angels.

Now, lets ask the Creator or your teams of Angels to do a healing on anything and everything from all worlds, times and dimensions that gets in the way of you being totally 100% un-conditional love;

You may notice a whole lot of stuff moving to the corner of the screen, so that now your screen is a beautiful golden colour,

now ask the Creator to do the healing - the screen will continue to change.

If you are no seeing anything, just imagine it or sense it is there, it is still happening.

Now you will get confirmation from the Creator, everyone gets it; when you see the confirmation, or you will feel it or get a knowing or a word, or a picture or a sense of wellbeing, say the word “Yes” - and the healing is done - you are now 100% total unconditional love. 

This will continue through all your life - 100% unconditional love - thats all you are, feel into that love, feel the beauty and tingling of that love; feel your true essence, that is who you are - remember its the same love as your Angels, as the Creator as the ArchAngels or as Divine Mother and all the Masters.

Enjoy the love that you are, keep feeling into it, keep expanding, if you choose.

Keep trusting and know that is you - 100% - enjoy the love you are & share that love -

Remember - you can re-connect at any time: just whisper the word “Love” with intention and it will take you to your heart space or to this loving place.

You can also whisper “Angels, Angels Everywhere” with intention and the Angels will assist you or anyone, or any animal or location you choose to assist.

You are love,

enjoy the Love that you are,

Namaste  ~  Michael


Gratitude and Thanks to Jill Marie at SVH for assistance and backing with this healing. 

Visit www.serenityvibrationhealing.com  also  on YouTube

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