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Lessons from the Creator

*** This is the 1st of 5 Messages from 'The Light thing to do' from different Masters ***

These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique or SVH.

In the beginning there was light and in that same moment I created all that is and ever shall be. In every moment of creation there is a sense of acceptance of that which is created.

I Am well pleased. God

The Beginning

A Channeled Message to You from the Creator (pages 1-12)

With great love I offer you this message of encouragement, honour, support and hope, My beloved child of light. My love, carried on the words within this volume, shall flow from the printed pages into your heart, to aid in your recognition of the truth of your magnificence.

The time has come for you to remember your placement within the plan for this time of great change. As you read these words, you will begin to recognize yourself as an emissary of love and lay aside all that does no resonate with that truth. The timing of this book and its gifts is not fortuitous, in truth its offering is well placed, as the evolution of humanity's glorious triumph over the iron grip of deception presents an opportunity for all beings to leap forward to embrace their perfection. You are a master in remembering. The guidance offered in The Light Thing to Do™ book series is designed to guide you gracefully through a purposeful awakening process that will aid you to remember the many parts you are playing within My Divine Plan. The knowledge offered in these pages is designed to initiate and cement the formation of a stronger alliance between you and all whom I have placed on your paths, as liaisons of love, to assist in your transformation. It is designed to awaken your remembrance of Our union.

To fully embrace the paths that lay before you, it is of paramount importance that you release all that has the potential to hold you from the glorious promise that awaits your acceptance and allowing of it. Recognition of the deception of a separation between you and I is he best place to begin our discourse, in great part because it is the primary suppression profile that is actively restricting your memory of the truth of who you are.


 I have never been disappointed or disheartened by any of your choices. Indeed, I have followed your progression to lightness with the eyes of a proud, loving Mother and Father, reveling in each new discovery and every choice. To believe otherwise is an untruth that has been fostered by ego and all who would gain by the illusion of a separation between the Essence of Me and All That Is. Those who believe me separate from them, place Me in a heavenly kingdom far away, as an all seeing God who must be revered, feared and held accountable for all that is created by the mass consciousness of your world. In truth, My Beloved, I am the Blessed essence within you and the Spirit held within All That Is. It is not possible to separate Me from that which is you and all that I have created. I am within the trees, the rocks, the water and the snails. I am within an eagle, a hawk and yes, I am within your neighbor.

It is true that I am an all seeing God, but I do not see from a heavenly kingdom far away, I see through your eyes, I feel through your senses and I reside within your heart. Soon, My Beloved, you will begin to see Me, in all that your eyes rest upon and separation will depart from your reality, dissolving into a former illusion that has no place within your today or your tomorrow.

Many of My blessed children have picked up ego's banner and shouted from their pulpits and street corners, of My anger and wrath, damning all who are in opposition to rules written in books, which I am credited with authoring or overseeing. They have falsely designated me as a punishing God, refuting the truth of My union with the essence, further anchoring the misconception of humanity's separation from Me. This misleading dogma places mankind into an illusion of a recurring cycle of sinfulness and shame, erecting barriers so lofty and so dense that My children can no see Me, feel Me or dare to know Me.

Throughout numerous timelines, many beings proclaiming they are My celebrants have sermonized about the wrath of God and the necessity for My children to bring their souls back to acceptability, through penance and righteousness. These are words and perceptions of Me that limit My children's expansion to higher consciousness and encourage them to embrace the illusion of a separation from Me, through fear of punishment and retribution. Fear perpetuates all suppression profiles and aids My progeny to further slip from the truth of My existence within them, which negates any need and desire to overcome all that is not in alignment with the truth of their omnipotence.

Every incarnated being is on a path to remembering the truth of Our blessed connection and though they may sometimes choose side roads that lead away from Divine truth, all choices are part of their glorious progression to remembering. For that reason, it matters not how long one denies Our union. Within each of My creations is a divine blueprint that holds the truth. It is that blueprint, which will ultimately bring each blessed being back to their remembering, within a timing that is in alignment with their purpose. That blueprint is the roadmap, which brought you to this book and will subsequently lead you to many other tools and teachers set on your path to assist you, as your openness and willingness to embrace the truth carries you to each new level of awakening.

There is a place within you that is crying out for more; of what you know not, but you know there is more and you want it with all of your being. You thirst for it, you hunger for it and even when you are not looking for it, you are still longing for it. In this lifetime, you have known that you are different than others around you. Many thousands of years ago, your realm fell into a deep sleep and though the truth of you has already been visible, for a time the illusion held more validity because of the group consciousness. You have now fully awakened from that sleep.

In this time of great transformation, the illusion of separation will be replaced by an imprint of the reality of Our Oneness and the truth of your Divine Purpose within the glorious plan for the evolution of your world, to a lighter consciousness. As this promise unfolds, you will no longer feel different. Instead, you will recognize the path beneath your feet, knowing that you are in alignment with the plan you wrote into the book before entering this lifetime. You will experience great clarity, knowing that all that is created within your realm is chosen by you, rather than fostered by the clutter of past life, genetic and current life debris. You will know what it is to choose and then receive, by releasing all that is in opposition to accepting and allowing the definition of your desires. You will distinguish all paths, which are free of brambles and leaky boats and begin to feel old shackles fall from your wrists and ankles, allowing the doors to the prisons of illusion to swing wide, emancipating you from all that held you in bondage from the truth of you and the reality of Our Oneness.

I bring you this information now, because you have slipped through the folds of gossamer, awakening the Divine Blueprint within you, which is assisting you to recognize a truth that you have always known.

The lives of many of My children are filled with experiences and discoveries leading to personal growth, but the true awakening they crave anticipates the moment they recognize the truth of their spirit. Until that recognition is met, there will always be a yearning from within, which can never be truly quenched; a yearning for the remembering of that which has always been.

Do you remember when you last felt fully complete? Perhaps it was the moment you fell in love, the day of your marriage or the birth of your child. Each event that fills you with an all encompassing love, is a reminder of how fully complete you are when you are in love. For each of My children, completeness was fully known the moment My Essence entered them, as they lay, growing within the mother's womb. If only for that one moment, each being has felt Me and known the completeness of that union.

As the lives of each being built upon an intricate labyrinth of blessings and burdens, vast numbers of My children find themselves pulling further and further away from that which calls to their hearts. Their souls long for a connection to My essence of love and though it is eternally present, ego willingly assists to construct walls of fear to block all conscious connection to it.

My energy of love is an ever present force of light that stands ready to be embraced or rebuffed. Regardless of your choices, as a loving parent, I will patiently wait for you to recall that which is yours to inherit, as a beneficiary of the kingdom of love. Your birthright remains intact and solidly held within My heart, awaiting the time when you will call for its restoration through recognition, acceptance and allowing. Until then, the imprint and blueprint of Our union will be held within a map of light, waiting for your choice to reconnect the pathways of conscious awareness, to My essence of love.

The conscious connection to My essence of love that you knew, when you were in your mother's womb and as a young child, laid the foundation for your inner knowing and fuels the unquenchable desire, which drives you to recapture the joy of that union.

Until your ninth month of life there was no veil of forgetting. From that time forward, until your age of three, the layers of gossamer veil were determined by the love, respect and nurturing that you received or did no receive from the family unit you incarnated within. In truth, each blessing and blow have imprinted within you and even now defined the level of forgetting that you are experiencing.

For many it has been a long and lonely journey of awakening, to recapture the inner awareness of the forgotten moments of youth, when each knew their placement within My plan and held a greater knowledge of the truth of their purpose. I know each step of those journeys and every choice that brought them closer to or further from the truth, just as I remember you and all of the challenges and pitfalls that found their way onto your path.

I know you, My beloved. I know your every breath, your dreams, your desires and your moments of helplessness. My essence of love resides within you always, aligning Me with all of your choices and a dedication to serve your path of discovery.

You have never been alone on any journey; we have always taken them together. Throughout this and all lifetimes, My essence has resided within you. From the moment of your first breath, you were joined by a legion of Angels, Guides and Masters that have played a central role in your awakening and transformation. They pledged their service to you, in a space between time, when you aligned them with your purpose for this incarnation. The awakening of that purpose is at hand, My beloved.

You have far exceeded your own hopes for the level of service that you anticipated performing, at this point of time. It is known throughout All That Is that the splendor of your radiant evolution to higher consciousness and remembering is within your reach. All who are in alignment with your glorious purpose are gathered around you now, triumphantly orchestrating avenues of potential discovery that will lead you gracefully forward to complete your objective.

This book has fallen into your hands, because it compliments your vibration. It will become a valuable tool in your journey that will gracefully assist you to release all that is no in alignment with attaining and sustaining your ideal for this lifetime.

Your heart has cried out to recognize and allow the unfolding of pathways to remembering. My answer to those cries, are held within this and other publications of its kind, which resonate with your level of acceptance and allowing. The tools within the lessons written here will assist you to turn the keys you receive, within ancient locks that will release you from bondage.

It is My promise that each time you reach for more light there will always be another rung of the ladder, drawing you to reach even higher. You will be drawn to teachers and graceful lessons, which match your energy and bear the tools that you are in alignment with receiving, in each moment of your evolution.

The lessons in this publication are progressive and each word is encrypted with messages of love that will speak to your heart. All that is offered within these lessons will be measured by your level of acceptance. Each time you read the words within this book, your accelerating vibration and light quotient will assist you to 'remember' more of that which is your higher purpose. Embrace these gifts and immeasurable joy will flow into your life and your path to remembering shall blossom gracefully to unfold innumerable opportunities for the fulfillment of that which you planned before you came to this lifetime. In your gladness, you will inspire others to follow the paths to their remembering, no in your shadow, but in the light of your beacon of love.

With each passing day, your mounting luminescence will radiate out to the world, assisting to awaken sleeping Angels everywhere. They will begin their progression to remembering and align fully to the path of service they committed to for this lifetime. Together, with them, you will aid your planet in her evolution, anchoring a bridge of light to the new realm of perfection. The rapture of each blessed being, choosing to complete their evolution to the perfection of the Unification of Oneness with Me, will join hearts with aspects of themselves residing on all timelines, to carry humanity into one-thousand years of peace. This I promise you, My beloved.

Embracing the truths in these of the forty seven lessons will bring you much love, happiness, prosperity, joy and will assist you to carry forward within the plan we have made together. I give you My unconditional love and My promise that all will complete as it was written by you. Your mastery is at hand and your journey is at a crossroad. My hand is on your shoulder, beloved, you can not make a wrong choice. Simply love all, trust yourself and release all that would block your clarity, the rest will unfold in perfection.

I remain, Your Loving Creator

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site.

(pages 1-12)

Michael has written 6 books about Angels and Life

Lessons from Divine Mother

*** This is the 2nd page of messages from 'The Light thing to do' with ideas from a different  Master ***

Lessons from Divine Mother Mary from 'The Light Thing To Do' by Jill Marie founder of SVH.

Mirrors only allow you to see the part of you which is of the least important. Do you judge the glass case that covers an exquisite jewel exhibition in one of your museums?

You, my beloved, are a jewel beyond comparison and a being of great consequence in the plan of your father.

Lesson Two

This is a lesson of hope.  Hope for a time of lightness. Hope for a time of giving and forgiving. In this lesson I hope to instill within you a knowing that all will be well and of complete rightness.

There has been so much fear surrounding the new millennium and the earth changes which are inevitable. Your love and light mindedness has shifted the energy, which encompasses the changes that will occur on your blessed planet. Yes, my beloved children of lightness, you have collectively changed what might otherwise have been "earth shattering." There is much gratitude felt by the All and the Everything for your part in this shift of lighter energy that will transform your planet in a graceful and more subtle manner. I hope within this lesson to propel you a bit further into a blessing of lightness known as gratitude.

All gratitude is perceived and felt, by the All and the Everything, melting away of all attachments other than acceptance. When you thank God for your beautiful garden, and you do so with total acceptance of the weeds that are also growing there, you are truly blessing the garden.

God knows that your life will have stumbling blocks and challenges. When you thank Him for the wonderful day you have just experienced, He knows that you are accepting and grateful for all that your day presented. Not allowing a negative attachment to creep into your gratitude is a pure and loving gesture to the One who has designed for you this perfect stage to play out your dream or fantasy life.

It is important to always remember that you have a legion of Angels, Guides and Masters who are eager to assist you in any and every opportunity to rise to the lighter thing to do . We are waiting to assist you in even the most menial of task, and yet, we must be asked. We are standing by, desiring to aid you, and hoping that you will remember to call upon us. No deed is too small or request to grand for us. We are simply there in service to you, with no attachment to your request beyond an incredible desire to be of assistance.

You may not think of calling upon your Angels for guidance when you are lost, for strength when you are weary, or even in moving your bowels or holding your fluid when you feel you will burst, but each time you ask for assistance you create a small crack in the mortar allowing more light to shine from within. That lightness breaks down the walls of illusion that falsely whisper to you that your needs are too small and you are unworthy. Every time you ask for assistance, even in the simplest of things, you are opening a channel to those who rejoice in lifting you up and lightening your burdens.

It is important that you recognize that not all of your requests may be granted in a way you might hope. We, unlike your present embodiment, have a knowing of your intentions within this lifetime. We can not bridge the gap between what you have chosen to experience and what you may now be choosing if the two will not mesh. For instance, if you were to ask for assistance in ending your existence in this incarnation and your chosen destiny is to be long lived, we will not aid you in this lesson. We will stand in readiness as you teeter on the brink of destruction and will pray fervently that you awaken to another option. We have the power to create for you another avenue so you might have an opportunity to reconsider a premature demise.

On a lighter note, if you asked for assistance from your Angels and Guides in securing a position with a company which would take you down a road of hard lessons and bitter disappointment, we would not be so zealous in preparing an easy pathway for you to achieve that goal. If by sheer will you have chosen to accept this lesson we will honor your desire for the experience and shall remain beside you throughout your turmoil. Ever vigilant we stand ready to assist you back into a clearer, less turbulent path, which will present itself when you are open to making the shift.

If you will only ask for our assistance, your Father and all of us in your service, will be released to help you create a more direct approach, making it possible for us to guide or assist you in a more graceful manner. We can lovingly lead you around the swamps of life into a meadow. Is that not the more desirable choice, to place your hand into the hand of God, instead of traversing the land of lessons learned hard?

Lesson One:

Let us pretend for a moment that you have been presented with an opportunity to travel the world as a tour guide. Every moment spent caring for your patrons you experience sights and sounds that you have always dreamed of. It is an answer to all of your prayers, and yet your heart is at home with your family. With each new experience and new sight you think only of how wonderful it would be if you could be seeing all of these wonderful sights with your husband and children instead of strangers. What is your answer to this predicament?

You have begged and pleaded to see the world and so a path was laid before you that you could embrace or reject. You have chosen to take that path and have found that it is not fulfilling. What, if instead of employing all of your Guides and Angels and the universe to help you create an opportunity for you to see the world, that you defined what would literally fill your heart with gladness?

I do not believe that you truly recognize the power you possess. You are creating in every moment of each day. You are creating with positive thought as well as negative with every breath. Random dialogue within your brain creates without your awareness of its great power and your cognitive thoughts and beliefs are also manifesting the life you are creating for yourself. Why not create a life that serves you and fulfills you with love and blessings?

What if, instead of your prior manifestation that employed you as a tour director, you defined your destiny? What if you chose more? Nowhere is it written that you must struggle and suffer your way through this life to achieve a small measure of greatness. What if you sent out an intention to the universe that you are in this now moment creating an opportunity for your family to travel the world? Can you see yourself asking for assistance from those in service to you, in achieving that goal? Would it not be more pleasurable for you to spend your hours of work closer to your family, manifesting that your family will be soon trekking through the wilds of Africa or swimming in the Hawaiian surf?

In creation it is important that you define what you wish to create and then open to the truth of your greater plan. It is important that you surrender all manifestation to your highest purpose, in an effort to bypass pitfalls which may not be in alignment with what you are manifesting. Random manifestation can take you down a chosen path but may leave your heart empty and the dream job you wished for could leave you unfulfilled. It is important always to consciously create in alignment with your highest purpose.

The universe knows your purpose. God knows the whole of you and His great plan for you. You can only see a fraction of the picture God has painted for you. He will always allow you to create outside that plan, despite the end result, but for a smoother and more purposeful journey it is always more expedient to go within the energy pattern that you and God designed for you.

Surrendering your journey to your highest purpose has another benefit. You will always be assured that the events that follow your request for balance and grace in your manifestations will be in perfect alignment with God and the plan of all connected to your creation.

Example 1 : You have manifested a trip for your family to Europe and as you stand at the foot of the Eiffel Tower an automobile looses control and strikes you. Your life's journey will, until its end, be lived as a cripple.

Example 2 : Your hearts desire is to travel to Europe with your family. You begin manifesting with the help of all your Angels and Guides, the perfect family vacation. You ask that this vacation be in perfect alignment with God's plan and release the outcome. As you stand at the foot of the Eifel Tower, an automobile looses control and strikes you. Your life's journey will until its end, be now lived as a cripple.

Which of the two scenarios will bring you more peace?

Knowing that your unfortunate accident was part of the greater plan releases you from many negative emotions and allows you to accept the journey before you as one you yourself at some level have pre-ordained thereby replacing any need for wondering, "what if."

If your destiny would not be adversely deviated by your family traveling the world as in Lesson one, and your adventures filled you with aliveness and well-being, then the manifestation would actually benefit your greater plan. Gladness and lightness of heart are a gift that keeps on giving. Releasing to God a manifestation which is in perfect alignment with God will expedite the creation of what you desire.

Gratitude, whether things work out for you or not is of great importance.

If you knew in advance of traveling down a dirt road, that the dust would clog your filter and stall your automobile, would you take the paved road even if it would take you longer to reach your destination? Knowing in advance that your creation will send you down a better road of life will leave you satisfied that your choices are right ones and the events you are creating are the best possible outcome in alignment with the plan that your father has for you. Handing over the reins of your life to God, who will never lead you down a dark road, will leave you with a knowing that you have not stepped off the path. Acceptance and gratitude for His trusting hand in the night will fill you with great peace. Though you may not understand the sequence of events which might have occurred, you will remain on your course throughout this lifetime. When you have no negative attachment to thanking God you are open to His Divinity and the part you play within the whole.

  • Example 1: Thank you Father, for this wonderful day.
  • Example 2: Thank you Father, for this day. It would have been perfect if it had not rained.

Do you see the energy that is part of the first prayer of thanksgiving? What is the difference between the energy of the first prayer and the second? The second example was a prayer of thanksgiving, but it was conditional.

In saying, "Thank you God, for my wonderful car. I wish it didn't need engine repairs", you are really saying, "Why did you not help me select a car that is more reliable?" To this question your Father will answer: "Why are you creating an automobile in need of repairs?"

Everything comes back to the same Truth. You are the creator of your world. You are the band leader of your symphony. You can make beautiful music or your band can create chaotic sound with no rhythm, making it uncomfortable to be part of your drama. Being in rhythm with God is comfortable. Never will you feel the sick feeling of dread within the pit of your stomach as you go forward into one of your creations that are in alignment with the plan of your Father.

Know that all you are presented with in this lifetime is designed and put in place by you or is the backlash of your choosing to not make a choice. Asking for divine guidance in alignment with the plan is like purchasing insurance in the event of a disaster. When God is your co-pilot your flight plan will always be a direct and purposeful one. I say purposeful because each and every event that you play out in your drama of life is for a purpose. When your life purpose is to climb to the top of Mt. Everest and you are born ignorant of the plan and unwavering in your choice to go through your life without the assistance of those who are in service to you, you may wander aimlessly throughout the world spending your youth only to find the majesty of that mountain when you are old and infirm, only then remembering your destiny.

Imagine that your destiny in this life was to become the most brilliant pediatric heart surgeon in history. You ignore the whispering within your heart and though you were a brilliant student you cast aside all care for things of man and spend your youth on drugs and alcohol. In the end you see the folly of your ways and realize that your destiny was to have crossed many souls whose path deviated because of your lack off choice. You did not put your choices into the hands of God, where opportunities make themselves available to you in the time and order that is best suited for your destiny. With God there is no mistakes, no wrong turns or fear of missing the best possible opportunity or path to step on to. With God there is only knowing, knowing that all is in balance. There is hope because you will know that all will be in rightness. Each lesson is learned and then released to the universe. When you embrace a life in alignment with the Father you will know that the evolution of your planet will evolve in grace and you, my beloved, will be where you shall be for the fulfillment of your plan with the creator.

You have come here in this time for more than a journey of lessons. Though they have been many, your lessons have been played out in preparation for now. You are preparing now for a time of lessened turbulence, but still one of change. Your part, which you have freely chosen, in holding the energy of love throughout these changes is a great one. Can you imagine the fear and anger that will be present in these times? It will be vanquished only by your lack of fear and your ever present message of hope and love.

You may slip into fear of the masses for a time but the energy will not allow you to reside there long. Because of your ever increasing level of lightness it becomes very difficult for you to remain in negative energy for more than a short duration. In truth, as the days and months progress you will be able to withstand less and less of it. You will run to embrace the lighter energy.

Know this my beloved, when you step into the path of God you will never wonder if you are traveling in the direction most suited to your evolution into lightness and remembering. If, in every creation, you open to the best possible outcome within your highest purpose you will lay aside at last, any fear of the immanent changes before you and the course of your life leading up to them. Accomplishing that, there is only love and a life filled with hope. I am beside you in all your choices, reflecting back to you the one great truth; you are love.

Your beloved Mother, Mary (pages 22-32)

* * * * * * * *

a lesson from Divine Mother Mary (pages 52 to 61 )

Imagine a meadow deep with snow? It is covered in tracks from the steps of humanity. Following it you know that it leads somewhere and if you keep on the tracks of the others you will no be lost.

Now, imagine that you veer off the path of footsteps of all of the others who have traversed the trail. It is frightening. You might fall and be hurt and no one will ever find you and so, will be frozen and lay your body down. You continue along, all of the while keeping the path of the many within your view. Then you become aware of how beautiful the pristine snow is and the trees that you never took notice of before. You are able to see animal tracks now and an occasional bird or deer. You feel One with the Everything and for a time you forget about the trail follow by the many. Instead, you are filled with such joy and an awareness of the silence. This is a place of peace. You love it here and wish you could build a beautiful cabin and plant fields of flowers in the spring.

The path is un-travelled and yet you have left your fear behind. You are one with the land. A wolf steps up to you, unafraid and un-menacing, and you marvel at the safety and purity of the place. As you climb to the top of a knoll you look down and see the place of the many. Will you go down to join them or choose to stay?

Lesson Five

Open your heart to the sounds of love and releasing my darlings. Yours is a path of divinity. All things are of the Father and so they shall be blessed and sanctified. Your concern over past transgressions created by you and borne by you, or put upon others by you are only stepping stones upon your path to now.

Now is everything. It is the all. There is truly no past or future, my little doves. All is happening in the now moment. Your concerns with childhood issues are blessed but terribly unnecessary. What was then was then and what is now is then too. You must understand that all paths leading to the one you are now on have painted the picture that you now represent. If any part of your journey to now were to change, you would not be the same wonderful presence achieved by those hurdles.

Know always that all is created by you, either consciously or by your higher being. Your over soul is guiding and prompting and waving the director's wand always. You are no here for no reason and the paths you have traversed have never been by accident or by the will of others who dominate you. They have no power over you, my love. They are only fulfilling your desire to experience what they wield upon you.

The energy you hold tightly to, from those past events is effecting your path of openness to Father and all He hopes for you. When you hold on to energy from a beating you received or wielded, you block the flow of pure spirit into the area you store it. Releasing that energy back to father, blessing it and loving it as something you created, for whatever reason, will expose it to the raw power of your own blessed light. It will be purified and changed forever into the blessed light of love. Each event of transformation releases, and then allows easier exposure of other hidden blockages, which bind up energy in your beautiful body of light. It is time to lay those old lessons aside and open to a clearer path.

Can you imagine a train rushing down its track, intent only on reaching its destination? Firm in its conviction that more coal in the burner creates more power and speed, it travels faster and faster, passing many opportunities to change its track and go another direction with perhaps more pleasant scenery.

Look straight forward, without acknowledging that there could be another way is blind thinking. Opening up to a newer and untried path is creation of a finer path and one that will lead to more opportunities to experience. You are free to choose.

Releasing old hurts or guilt is part of those choices. Open up your divine spirit to healing yourself and all negative energy you are creating, even now. One negative thought or feeling attracts others and they do no fly by you, my dears, they settle within your magnificent body as illness. Dis-ease is energy that is bound within you by ropes of steel. No saw can cut those ropes. Nor can a pill or potion of any kind erase what only you can release with a simple intention and blessing. Why continue to punish yourself, my darlings? As swiftly as they can evaporate, you will also open to a more pure and beloved lightness. It is so unfortunate that many are like a magnet for barbs of steel and shards of glass to tear and rip away at the beautiful temple that your blessed Father has created for you.

More and more the world you have created covers itself in dung, but, as some gratefully crawl out into the light of purification, it makes the blessed climb easier for the next. This is happening more and more as your planet lightens and prepares. Know that each event of forgiveness and blessing marks the transformation of your blessed earth mother. It makes her way easier and lifts her into a more lightened energy which is felt by everything. Even the leaf on a tree or a blade of grass knows of your choice and bows to your greatness as you release, and choose again.

What heavenly choice can you think of that would lighten you and fill you with joy? Would it be to help those who aided you in your experience of negative energy, so that they might know your same joy? They so willingly played a part in your drama. Could you now bless them by assisting in their healing? They have been your oppressor or victim, and unknowingly hold the same energy within them, which has closed them to the full lightness that will lift them from their darkness. How blessed is the soul who lifts up another into remembering who they truly are. In the darkness they have forgotten that they are an unlit lamp. Release them so they too can light up to match God's brightness that fills every room.

Releasing your negative energy, that is connected to all beings, is enough to help them to release. You must realize that they have also been attracting like energy to that old experience and they are buried even deeper because of it.

How can you help your partner in Act 3 of your play to shovel away enough dung to climb out? Sometimes all that is required is a hand to grasp on to. Other times a shovel is needed. Their willingness to release is also a factor and one that must be acknowledged and honored. Your light energy of release is sometimes enough and may be stored within them until a later time when choice moves your partner into action.

No to have tried is no to have totally released. A positive thought of love and lightness takes only a second. Is it no worth that small effort in opening your heart and lightness to all?

Lesson One:

Fill your entire body with the Fathers light of love and acceptance. (If you are learning to do this, just pretend that you are doing it and it will be so.)

Now, imagine a blank piece of paper. Fill it with all of the transgressions you wish to erase from your energy. Those offenses brought upon you by others and those you brought upon them.

Bless them and each event.

Please imagine a fire, hotter than anything you can imagine; a fire that can burn through steel. It is the fire of love.

Touch the fire to the page and watch as each event washes away from your energy. [If it is easier for you, you may purge each one individually.]

Now, my darlings, you must fill your heart with love for each offender, or offended, because they still hold the energy.

Imagine the fire catching on to a strand that attaches to each person and watch as it burns the connection between you and the event you are purifying. The fire will stop when it reaches them and will remain a flicker until the time they choose to release the dense energy they hold from the previous event. It is now their choice. Bless them for their part they have played in your lesson and send them love and forgiveness, or love and acceptance, for what part you have played for them in their lesson. Even the worst of evil-doers is a blessed soul playing a part for the benefit of another. Bless them.

There is no need to contact the individuals who are holding the remaining energy from the events you just purged. Love knows no bounds and will reach them at the moment you release the energy to them. There it will aid these beings in purging the dense energy they shared with you at the time that it becomes important for them to release. Know this my darlings; each such event lightens your planet and the lives of those you release. Call on me in this procedure and I will always be with you to aid in your lightening of the burdens which are causing you dis-ease and discomfort. It is done.

Lightness is no small thing. It is everything.

Examine how you feel when you look out of your window to find a glorious day. The sun is rising onto a blue sky, amongst fluffy clouds being pushed by a gentle breeze. Does your heart not swell with a lightness and hopefulness that this beautiful day can only bring good things to your life?

Now, imagine opening your window blind to find a dark day, filled with blustering wind and black clouds filled with great drops of rain that will plummet down upon your carefully styled hair and ironed clothing. "Well, this is going to be a lousy day," you think to yourself. Your outlook for the day's events is bleak. "After all, what good can possibly come from a day like this?"

I shall no enter into weather patterns and their usefulness in God's plan and the balance of your world. I have only used this example so that you might examine your perspective of light and darkness.

All light things seem to lift your spirits don't they? A lovely song, a flower in bloom, a blue or star lit sky, a rolling plain or mountain covered in blessed trees or frosted with snow. All of these things and many more are there for you to use as a tool. Pull yourself from darkness when you feel yourself falling into dis-ease or discomfort. It is a matter of choice to remain in dense energy and, as we discussed earlier, it perpetuates itself into more and dense energy. This is the law of attraction. Why not choose to change tracks at the first recognition of negative denseness. Why not consciously choose lightness? Why not shift to what gives you joy or comfort? It is so simple to have at your disposal many such tools for these times. Can you imagine turning on your favorite music and lighting a candle with the intention of thanking Father for all that is right and good in your life, and then listing them?

Surround yourself with things that bring you joy. Flowers and growing things, pictures and colours you vibrate to. Visit favorite places often and open to doing what states who you are, rather than what you are willing to do to make a living. All things will be made possible when you choose. Why not choose what brings you joy and fulfillment?

A prison guard does not have to denote negativity if approached as a position where light can shine into a place of darkness. If one feels the darkness creeping into his or her expectation of what and who they are though, it is not giving up to step aside and choose a profession more suited to building bridges rather than a constant struggle to defend the structure.

What if, instead, you were open to a job that strengthens your purpose and perception of who you are and wish to become? A place you would create, that would be filled with laughter and friendship and growth. Would it not then be easier to transform even a little darkness back into lightness when all around you emanate the same positive energy?

All days will not be perfect, my darlings. Your journey will have potholes in the road from time to time. That is why we have come to this place, this proving ground. Anything less would be boring. The key is to transform a dark day into one of lightness quickly, before it has time to build up a wall of water to crash down upon you.

Lesson Two

Think of all of the things, sights, sounds and smells that fill you with joy.

Write them down.

If you love roses, plant them. If you long to be in the forest or at the ocean, go there or put pictures of those places where you can see them. If you have comfort foods, keep them on hand. If you have a favorite colour you resonate with, decorate with it in places you spend most of your time. Keep favorite uplifting music everywhere you spend time, the office, your automobile, your bedroom and other rooms of your home.

If it is a constant battle to stay light at your job, and you have done all that you can to raise the lightness of the place, consider choosing another field or place of employment that matches or challenges you to lighter instead of struggling to stay light. You will not be failing. There is no grade at the end of the test you made for yourself. Sometimes winning is choosing not to run the race or, changing the track, like the little train.

Change gives us an opportunity for new experiences and growth. When you choose a new path we all cheer for you because you are creating. It is your birthright. All you create is divine. Do not fear the unknown. A blank piece of paper can become anything.

Call upon me in all times of creating. I am with you in your choice and your deliberate changing of track. It is why you have come.

Mother Mary (pages 52-61)

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site.

Michael has written 6 books about Angels and Life

Lessons from Lord Sananda

*** This is the 3rd page of Messages from 'The light thing to do', ideas from the Masters ***

Lessons from Lord Sananda from 'The Light Thing To Do' by Jill Marie founder of SVH

A lesson from Lord Sananda

The time has come for you to awaken fully to your magnificence and to why you have come to this lifetime.

You have reached the dusk of your wandering and are awakening to a new dawn of conscious living. From this moment forward you will recognize that everything effects the All and nothing occurs without meaning.

Approach all denseness as if it were raindrops on the windshield of your automobile. Simply deflect it away from your energy or wipe it away.

Go forth in Love.

Lesson One (p13 - 17)

Here we all are, waiting and wondering...... "When will I awaken? When will I remember my spiritual journey? When will I be there?"

These questions are asked over and over again by millions of beings throughout the universe. It is wonderful for us to hear these prayers. They bring great joy to those of us who are in service to you. Every utterance or thought which acknowledges that there IS an awakening to be experienced makes it so. In truth, awakening occurs upon thinking or saying the words. How blessed you are for your feelings of anticipation of a Oneness with God, your blessed Creator.

Your awakening and awareness of your spiritual journey has in truth been ongoing since your human birth this lifetime. You have been traveling through many opportunities for choice. If you were to examine your lifetime as if it were a map of your journey, the progression to lightness you have experienced is one which has crossed many mountains and flatlands. There have been rivers and streams to cross and your choices in these events have always been honored, even when those choices have manifested themselves into painful lessons.

As we shall discuss in the following lessons, there is no right or wrong path of your journey to home, nor is there a defining of how long it might take to transverse the path. It is of course more advantageous for a being to go with the flow of the stream of life than to fight the current. Once you have a feel for the energy of events or circumstances, it becomes easier to define what you would prefer to experience based on what you would not like to endure. That knowing can aid you in making decisions or choices of which path to take or what one would be best left un-travelled. In all cases, the path of most lightness is the one that will feel the better in your solar plexus. How a choice feels is most important because, like a barometer, your solar plexus will always give you a taste of the energy that is attached to the choice.

A very important segment of your path to awakening will be your selection of direction and the pace of your travel through the adventures you choose. Do not fear that there is punishment for what you might now interpret as wrong choices or transgressions. When all is concluded in this lifetime you will revel in the choices you have made and never will there be judgments, only love. You will see the picture of your lifetime in its entirety and will at last understand the events which were not clear to you throughout the process. You will exclaim, "Oh, that is why I did that!" or "Well, if I would have known that!" One thing that will be the most clear to you in that moment is the importance of this very special time and your part in it.

Your part is merged with the plot of many other beings who are also participants in this grand plan and who are playing their parts with great magnificence. (Some of those magnificent players will live out their lessons, specifically choosing that they shall not awaken at the point of challenge to do so. They are divine and we honor their choice.

Your desire to read the words of this volume, and the others of its likeness is a direct indication that you are not one of those beings who will not awaken My dear one. Know that you are one of the many beings who are choosing to awaken to your brilliance, and a more involved role, rather than a passer-by moving through life. It is important that you recognize this challenge of awakening and know that there is great service in store for you. Your destiny, though it has not been written, was chosen by you personally before you were born into your body. Awakening to your desired path does not even mean that you will become a mindless robot whom God directs from one function unto the next. You will never loose your ability to choose in all events, especially when you surrender yourself to the blessings of your father. In surrendering you truly reach a clarity that can not be matched.

For Example:

You are floating aimlessly down a swift waterway. Your raft is sturdy and strong but there are rapids ahead so you begin to feel unsure of your safety and direction. In a moment of panic you ask God to save you.

Surrendering your journey down this waterway to God does not rob from you the choice of which port you may stop or how long your ride shall continue. Instead, in the instant of your surrender, on your raft will appear a rudder. Your path will continue on as before, only now, because of your lighter choice to place yourself in the hands of your God, you will find yourself gliding fearlessly down the waterway. The key to deciding a path that is in synchronization with your energy in the now moment is in surrendering your choice to God. In that moment of your surrender you will at last fully recognize and realize that never were you in danger and never was there a wrong direction.

It is important that you remember that all choices are correct My beloved children. Some hard lessons may follow a decision and yet another may bring you comfort, bliss and remembering. All paths are blessed and divine and there is much to learn from each.

When in the moment of recognition that your choice may be one or strife, it is always wise to remember that God blesses all of your many decisions to experience life. How would you gain appreciation for lush flora if you never viewed a wasteland? Some beings prefer the beauty of the desert to the majestic pines of a forest. Opposites are our greatest teachers.

Example: Light & Shadow

What great joy is felt by your heart upon the rising of the sun after a blissful night of resting your body. It is rivaled only by the setting of the same sun as it fills your skies with gold and red and your day descends into darkness once more.

* * * * * * *

A lesson from Lord Sananda: (p17-21)

If you choose one day to live in darkness, you would stumble on unseen obstacles, and, though your legs would be bruised and scraped, your Blessed Father knows that no real harm can come to you. Even, though He knows that the same path, traveled in lightness, would be an easier one, he always honors your choice to learn that lesson in your own time.

When traveling your path in darkness you are choosing to reside with and to embody fear. How lonely it is when a choice is made to embrace fear and its partners, anger and envy. All three are from the same seed and feed upon each other.

You will find that a road that is traveled in fear is a hard one. Once you recognize fear's poison, if you will surrender that path to God, you will find that all will shift into a place of rightness and lightness with great ease in only an instant.

"I surrender." Is that not easy? "I surrender this troubled path to God." Those words will cause you to remember, in that instant, that you are a part of the Oneness and never have you been alone. Like a child, lost in a department store, your fear and hopelessness vanish as you run to the safety of your Father's embrace. All fear is instantly replaced by clarity of the one great truth, a remembering beyond remembering. When your hand rests in the hand of God, there is only love. When your footsteps follow the path of lightness, there is only peace. When your heart is open to the beauty of life, there is only one outcome that will surely follow; gratitude.

You are creator of your realm and there are no victims within your creations. The outcome of all action is in direct compliance with what you allow.

Many beings are living a life of bondage because they have not remembered that they have the ability to choose. Choosing creates change. No choosing is also a choice and in all times the right to not choose is honored. It is important to recognise that, almost every event of non-choice takes one down a spiraling path which bears bitter fruit.

You may request these blessings from Lord Sananda at bed time and upon rising:

Before bed: I request that all of my Angels and beings of light that are in service to me, work with me as I sleep.

Upon rising: I am open to all direction from God, my Father, and all those he has directed to serve me.

Lord Sananda: (p17-21)


A Channeled Message to You from Lord Sananda (pages 86-94)  

Lift up your heart to God and dedicate each day to the purpose of awakening to your greatness. We who love you await every discovery that you make which brings you closer to your divinity.

You are One with the Creator of the All and the Everything and have been gifted the same power of manifestation as myself, in previous incarnations and other Masters who have walked this great proving ground, and have awakened to their greatness. It is so simple, my dear sisters and brothers. Without realizing it you have been using your powers of creation all along, as often as you have taken a blessed breath.

Even still, most beings do not remember the sequence of manifestation and have been creating from cellular memory.

This is the time for you to claim your birthright and to reject old programming that is in opposition to the truth that you are One with The Creator.

 Lord Sananda

* * * 

Lesson Nine

Manifesting Lightness in the Life You Are Choosing

You are not a leaf, pushed by the wind and blown from one trick of fate to the next, my beloved. Life does not have it in for you, nor does it play dirty tricks. All manner of things within your life have been created by you, either directly by choice, or indirectly by the act of not choosing. Allowing others, within your circle of players, to make choices for you will lead you into a labyrinth of lessons where you will stay until you recapture what has never left you, the ability to create your own destiny.

Rest assured that, throughout your journey, you are always surrounded by Angels, personal cheerleaders who are whispering to you many suggestions and gifts of information that you may choose to accept or reject. Your Angels are holding court to nurture and guide you, through the mire and the brambles of this lifetime, out into the open road that will take you steadily toward your next adventure. There is never any judgment on their part, or God's, about which direction you take back to home. Neither is there an award for meritorious service at the end of this lifetime, or a place of pain set aside for the pain givers or robbers you encounter from life to life. They are all playing their part in your drama and are honored, right beside the Sunday school teacher, the beggar and the rapist. Those names are only labels placed on masters of their own creation. The truth of every being is that they are all beloved children of God who are playing a part in the game of life and each role is divine.

When finally you can get past the incorrect assumption that an angry God is punishing you for your past transgressions, you will at last understand the truth about the great gift you were given when you became a participant in this lifetime and others.

Your Creator, Messiah, Father, Mother, God, or any name you may choose to call him, is love and love and love. He is not angry, vengeful, or manipulative. He is your greatest supporter in every of your choices, even if those choices create new and harder lessons that must be endured. He applauds your choice for lightness, and acknowledges your choice for more lessons. Your Father knows the essence of you and is proud beyond measure of your triumphs as well as your tribulations. He would not ever smite you or your loved ones with one moment of discomfort. He does not cause illness, deformity or death in any being because of the sins of their fathers or as punishment for any event on your world or any other. All of those maladies are created by the person experiencing the trial and sometimes in conjunction with another party that is affected.

For instance, I am wishing to experience a life of struggle as a person living with a disability. It is more challenging than some of my other lives where I was the King of the Jews and the Pharaoh Djoser. It is true that in the life of Christ I was crucified and as Pharaoh I died young, but neither of those lifetimes did I need to be helped from my bed to be bathed and dressed because of infirmity. I was able to feed myself and walk about like a man and experienced great love. I was a healer in those lives and quite capable of raising a man from the dead or transforming a broken body into one that was whole.

In choosing to be helpless, and at the mercy of all who care for me, I will enable myself to come full circle in the experience. Yes, the experience. Believe me when I tell you that we all have been the beggar and the king, the murderer and the murdered. Within the drama it all appears to be very intense but the lifetimes we draw the most from are always the ones which have been the most challenging. We can also draw experience from the lives of beings within our own cluster or lineage. The key to adversity is in how the struggle is being perceived by both the one struggling and the other players in the drama who are also affected by the event.

As a Pharaoh and healer I was beloved by thousands and in the life of Christ, those touched by my message of love and hope have been many millions, and yet, which life would I, a being longing for experience, have an opportunity to learn the most from, that of a healer or a person with a disability.

Life as a person with a disability would at least hold little or no impact on generations to come. As a Pharaoh Healer and the Christ Healer, both lives were steeped with much responsibility to the station. It became quite heady to live as a being that was followed about and called God but perhaps you can appreciate the great pressure I endured each day, as the Christ and as Pharaoh. Neither being could afford the luxury of getting up on the wrong side of the bed, when nearly every word uttered was scribed or carved into stone. I was expected to be perfect, which of course I was, and so, my beloved brothers and sisters, are you!

If I choose to live a life as a person with a disability or a beggar, I will acquire an unseen ability to affect or impact many lives around me. Certainly not millions, or even thousands, but, the caretaker of the person with the disability; the driver of the car who will hit me one rainy night, the bartender or fiend of the driver who did not take away his keys, the emergency room staff, my surgeon, the physical therapist or the thousands of people throughout the years who will see me as I push my wheel chair throughout the small town I choose. They will look upon my infirmity and without touching or speaking to me, they will still be affected as they silently thank God that they are not me. For the first time in a very long time, those beings will look at their lives and realize that things are not so bleak. No matter how bad their life may seem at times, at least they have their legs, they will think.

We are given a choice in this and other lifetimes and those choices are always honored. I can choose to be an inspiration to all who know me, a person that people will speak kindly about. "He is such a wonderful and uplifting person, even though he has every right to be bitter." Or, I could choose to be a bitter disabled person; one who resolves to make everyone's life a living hell because I am creating one for myself.

When you create lemons in your life, you can choose to make lemonade or a magnificent drama of pain and suffering. There is no wrong choice, just choice.

Half of the fun of creating events is in the discovery that you, the person you are today, created every disaster or triumph within the life you have lived until now. Some of your best drama was a compilation of what you wished to experience, coupled with the full cooperation of other beings within your drama, in order to complete a full scale soap opera. In truth, 99% of humanity has no idea that they have already set into motion much of what will be happening tomorrow.

Do you see where I am going with this dialog? Life, and how we perceive it and respond to its challenges is the whole game and you, believe it or not, are the puppet master.

Above all else, no being ever lays down their body without first, at a higher level, making that choice to leave. Contrary to popular belief, God does not send the Angel of death to steal you away from those you love. You alone will choose the time of your departure from the body you reside in now. Always and always you are surrounded by Angels of love who, when your transition does come to pass, will hold you close to their bosom and swiftly move you through the veil of remembering, back to the place you call home.

Consciously you will quite possibly be unaware of your choice to return to spirit and so, it is with great love that I will remind you that life is but a moment, While you are here, living out your days, why not begin living them deliberately? Now is the time to make a clear choice to speak only what is truth to you and think only thoughts which will bring about positive change. You alone have the complete power to end the deception that has stopped you from recapturing what has forever been yours to keep.

You are creating your world, and so, why not create a world that is full of love and lightness? If you choose to make it so, no more will you feel that you are a victim. There will be no one who has power over your being and no one will ever abuse or pressure you against your will. This is your life and in this time of transition, even the smallest intention shall become a reality to you.

You are the creator of your world. Awakening to that truth is what you are meant to do in this time of great change. You are meant to rub the sleep from your eyes and rise up to take responsibility for your choices so that in the days ahead you will be an anchor for those who will have not yet fully awaken.

They will feel as though they have been left adrift in an angry sea and will cling to your stability and strength of purpose as you become for them a teacher and a friend. When they are ready to "hear", you will teach them what you will have learned about holding the energy of lightness and rejection of the dense and slow thought forms and actions. All that you have learned, about the light thing to do, you will share with those who are fearful and your strength will inspire them. They will only then be awakening and will not have received the tools that you have been given, and so, your purpose is a great one because you will enable them to go forward and awaken to the new world that will be birthing before them. They are crying out to remember how to release the chains that have bound them from youth. You and others like you will become a force that will shift the energy from fear into love so that all may begin 1,000 years of peace on your beloved planet.

Know that how you came to this life, whether beggar or king, is part of the bigger plan and your station is of no importance. If you have created adversity, rise above it. If you have placed yourself within a life of challenge, rise up to meet it. The reasons you have chosen to be who you are today may be beyond your comprehension at this time but it is important for you to remain open to its infinite possibilities because in this and all lives, no mistakes have been made. You are the being that was planted here for a purpose. Your life right now is important and you have chosen, long before your birth, to be here in this now moment and make a difference in the events that will occur on your blessed earth. You came to this time to be part of the great plan.

All of the events leading up to this one path have been your adventure. They have been in preparation of what is to come. In the days ahead, as you become lighter and open to your true power as creator, you will awaken fully to the gifts that you have brought in to this lifetime and as you breath love into all that you create, you will remember the truth of who you truly are and why you have come here in this now moment. I honor your choices to be of service in this time and am here to aide you in all ways.

Please consider me to be your personal guide from this day forward and call on me in every of your meditations and allow me to help you through any of your trials. Remember that ego will be your greatest foe in the times ahead and will consider you to be unworthy of the greatness that awaits you. It would be my great honor to aid you in vanquishing its efforts in every time you are assaulted by it or pulled into its web of deceit.

The words that I bestow upon you are powerful ones and ego can not ever ignore them.

'Stand aside, ego, in the name of the Christ. It is done.'

Lord Sananda

A Channeled Message to You from Lord Sananda (pages 86-94)

* * * * example of the son who desired to become an actor the guardian was angry and full of resentment and fear.

Choosing again, in what way could you aid your son, guiding him down a smoother path without controlling his destiny?


Your son comes to you with his hearts desire to quit college and become an actor. After your initial shock has passed, you ask him if he has a plan and if he will require your assistance. You have a few questions. Would he care to honor you by hearing them? We shall pretend that he says yes.

Would a college that has a good arts department give him a more well rounded education rather than eliminating his academic studies for an acting academy? Is he aware that some acting academies are more diverse than another? One may lean more toward stage acting than screen?

Which one will serve his needs?

What location will lend him the best opportunity to get work?

Can you now see how much guidance your son would receive if you were open and remained detached?

If you explode with anger, demanding your son's obedience he may comply with your wishes or rebel, doing what he planned from the beginning.

If your son explodes and leaves to follow his dream there will grow a void between you. He will find it difficult to share his triumphs and disappointments with you in the years to come. If you choose to guide instead of control, your son will glean valuable information and direction from you and feel safety in coming to you with concerns along the path of his life.

When you are able to take yourself and your dreams and plans for his future out of the equation, you allow a great being of light to move onward toward his destiny. Choosing to come from a place of facilitator will drop the shields between both of you and open your son to your guidance and wisdom.

Perhaps your son will make two commercials and never realize his dream of being an actor. If he knows that you support him it will matter not what adventure follows the next as he reels through the days and months and years of his journey. No one truly knows the destiny of another because it is even now in the making.

 There is a deep stirring within each of you to reach out beyond your place of origin and make a mark in this lifetime, to make a difference and to shine. There is a greatness in each of you and a depth beyond your knowing. Trust that the answers you seek are within you. Stretch out to fulfill the dreams within you that seem impossible and challenge yourself beyond what you believe you are capable. You are more than your body. You are creating your world. Understand that if you are creating your world, so too are those around you. Control not, just as you would not wish to be controlled. Honor every being's destiny. Know that each young bird that leaves its nest marks passage of a dream that has been born and flourishes on. Embrace the dreams of others and judge not, but assist from a place of openness and loving. There is no wrong path, only choice. Each choice brings dusk to what might have been and dawn to a new and exciting adventure.

In all choice there is triumph. When you honor the choices of others, my dear ones, you are moving with the rhythm of the Plan. There are no mistakes, only choices.

Choose well my beloved.

Lord Sananda

A Channeled Message to You from Lord Sananda (pages 110-119)

all from the book 'The Light Thing To Do'™ - Channeled lessons received by Jill Marie, founder of Serenity Vibration Healing®

* * * * * * * *

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site.

Michael has written 6 books about Angels and Life

Lessons from Saint Germaine

*** This is the 4th page of messengers from 'The Light thing to do' ***

Lessons from St. Germaine from 'The Light Thing To Do' by Jill Marie founder of SVH.

A Channeled Message to You from Saint Germaine (pages 40-51)  

Blinking is the opening and shutting of your eyelids. Not blinking would, in a very short time, become very painful. Not living with your full spirit connection is like not blinking. It is natural to be with Spirit, and yet, it is a challenge to maintain loving thought and intention throughout time-span without misdirecting energy to the negative impulses that pervade your existence here on earth plain. Every moment not spent in a loving thought is like not blinking to Spirit. The desire to be in love mindedness is so strong that it is almost painful until the love returns.

As the eyes dry from not blinking, so too does the spirit without love.

Saint Germaine

Lesson Four

Expansive Thinking

Life on your earth is such a blessing. It is a mortal life that is spent here and so it is fraught with many challenges and opportunities to experience. It is thought by many that this is all there is, so they strive to make the most of it. I like that analogy. It is untrue but still lends the impression of wanton disregard for fretting the soul from expanding to its most desirous experiences.

Can you imagine a soul, excitedly awaiting its visit to your world? Knowing all that is possible to create and learn it enters and the first word the little soul learns in it's new world is "NO". You can not run and shout and laugh and splash and of course you may not take chances or a leap of faith.

There is a box for you to live in little soul and you may not step out of it or you will be thought strange or ill. Sleep little soul, in a dream of sameness and un-adventure. The best of souls conform to special rules that make us all the same and that will make you the happiest you have ever been because you will feel safety; safety from the unknown, untried and unexperienced. And when you are old, little soul, and your life is done, you can be buried in a pretty box with satin lining and many people will come to wish you a safe journey home.

Many will differ in their opinion of where you will go after death, little soul. Some will say that you will become food for the worms and will go back to the ashes from where you came. Others will see you standing at the pearl laden gates of heaven, if you have belonged to the correct organized religion. If not, even though you have not stepped off the path and run headlong into the sun and rolled in the sand and giggled and ate cookies for dinner, you will not be worthy to enter. At least you stayed on the path little soul for, had you not, you would be now bathed in flames, screaming in agony for eternity. Yes, little soul, you must stay on the path or be consumed in fire.

Do you remember touching something hot or being burned by a drop of boiling water? Do you remember how much it hurt, even after the offender was removed? For days the area that was affected was bothersome, until your blister burst and out poured water from under the skin. God gives you a bandage even for a little wound, can you imagine him not protecting you from the large and unseen. You see, my friend, the pure and happy little soul was trained by fear of pain and un-acceptance to never step away from the same path chosen by the many to be the safe one. They used fear of burning and anguish to train the new little soul to look straight ahead and not veer from the path of safety and the oneness of the mob of the non-living.

Fear robs one of the life that your Father has given you as a gift. How different the life of that little soul would be if his or her first word learnt was "YES". Can you imagine its joy as it laughs and runs and plays? Do you remember the joy you felt as a child when you ran in the sun and there was no Visa payments to fetter you?

Lesson 1

Step off the path. Walk into uncharted territory. Step out of your cubicle and breathe the air your Father has gifted you with and feel the sun on your arms. Do not think of your deadlines or your commitments. Only what it is like to feel. Take off your shoes and put your feet into the earth. Rub them around in it. What do you feel? Lie down and look up into the sky. Feel the earth and its energy pulse through you. For once, do not have a care. Do not worry about what people think, they will think you have lost your mind, and you have. You have left it behind. Push all thoughts of time from you. You are eternal and there is no time; only you, in the now moment feeling the blessed earth that feeds you. Her energy is coursing through your every cell right now.

Your beloved mother cares not if you are covered in her dirt or sand. She does not love you in spite of it but delights in your pleasure of her. She is there to feed you and has been lonely for your attentions. Since you grew up you no longer sit close to her and feel her on your body. She misses you.

You live in a world of asphalt and cement. Your centre is disrupted because of your body's inability to ground and connect with your blessed Mother Earth. It is more important than you know. That is why it is so essential to ground yourself at every opportunity and to periodically loose your mind as we described earlier. Take off your shoes and step off the path. Feel the energy of the trees around you. They are in service to you. They love and honor your journey and add much to the pleasure of it. Not only do they clean your air but can you imagine a world without the beauty of a tree to lighten your heart. They are a reminder of home. Use them and then bless their journey. Theirs is a very special one. Their wisdom and grounding are helpful in keeping your planet aligned. They are like a tuning fork and are always available to lighten your energy if you will only reach out. Your Father has given you many such tools to help you and as you awaken to them you too shall awaken more to the beauty and splendor of your world. It abounds with so many pleasurable opportunities to feel and see and smell. Using all of your senses is a whisper of thank you to your Father, who created you. He wants only the best of journeys for you. I say journeys because there are many. You are hoping perhaps that this is the only one? That thinking would keep you on the path, instead of stepping off, and award you the pretty box lined in satin, with a room full of friends who will gladly put you on one side of the gate to heaven or the other.

Expansive thinking and remembering what you already know but forgot, will allow you much more. Then, when all of your friends gather in that room around your body, they will rejoice at your passing into the light back to Father and on to another adventure.

Life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Sometimes you may wish to get off the ride because it is too frightening. Stop the ride, I want to get off! And some make that choice. Others continue on as their life takes great turns and spins. When the ride finally comes to a stop and you get off, you will have a choice to get back in line and hop on again for another ride or step back while others enjoy another round of excitement. After all, my darlings, we can never truly be harmed. We can be shook up a bit though and have wonderful adventures or walk down the straight and safe path of nothing ventured nothing gained. It is always a choice. What will you choose?

Choosing to step off of the path of indifference does not mean you will need to get a sports car and buy all new clothes. Although that would be fun, stepping off the path only means opening up to remember, creating and choosing in each moment instead of reacting. If someone told you that they hated your sweater, what would your immediate feelings be? Indifference, anger, hurt feelings? How about laughter? What if you laughed out loud and hugged that person and said, "I am so glad you feel comfortable enough with me that you can share whatever you feel or think". What would the person think? It doesn't matter. Whether they know it or not, they were in service to you and in that moment of choice, you surpassed what they hoped for you. Bless them.

Acting deliberately and with a lightness that holds no rancor for any one or anything allows you to create without bias. You were born to create in every moment and in every one of you is the memory of how to do it. Some of you are awakening and becoming quite accomplished at weaving straw into a silk blanket. Many more of you are just realizing that you created your last automobile, along with its troubles, by words and thoughts that manifest into the exact replication of your intention.

Example 1

If I were to say to you, "I am searching for an inexpensive automobile and all I can hope for is that it will get me down the road for at least one year. I hope that I don't have to put very much money into it because used cars are the last owners' throw away after they learned of an upcoming major repair". What kind of car do you think I am creating?

Example 2

Let us pretend for a moment that I am looking for someone's jewel. They have cared for it lovingly while they owned it. "I just know that is the kind of car I will find. I am so blessed. I attract great bargains and good experiences follow me everywhere I go". What kind of energy is attracted to those thoughts and words?

Like attracts like. The universal law of manifestation denotes that all that is created comes from the first thought and follows to the word and action. If you create from negative thought, your manifestation will always bless you and honor your journey by providing the negative. So it follows that, all manifestation brought forth in pure intention and positive energy will create a like outcome. Which would you prefer?

Positive energy can overcome negative energy but it must always be by choice. This is not a game of tug of war, but a way of life that can make each moment more pleasurable than the last.

Have you not wondered at something which occurred as if by magic? You just thought you would like to have something...and there it is! You have been creating in every moment and have not know it.

You are also creating when you say, "We will get there and the movie will have already started and all the good seats will be gone." Just as you predicted, or created, every street light turns red to spite you and your anger wells up. "I am so jinxed, I can never win."

Words are things my friends. They are the paint on your pallet and you hold the brush. What picture will you choose to paint? Would it not be lighter to stop negative thoughts in mid-thought and change them? They are old programming and a bad habit worth breaking if you choose.

Lesson 2

Make a list of all negative comments, thoughts, or disparaging remarks you make commonly about yourself or others.

List all comments that others make or say to or about you.

View these comments. Are they how you would like to define who you truly are? Are they the paint on your pallet that would best picture the life that you would wish for yourself?

Now choose. Do you wish to continue using and reacting to negative energy? Is it fulfilling you and filling your life with joy?

Make a deliberate choice to change the paint on your pallet.

When a negative thought pops into your mind, quickly exchange it for a positive one. Imagine your hand holds a ping-pong paddle. Swat the old thought away and replace it with a new one.

Example: "I always drop things, I am so clumsy." Whack! "I am very balanced. I never drop things."

* What energy attaches to the old thought?

* What energy attracts to the new?

When you speak before you think, back up and change the negative remark and Whack! envision your paddle sending those words to the moon.

Example: "Gosh, I can't believe that I did that. I am so stupid." Whack! "Gosh, I didn't mean to do that." Then mentally stroke yourself or say the words out loud for the world to hear. "I am so smart." "I am brilliant". Exchange the slower energy of stupid with the faster energy of the latter comments.

If you have disparaged yourself a great deal in the past, it might be helpful to put notes where you frequent. On your dashboard, your bathroom mirror, on your night table. I am loved, I am wonderful, I am a great being of light, I am a beloved child of God. You will see the notes even when you are not focusing upon them and will be subliminally reprogramming your subconscious to accept loving thoughts about yourself. If you catch yourself disparaging another, Whack! Back up immediately and apologize to the one you offended. Then change the message you wished to convey into a positive one. It may be difficult at first, but it will become easier with practice and finally you will become a master at turning any negative into a positive.

Example: 'You make me so angry! I have to tell you every time to empty the trash bin" Whack! "Oh, I'm sorry. Here are the liners for the can. I really do appreciate it when you take out the trash."

Can you see the first retort will attract anger or at least, hurt feelings or ruffled feathers? Then their negative comment will surely follow, leaving you open to hurl more negative comments until you are in full scale war and somehow his or her not liking your mother enters the picture.

The positive catch and return with your appreciation cuts through the previous negative comment and softens the request to one of acknowledgement of his or her help. When you catch the thought before you speak you can quickly change it to, "Here are the trash liners. Would you mind taking it out for me please?" Remember, a smile and a loving thought makes a deed lighter. There is no reason to save up your smiles and love. They aren't worth more when you get a bunch of them. Spreading them wherever you go is like casting seeds upon fertile soil. The more you give, the more you get back in return. Smiles and love left unfettered become like a snowball rolling down a mountain. As it builds and grows it catches up more and more positive energy, because of the laws of attraction. Soon you will have a ball that can knock down a wall of negativity and transmute it into the open arms of love. It starts with a smile and a loving thought.

Lesson 3

Negative comments that have been hurled toward you:

When you place yourself in a situation where negative energy is sent in your direction, you have a choice. You can accept the blow or reject it. Accepting it will attract more of the same and rejecting it will exact change. Example: "You are stupid."

Envision a glass window shutting in front of you. It is made of golden light and it is the love of your Father who created you. He made you in His image. Do you think He would make you stupid? Of course not, he made you wise and strong and is now helping you remember your power. You have the power of the universe at your disposal and it is love. Imagine your Father's protective arms wrapping around you and feel all of His love. He would not accept a negative thought or deed and so, as His beautiful child, you can choose to block it as well.

The person initiating the verbal blow is announcing everything about themselves and nothing about you. Deflect the barb and break it in mid-air and send it back to the offender. Send it back softened. Take the barb and envision it changed into a cotton ball. Send it back indeed, but with love.

All acts of aggression are a cry for love. Even the souls you imagine to be the most evil of the evil. They too are longing for one brief moment when they might step away from the heavily soiled robes they cover themselves in. They too are a beautiful light being only playing a part on this journey and nothing is lonelier than to be covered in a veil of dark and dense energy. It becomes so strong that it might seem impossible to lift off this aggressor but there is one thing that can break the bonds of steel that hold this being down, it is love. All things are possible where love is concerned and no chain is unbreakable. They can fall from the body with a kiss.

Intention is everything and truth falls in line beside faith, hope and charity. Open your heart to change one negative action or thought and watch as the veils begin to fall off. Some of them will be your own. When you open yourself up to loving all of God's creatures, even the ones that don't seem to want your acceptance and light energy, you change the universe. The ones who resist light energy are those crying out for it the most.

Change your perception of who you want to be into who you are by changing the paint on your blessed pallet. What you do to change your pallet directly affects the others in your life and opens them up to change or discomfort. The dark is not comforted by the light but deep inside it longs to be bathed in it. Learn by doing and teach by example. All else will follow. Call on me in these moments of change. I will light your way.

Saint Germaine

A Channeled Message to You from Saint Germaine (pages 40-51)

* * * * * * * *

A Channeled Message to You from Saint Germaine (pages 62-70)  

Prepare for a future where everything means something and nothing occurs without reason. Treat your body as the temple that it is, and love yourself enough to see the true beauty of the one who looks back in your mirror. All adversity is a challenge to love and all opportunities to love are your chance to shine.

Saint Germaine

Each of you, on your blessed Earth are here by choice; a divine one. Some of the lightest individuals are awakening to this revelation sooner than others but all are here for a purpose. Your Father is with you and part of your every breath.

I wish for one instant you could understand the vastness of the All and the Everything and your place in the dream. All of you are creating the magnificent world you live in and if you are able to understand the part you play and its importance, I believe that trivial matters will become exactly thus for you, meaningless in the grand picture you paint.

Do you remember when you were ten years old and all of the challenges you endured? Do you remember worrying about grades and tests and whether your mother would find out you had gotten in trouble at school that day? All of those occurrences are made up from the paint on your pallet and are what make up the you that is reading the words I now speak. I would not wish to change even one blessed event. Can you imagine yourself reacting to those old energies now though? They seemed to be most important at the time but now you can see them as filler; lessons that were learned and then stored away.

Can you for one moment, review the filler that you are creating now, this week, this month, today? Let us pick today. Was there anything that occurred which might have wasted your precious energy on worry, anger, or fear? Let us pretend for a moment that you were late for your work and drove faster than usual. This made you tense because you needed to be extra vigilant about your driving. There is no peaceful ride into work for you because, a dog or child could step off the curb or, a policeman might be waiting with his radar machine. You contemplate, without realizing it, the effect a minor speeding violation could have on your driving record, insurance rates and your pocket book. You know that striking a child with your automobile would forever change your life and you imagine the damage caused by hitting an animal.

With this choice you have traded away any precious moments of peace, where you might have noticed a beautiful flower or been uplifted by the many colours of your world as fallen leaves pile artfully along the side of a hill or snow frosts the tips of the trees.

Can you now see how important it is to remain in a peaceful state? Arriving late, because you have hit a dog with your car or received a traffic ticket, attracts even more dense energy to the lateness of your arrival. Why not just be late? Why not create a sense of well-being at the end of your drive that nothing can pervade, so that only light energy awaits you upon your arrival. Many say that "life is short". This is so true. If your choices were to spend the days you have been given in concern, or blissfulness, which would you choose?

What if you were cooking your evening meal and it burned? Would you be angry at yourself or your life partner for allowing the event to happen or would you surround yourself and the event with love and understanding. If you were waiting for your favorite dish in a restaurant and it arrived late or over cooked, is it worth precious moments of peace to exchange your positive energy for anger or resentment?

In this lesson I would like to stress that each of you are creating in every moment. You have an opportunity to make a deliberate choice to create in the positive. When you create a negative response, in any event, there is a tremendous shift of energy on your planet. Once knowing this, you have a great responsibility. You are a light emissary. Without realizing it in the past, you have been creating the energy of the planet.

What if you chose to meet every obstacle in the same way, with love and understanding? If your employer is angry because you have arrived late, can you imagine your response, back to the soul you call boss, being one of lightness? You have grounded yourself and everyone in your workplace and sent my violet frequency ahead of you, transmuting all dense energy into the lightness of love. When your employer takes you to task for your tardiness, you simply attach nothing to the words. Instead, you see and understand the expressions of your employer for what they truly are, fear. Your employer is fearful that you are no longer respecting his or her authority and rules and will insight the other employees, to begin arriving whenever they please, as well. Your employer rises to the learned response of anger, recrimination and control. Your reaction can match this energy or you can choose to rise above it.

When your food is burned, neither you or the cook intended to spoil your melect back to your world does add to the beam of light that is a catalyst in the shift to love mindedness and peace on your world. Knowing this as truth, you need strive diligently to only allow positive energy within your realm. The previous lessons have all been leading up to this one great task. When at last you have mastered the catching, transmuting and release of light energy, releasing old hurts and anger, cloaking yourself in light, quieting your random inner dialog, maintaining control of the pretender ego, surrendering your hopes, plans and dreams into the hands of God and the many other lessons in this volume, your life will change immeasurably to become one of love, peace and tranquility. You will then be one who has truly awakened to the call of your destiny.

There is no more profound feeling of completeness than knowing that you are exactly where you are because you have planned it to be so; your place beside the Creator. The essence of the Creator is within you and you are His beacon of love, the most important ingredient in the recipe of life.

When you come to that place of knowing, you will no longer allow slow energy to enter your realm. You will reflect back only lightness and love. After a time, you will no longer accept relationships which do not resonate back to you that which you send blissfully out to them. No more will you be capable of participating in drama that is not open to transformation from its tightly closed bud into the blushing bloom of love and lightness. It will become far too painful for you to participate in these lessons which have not come any closer to fruition.

You will honor those embracing the slower energies and in cloaking yourself in your Father’s light, you will be aiding them in your reflection back to them of lighter energy. They will learn from your unconditional love or move onward to find another being who will match their energy and attraction to drama. These truths have been belabored numerous times in previous lessons.

Know always that there is no judgment of blessed beings that are walking blindly through life wearing the label of victim, only love and love and love. We have all played that part and have stiffly paid our price until the lessons have become for too much to bear and we are forced to make changes or sink deeper in the mire.

Yours is not such a path, my dear one. You are shifting into lightness with every word, every syllable of this lesson. You are awakening within you to a truth that you can not ignore. You can never return to a life of come what may. You are the master of all you survey and your time has come to claim your birthright. Your lighter energy will accept nothing else. Your mastery is at hand, my beloved, and with each new day of lightness you will capture the essence of who and what you truly are, master and creator of your realm. Go forward in peace my beloved. You are a child of God.

St. Germaine

A Channeled Message to You from Saint Germaine (pages 120-124)

* * * * * * * *

Lesson Fourteen (pages 125-133)

Humanity is like a masterpiece hidden from the world by a coating of smoke and soot. As the dense layers are removed from the canvas more and more of the true beauty of the painting is transformed.

As each layer of denseness falls, your magnificence will shine out onto the world and light the way for others to follow.

Lesson fourteen

Lighten up! This is not as serious as you make it out to be. Embracing the Light Thing to Do is only opening up to the ancient memory of what truly is, and always has been. You already know every truth that has been discussed in the previous lessons. You are a part of the energy of the All and the Everything and even the lessons you have read that seem abundantly curious are resonating deeply within your solar plexus. This information will be welcome especially to those of you who feel you are struggling to become a lightworker. Struggling to become what you already are.

You always have been and always will be, a torch bearer of God. That is why you are drawn like a magnet to like minded individuals. All of your torches together make a beacon of lightness that clears away the cobwebs within you and heightens your awareness of the Oneness. If only you could see your brilliance as we do; whenever two or more are gathered in His name....... Oh, how magnificent you all are.

In reading our words in this volume, and others like it, you are able to awaken to the full lightness of who you are and have always been. Unknown to you has been the truth of your greatness and God connection. Encrypted within these words are tones which are set to turn the majestic key to your remembering within the lock that bolts the door of forgetting. Without effort you are evolving to the mastery that has never left you. Your true power and divinity has always and forever been within you. There is no obstacle to overcoming and nowhere to go on the journey you embark upon to a place you have never left.

The secret of everlasting life and your place beside a most loving Father is within you. There are no dues to pay, no penances to fulfill, and no great deeds which must be accomplished before your worthiness allows you the honor of embracing the truth of who you are, a child of God.

Bestowed upon you from the beginning, before ever you entered one single of your lives, is the truth of your lineage. There is no pleasure more abundant than that of your Fathers' when, at last, you come to remember yourself as a part of His glory. He applauds every step you take to remember the truths you are awakening to. Each step brings you closer to the task that you have to complete. You are here to awaken in all of its fullness. To join the ranks of masters who have awakened before you; our beloved Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mother Teresa, Gandhi and more.

It was decided that you would awaken fully long before you came to this lifetime. It is our honor to facilitate in this, your time of awakening, and we will gladly guide you through steps which will hasten your process immensely. As a master each of the forty-seven lessons you will remember more and more of why you have chosen to be here in this now moment.

Many beings yearn to know what their soul purpose is in this lifetime. They feel that they are here for some special task. My answer to you is that you are right now fulfilling that purpose. Your main function within this now moment is to awaken fully to your magnificence. The process has already begun. Please do not judge yourself harshly or compare yours to the journey or pace of another. As I related to you earlier, there is nowhere to go and no speed you must reach and attain this goal that is not measurable. Just awaken, awaken and awaken.

I say unto you, awaken that place within you that holds your flickering flame. Rise up the wick in the lamp within you and watch as the flame increasingly brightens. Drive out the negative energy held bondage within your cells, trapped there by painful experiences, held prisoner by your jailer ego. As you master each of the lessons, your wick will rise even higher in the lantern of your life, and all dense energy will be driven out from every cell of your body. Healing will occur spontaneously and balance will at last return to your life.

It is of great importance, that as you become lighter, you remember that other beings in your life are also on their journey and their pace may be swifter or slower than your own. It is not advisable for you to attempt in any way to prod forward any being whose flame is not of the same brightness as yours. If these great beings step slower than you toward lightness it is because their timetable is not the same as your own. Honor their journey, my beloved. Know that, through all are dancing to the rhythm of life, each is hearing their own music.

As I mentioned in an earlier lesson, there is no reason for a mass exodus to the divorce courts or to begin avoiding your old friends. The balance you have achieved in your life will allow you the ability to co-exist with all beings. Releasing all attachment to old grievances using Blessed Mary's method, will allow those individuals the opportunity to become a lighter lamp in their own time. Living a loving example to those around you, cloaked in the light of your Father, is the greatest gift to those who are only now wiping the sleep from their eyes.

God, your Father, created you in His image. As you awaken more to your divinity it will become easier for you to fully commit to the truth of your own magnificence. Until you know it, until that remembering, it is acceptable to pretend. Know that every word in this volume is triggering that awakening within you. The following are some tools which will help you to reach that remembering of your birthright.

Lesson 1: Exchange destructive thought with positive thought.

Example: Looking in the mirror you critically survey the damage on your skin from the sun, the wind and the years. You observe that your body falls short of what modern society deems perfect.

Instead, begin accepting your blessed body. Honor it and all of its 'battle scars' as you bear them proudly. Perhaps the years have taken their toll but remembering that your body still carries you. Honor it with the clean water it requires to function properly and nutrients which balance the beautifully orchestrated function of the vessel your Father gifted you. Feed the body all it requires so that it may carry your light body further and longer. A rancher starves a young calf of nutrients so that it's meat will be tender and light but I say unto you, it is not light long and has neither the strength to stand or to walk.

Love and care for your body as you would an expensive automobile. Would you forget to put oil in a one o fa kind racecar, of feed denatured food to a priceless race horse? Like the car, you are one of a kind and no less priceless than the racehorse? You are a treasure and, like an automobile that is left unattended, breakdowns can be costly and could alter your destiny. Love your body. It is a gift.

Lesson 2: Accept nothing but lightness.

When negative energy enters your space, immediately surround yourself in God's light. Envision yourself connecting to the God Source, even though you are never 'not' connected. Imaging that you are sending a beam of light up, from the top of your crown, connecting to your Father. Command that you and all of your space be filled with His white light of love. In all instances, the dense energy will no longer be capable of entering your space. If the dense energy is emanating from someone, it is helpful to ground or balance the being by calling upon the Angelic kingdom to infuse them with love. In the same method as above, raise a beam of light from your crown, up into the heavens, commanding that the individual's energy be grounded and balanced.

If you find that you have allowed the slower energy to enter your space before you have blocked it, you can easily vanquish it by connecting to the God Source as above and then command that all dense energy within you be burned away into lightness. It is done.

Lesson 3: Discerning divine guidance from ego programs.

Whenever negative programming enters your consciousness, immediately command that your ego step aside. This will allow you to receive clear information without negative reinforcement from ego.

Never, in any time, will God's energy or guidance come from fear or negativity. All energy from your Blessed Father, Angels and Guides will reflect only lightness.

Lesson 4: Prayer.

Prayer is your open connection with God. Prayer honors your Father as it fulfills and lightens you. Come not from a place of lesser than God in prayer, but, instead, speak to him openly of your hopes and dreams as you would the loving Father that He is.

Lesson 5: Balance.

Strive every day to balance in your life. Balancing your chakras is very helpful in releasing bound energy from your own energy field that you might have attracted throughout the day. It is even possible to become out of balance from a night of dreams if they are fraught with slow energy.

In this time of transformation it is no longer necessary to go through many dramas to release and balance ones chakras. Using the same method from lesson 2, you may command it to be so. If you are uncomfortable with commanding you may follow this example: "I ask that my Father in heaven balance my chakras and fill my vessel with light." It is done.

Lesson 6: Meditation.

Daily meditation creates balance within and strengthens your earth body as it releases slow energy. Each being will experience what is most beneficial to their needs. One may require no more than a few minutes of reflection while watching the sun rise or set, while another may feel the need for deep meditation once or more times a day. Meditation is as individual as you are.

Centering your mind, body, spirit with the intention of creating balance is the essence of meditation and the foundation for stillness.

There is no judgment of any method or a time limit that is spent meditating. In one moment of stillness there is a lifetime of healing.

Know that with each passing day you are opening to more lightness. As discussed previously, the lighter you become the more uncomfortable it will be for you to remain in the presence of slower energy. The lessons you are learning will prepare you for the great gift that you have for humanity. It is one of the many reasons that you have chosen to be here in these turbulent times. It was not meant for you to awaken fully to your magnificence and then to live in a cave with your perfection.

It is important in this now moment that, in times that you are exposed to slow energy you not judge the energy or the being wielding it. Simply cloak yourself in lightness. Fill your vessel with God's love and allow the bearer to learn from your great example. Remaining detached from their drama will aid them in their lesson and will not perpetuate their fear into a more solid block to release later.

Send out love my dear soldiers of light. You bear arms of the greatest army in history. Your shields reflect only lessons and your swords pierce hearts with love.

Saint Germaine

 - page 133 - finish -

This is not the end. It is only the beginning of the forty-seven lessons.

* * * * * * * *

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site.

Michael has written 6 books about Angels and Life

Lessons from Archangel Uriel

*** This is the 5th page of messages from 'The Light thing to do' ***

A lesson from ArchAngel Uriel from 'The Light Thing To Do' by Jill Marie founder of SVH

Ego's song is disruptive and fills mankind with confusion. When asking for direction, at all times, it is best to nullify the pretender ego. This will insure that your guidance is of the highest energy. "I command that my ego step aside." It is done.

Call on your Guardian Angels in any time of need, especially in times when you are faced with ego's dense energy. He is a pretender indeed. He pretends to be your friend and protector, when all of the while he is crippling you with fear, as he wraps you in his cloak of darkness. We will stand beside you in all adversity and guide you through his mire into the light. It is our great honour to serve and protect you.

Archangel Uriel (p39)


In times of sadness, loss and confusion, in every moment of pain or frustration, we are standing beside you. As if wings were strapped to your back,  fly into the open arms of love. In that very instant of your choosing love you will have surpassed all that we have ever hoped for you.

Archangel Uriel.

Those of us, who are in service to you as guardian Angels, are immensely honoured to be part of the process of your transformation. Oh, what a blessing it is for us.

Each of you born into this time has more than one guardian. In fact, some have as many as seven. One being of light has had eleven guardians in service to her throughout her lifetime.

Yes, we are a crowd in every room you occupy. You should see us in your automobile, sandwiched between your guides and masters. We are a lively group and are all working diligently to bring you closer to the light that matches the frequency you were pre-destined to reach in this lifetime. It is, of course, not for us to take you there. Indeed we are bound by the laws of the universe and must wait for your request in many things. On rare occasions we have stepped in, but we mostly whisper guidance and nudge you toward the light that shines far down the road.

Many of you are only beginning your journey down the path of awakening but, in truth, you have been on the path from the day you were born. It is only now that the harmonics of your planet has shifted to trigger a forgotten truth. You are searching now and know that there is more to your life than you previously believed.

There are nights when you are filled with wonder at the magnificent dreams you experience. It is as if you were flying, or being lifted up into the heavens, where you are being stroked and loved by beautiful beings of light. The dreams feel so real and have a residual after-glow that follows you throughout the day. You might think to yourself, "I am so filled with love.", and in truth you are, for all night long we have taken you into a dimension higher than you have experienced before in this life. We have taken you home. There we administer many light techniques that are raising your frequency to match the changes on your earth. Many are receiving this love as your planet changes to a higher vibration. Do no fear these events. You are no being abducted. Your part in this re-arrangement was entered into by your previous soul agreement and is honoured by both the angelic realm and your higher self, or over soul. It was anticipated that you would reach this level of remembering, long before you entered this journey, by choice.

We are rejoicing at your accomplishments and honour your pace of reaching this place of awareness. Naturally we hope that you will proceed with your transformation and offer this helping hand to you. Call on us at any time of need. We rejoice at being asked. It unties our hands in many cases, where we would love to step in and help you.

Ask for our assistance in anything. Please do no put limits on us. We revel in the opportunity to help in even the most menial or trivial of burdens. We will no be insulted if you ask us for help with your hair cut or with remembering where you have hidden your car keys. Just think of us as waiting patiently to guide you and unless preordained, we await your invitation. Each time you call for our assistance you are acknowledging the power of the Oneness. You are a part of the splendor we all know as the great plan. When you open up to the guidance of your guardian angels, light shines through your veil of forgetting and we see your frequency rise before our eyes like mercury in a thermometer.

Oh yes, my love, you are why we are here in service at this time. If we did no harmonize you with the changes of your planet, it would impede your awakening. Call on us, as you lay your head down on your pillow. Ask us nightly to work with you as you sleep. "I call on my guardian angels of light, to work with me as I sleep. I ask that they help lighten the path of my soul's progression." It will be so. You will be surprised by the speed of your awakening if you honour us in this request.

Upon rising, we ask that you acknowledge our presence and know that we are there for you. Our mission in your lifetime is to caress you and love you as we light your way. We truly are your guardian and have many times interceded when you have faced danger or unforeseen difficulty which might have disrupted your growth. All of these intercessions have been by authority of your higher self, or over soul. If energy were to have entered that would impede your soul contract, it would be our great honour to push or nudge you out of harms way. In those times we truly shine.

Some of your Angels have been with your energy for many lifetimes. Naturally we become quite attached to your outcome and are like cheerleaders at your great game of life. We revel at your smallest accomplishments and choices. Do you know how proud we are when you choose lightness over density? As your light becomes brighter and brighter we will need to wear coloured glasses. I am only joking about the glasses but, the brightness is truth. We see you as you truly are, and you are magnificent!

It is our hope that you will consider us as a part of your everyday activity. We enjoy it when you speak to us, both verbally and quietly, in your mind.

Open your heart to us, my love. We are here with you in any event, and would relish the opportunity to be interactive.

Know this; ego would prefer that you did no put your energies into Angels. "They are only a story you heard as a child and do not exist," it will tell you. I am here to tell you that we do exist and all of our energy is directed in building you, not in tearing you down as your blessed scoundrel ego loves to do. We see your true beauty and the magnificence of your part in the play. Your ego would be gladdened if you would continue on the path of confusion that you stepped off of. It is a maligner of the Truth that will raise you up and set you free from the uncertainty you have felt for many years.

If you feel light, and your days are filled with hope, you are on the right path. Listen to us, my darling, we are whispering to you constantly. Our messages are always hinting of your greatness and our highest idea of what you can accomplish with positive energy and openness to creating and remembering.

Now that you are remembering, your appetite for more and more information about who you truly are and your purpose here, is propelling you forward into a destiny of greatness. You have many questions and feel the need to do something, though you know not what. Rest easy and know that, as as you lighten, you will receive answers to your questions and a purpose will fill your days that will bring you much joy.

Your inner guidance is made up of many elements, who are your higher self, angels, guides and masters, working for your soul's progression. Another element of your guidance is the pretender ego. Above all of the voices, your Father is sending you unconditional love and acceptance. He is not an angry God who is waiting to burn or punish you. These are stories made up to control you and keep you in the shadows.

At times, when your inner guidance reflects negative messages, you may always count on its source being ego. It is simple indeed to arrange those thoughts by merely commanding the pretender to step aside. He will oblige your request. It is the law.

Ego does not stroke you or build you up, but tears you down and fills you with fear and inadequacy. He is blessed and does have his place in your journey, but in this wondrous time of growth and lightening of your planet, it is more desirous to stop his negative thoughts before they manifest themselves into a pattern of denseness that overshadows all of the lightness you are creating, even in this moment.

When you begin to notice ego's barbed hooks, you will become quite adept at catching the energy and changing it immediately. Poor ego will become quite beaten down but I promise you that he will not lie down and quit or change his tune. Like a radio, he will continue to play in the background. From time to time he will rear up his ugly head, generally when you are most vulnerable, and his usual verbiage will slip into your energy. Once recognized, you can easily turn him off as you would a radio playing a song you do not care for. (just describing)

Ego's song is disruptive and fills mankind with confusion. When asking for direction, at all times, it is best to nullify the pretender ego. This will insure that your guidance is of the highest energy. "I command that my ego step aside." It is done.

Call on your Guardian Angels in any time of need, especially in times when you are faced with ego's dense energy. He is a pretender indeed. He pretends to be your friend and protector, when all of the while he is crippling you with fear, as he wraps you in his cloak of darkness. We will stand beside you in all adversity and guide you through his mire into the light. It is our great honour to serve and protect you.

Archangel Uriel

A Channeled Message to You from Archangel Uriel (pages 33-39)

* * * * * * * *

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These quotes are from the book: "The Light Thing To Do" by Jill Marie, founder of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment or SVH. An unedited manuscript - with permission to use in this web site.

Michael has written 6 books about Angels and Life


Fairy Healing: If you would like a 7 minute YouTube: Fairy Golden Healing - click here & go to Movies - a gift from Michael Bray & SVH - opens in a new window.

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PLANTS: DAMANHUR Community in Italy.

There is a lot of research happening regarding plants and communication. There are video's to explore and a whole web site about people who research plants, trees, energy and healing for people and earth. There is a wonderful CD with Music from the Trees and Plants - highly recommended.

The organisation is Damanhur in Northern Italy and also represented in other countries. On FaceBook too.

Enjoy exploring, expanding and reaching beyond your wildest dreams, Love & Light, Michael


About ~ The idea 

The idea for this site came one morning in 2010, from Spirit and my Angels and Masters. They wanted a site to connect with people on the internet. It simply happened. I have other sites and Spirit wanted one that shared ideas and gave people reliable truthful links.

People also want truthful information and if they need a healing or uplifting workshop or simply a connection with other spiritual people - they will be able to do that here. 

Welcome home. Rev. Michael Bray, SVH Healing Practitioner for people & animals, author & Guide.


From the Collins Dictionary: n. Life principle animating body; disposition; liveliness; courage; frame of mind; essential character or meaning; soul; ghost; liquid got by distillation. vt. carry away mysteriously. Lets look at ~

Life principle: Spirit is energy, it is mostly unseen, yet people can feel it, they know its there and if it is absent, then they are not alive. The connection between the soul and the physical body is usually called the ‘Silver cord’ - because that is what it looks like. People who have had out-of-body-experiences have seen the silver cord connection. It usually links to the physical body at the base of the rear of the head.

Soul: A soul is energy, about 2 to 4 watts, measured by scientists. It looks like one of those fairy lights on a tree or house in the festive season. Souls were created by The Creator and that energy cannot be destroyed. Some people talk about having lost their soul - this is a belief or someone’s idea, possibly to control or disempower a person. We are all a soul with a physical body. Scientists have weighed a person, when they were alive and soon after, when they passed on or graduated, and the soul has a some weight.

Ghost: This is a soul without a physical body. The ‘silver cord’ has been cut and the body has returned to the earth from where it came. A ghost is usually called a ‘lost soul’ or ‘confused energy’. They are around, however it is best that we all respect them. They still have their Angels and/or Guides around them and they are usually wanting closure or wanting to sort out something prior to their letting go of the earthly plain. These energies are best left alone and if you insist on dealing with them, it is highly recommended that you work with them via your Angels and/or Masters. Do not directly get involved with these energies, unless you know what you are doing. They will give you fear and will say things as commands, where as your Angels will give you a suggestion, based on unconditional love. You know the difference between love and fear and it is highly recommended that you follow your Angels and Masters suggestions. Trust them.

You can also feel that difference. Your Angels and Masters use only love.

Mysteriously: There is a lot of mystery, beliefs, folk law, truths and customs about Spirit.

Many countries and even communities and tribes have many beliefs about Spirit and Spirits. Note the disclaimer below. Whatever you believe - it is your choice. It can be a mystery or it can be very real.

Ideas from my book ‘Angels are Real’:

I looked up ‘Angel’ in the Collins dictionary: An’gel (an’j-) n. divine messenger; ministering or attendant spirit; person with the qualities of such a spirit, as gentleness, purity etc. -angel’ic (an-) a. -angel’ically adv.

The word ‘Angel’ came about when the old testament was translated into Greek from Hebrew, it combines two images; that of a child, pure and innocent and that of a dove, a white bird representing something that flew in the air.

Many religions refer to God, Angels and the Universe or ‘The All'. In biblical publications many people are depicted with a ‘halo’ around their head. This represents the aura or energy. However, it may not be shown around all people and this, I feel is not correct, because if a person or living being had no aura or energy field around them, they would be dead. Everything living has an aura.

We are all an energy force; that is us as a soul, our own Angels and all the other Angels. We have been this energy force since whenever time began and we will continue - it cannot be destroyed. It just is, and so is the Universe which is our real home. We come to planet Earth because it is like a university of learning. 

Religions were originally formed to help people unfold and trust their feelings and to feel one with all things in their Universe. There are about three hundred references to Angels in the Bible. Here are some Biblical references to Angels:

  • John 6:63
  • John 14:26
  • Job 33:23 & 33
  • Samuel 10:6
  • Psalm 91:11

The best visual reference for what Angels look like is in the 1990 Paramount Pictures film ‘Ghost’. Also now available on video (& DVD). The ‘lights’ in the movie, are a very graphic example of what Angels look like. We, as a soul or energy also look like this, either without a physical body, or away from it. The connection between the physical body and the soul is often called the ‘silver cord’. The Bible refers to the ‘silver cord’ and Shirley Maclaine and (the late) Francisco Coll write about this too. People who have had ‘out-of-body-experiences’ may have seen their silver cord. This is not a strange phenomenon and many people do this without even knowing they are experiencing it.

As an energy or soul, we are actually Angels in training, because when we master what we have to learn here on this planet, earth, or we clearly grasp that feeling of oneness with all things in the Universe, then we can choose to become an Angel for someone else, if that is our purpose. Our Angels are continually learning from us and we also learn from then, because they are still evolving and growing spiritually. They have no gender, as they are neither male nor female and they can communicate in any language.

At the time and place of death, which we choose, we cut our ‘silver cord’ and we, as a soul, or energy, follow our Angels out to the Universe, which is our true home. We then spend time with our Angels to put together what we learnt here on Earth. Death is really like a graduation; a celebration of change and a continuation of life. We then choose what is our next step in the evolution of our state of consciousness, and always at the most perfect time. We choose our Angels prior to our conception on Earth. We also choose our parents and our place of birth, plus the order of our four means of perception or communication. All this is part of our learning here. 

No one has had the same or similar experiences or learning situations that I have had in this lifetime or all previous lives, either on this planet, Earth, or on other planets. Remember that the Universe is a very big place, with lots of opportunity to learn and grow.

Our Angels never tell us what to do, because they respect our free will, however they will give us loads of suggestions, usually about sixty a day, on an average. They are positive, loving, one hundred percent crystal clear energy. 

When our Angels come close to us, mostly when we are relaxed, clear, calm and peaceful, we experience an uplifting feeling, or a tingle, or ‘goose-bumps’ or even an inner glow. This feeling can be experienced  when doing a ‘cleansing’ technique, or even relaxing under a shower, in a bath or near a pond or calm water, because water is the physical symbol of Spirit or Angels.

You will note that I have mentioned that your Angels will come in close when you are relaxed, clear and calm, because this matches their energy and they are not going to come in close when you are busy, rushing, tense or negative. On the other hand, if you need protection, help or immediate assistance, they are aware of where you are, and your motives, so if they are needed they are instantly there. 

The main thing to remember is that if you don’t ask for help or assistance, it may take some time because your Angels do respect your free will, so if this is how you want to organise or experience your life that’s OK by them too.

My understanding is that if you need extra help, say in a certain area or specialised field, again ask your Angels, because they have access to other ‘teams‘ of Angels who can help your team, even for a temporary time.  (pages 3, 4 and 5 of ‘Angels are real’ by Michael F Bray).

Michael has written a follow-up to 'Angels are Real' titled 'Angels are Real 2', covering his Angel adventures from 1993 to 2017 - get it here + 4 other books about Angels & Life

Disclaimer: Some information on this page may be an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please disregard the idea and decide what you choose to believe.   Copyright (C) 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021  M. Bray

Inspirational Quotes for your Spiritual Empowerment

"It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love" 

and "Love is all you need" ... John Lennon 

* * * * *

'You are not here to make a difference - you are here because you are the difference'

Tutorial from Quan Yin

"Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness." ..... Chuang Tzu.

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective not the truth." ... Marcus Aurelius

"It is Love that will save our world" .... Martin L. King

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers ... for thereby some have entertained Angels unaware ..... Hebrews  13:2

When everything changes, change everything ..... Sharon Ellis

You don't see things as they are - you see things as you are ..... unknown

"It was easy to love God in all that was beautiful. The lessons of deeper knowledge, though, instructed me to embrace God in all things." ....St. Francis of Assisi.

Life isn't all about waiting for the storm to pass

It's about learning to dance in the rain.  ..... sign in a Toowoomba shop.

'Embrace the miracle of life. Regard love as the highest truth.

And wheresoever you may be, be with all your heart.' …..Sydney Lawrence Bennett.

You're only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is no only impossible but is the mark of a fake messiah. Know yourself and it will set you free.  ..... a friend in Albury NSW.

* * * * * * * *

Quotes from the movie "I Am" - web site here

"Love is a force" .... Gandhi 

"Make your heart sing" .... unknown

"It is Love that will save our world" .... Martin L. King

* * * * * * * *

"My energy of love is an ever present force of light that stands ready to be embraced or rebuffed. Regardless of your choices, as a loving parent, I will patiently wait for you to recall that which is yours to inherit, as a beneficiary of the kingdom of love. Your birthright remains intact and solidly held within My heart, awaiting the time when you will call for its restoration through recognition, acceptance and allowing". .... I remain, Your Loving Creator.

from the book 'The Light Thing To Do'™ (an unedited manuscript) - Channeled lessons received by Jill Marie, founder of Serenity Vibration Healing®

The BIG Picture

Previously this quote was known as: IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER DURING THE CHANGES BETWEEN NOW AND 2012.... it can also be useful in life:

1. Always maintain your contact with the source of all life. The creative energy of the Universe.

2. Trust your gut feeling and intuition.

3. Help people overcome fear by explaining the positive aspects of the coming changes.

4. Help people improve their self esteem and to take back their power.

5. Do not let the negative powers divide us (divide and conquer).

6. Remember who you are. Most of us are old souls. We are more advanced, spiritually, than the extraterrestrials called negatives/regressives (Greys, Reptilians, Draconians) We have creativity, sexuality, sensuality, love for ourselves and others.

7. Remember we are all here to learn and work out our karma. Each persons mission is unique.

8. Remember, everyone's reality is different. Be non-judgemental.

9. Everyday we make many decisions. Each is based on either love or fear! Choose love!

from www.2012.com.au



I choose divine unconditional love

I choose peace and acceptance

I choose gratitude and grace

I choose to be kind to myself and all people

On all levels I choose to be present in 'now time' in everything I do.

... from Sandy @ Age of Miracles


'For one moment our lives met, our souls touched' ..... Oscar Wilde

"If you enjoy the process, it's your dream..... If you are enduring the process, just desperate for the result, it's somebody else's dream" ... Salma Hayek

A smile is the beginning of peace :-)

"You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level.

Reincarnation doesn't help you if in your next incarnation you still don't know who you are" ..... 'Stillness Speaks' by Eckhart Tolle.

Feel the connection to all, and in the stillness there is found peace and serenity .....

The Keys of Wisdom - by Mother Mary:

1. Keep it simple - decide & make up your mind. Be sure.

2. Use Grace, always

3. Be present in NOW time - focus on now.

4. Use Inner Guidance, trust.

5 Gratitude, thanks and therefore peace.


THE FIVE AGREEMENTS:  (Yes, there are now 5)


Speak with Integrity

Say only what you mean

Avoid using the word to speak against yourself, or gossip about others.

Use the power of your word in the direction of love and truth.


Nothing others do is because of you,

What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, and their own dreams.

When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim

of needless suffering.


Find the courage to ask questions and express what you really want.

Communicate with others as clearly as you can, to avoid misunderstandings,

sadness and drama.

With just this one agreement you can completely transform your life.


Your best is going to change from moment to moment;

It will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick.

Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you avoid self-judgement,

self-abuse and regret.

Don’t believe yourself or anybody else. 
Use the power of doubt to question everything you hear: Is it really the truth? 
Listen to the intent behind the words, and you will understand the real message.

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz. 

and I would like to add, personally:



"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." and 

".....the way of truth and love has always won ....." ..... Mahatma Gandhi.

"It's not what you do, it's how much love you put into the doing" ... Mother Theresa


George Bernard Shaw once said: "There are some who see the world as it is, and ask Why?, 

and there are those who see the world as it could be, and ask why not?


"Learning to love ourselves unconditionally is perhaps one of the biggest lessons we are learning. Acceptance of ourselves the way we are, gives us a feeling of immense relaxation, freedom and well-being. No one can live our life for us..... If we can accept that others too are on planet earth to learn their lesson whether we agree with it or not, it is their lesson.

'Live and let live' can be our motto. Having that will also give us the inner relaxation we all long for. Remember it is all there, we only need to tap into it - sounds simple! Yes, it is, if we are willing to keep things simple, and not get caught into any negative thought patterns.

We were meant as a soul to fulfil our destiny, so whatever comes our way is part of that destiny"

... page 94, 'Angels are real' by Michael F. Bray.

* * * * * * * *

"If you don't celebrate getting older," I said, "what do you celebrate?"

"Getting better," was the reply. "We celebrate if we are a better, wiser person this year than last. Only you would know, so it is you who tells the others when it is time to have the party." Now that, I thought, is something I must remember! .... page 78, 'Mutant Message Down Under' by Marlo Morgan

* * * * * * * *

Nothing is ever what it seems to be because it's a subset of something greater in any number of realm's. Trust.  .... Chris Neill, NSW

* * * * * * * *

When you drop the ego, you drop a whole world that you have created around it. For the first time you are able to see things as they are - not as you would like them to be.

Drop the ego; Drop the conflict.  .... 'Creativity' by Osho

* * * * * * * *

There is only one purpose in life - to love

There is only one reason for living - learning to love

There is one reason for relationships - to share love

There is one reason for being in a croud - to observe love

There is one reason for being alone - to understand your symbol of love

There is one reason for disagreement - to find out where you are no loving

There is one reason for crisis - to uncover your inability to love

There is one reason for meeting people - to extend your love

There is one reason for change - to find new ways to increase your love

There is one reason for a 'Soul Mate' - to extend your love beyond its present limit, and to keep expanding it until all limits disappear.


The sun helps you strengthen your love

The rain helps you synthesize it

The wind aids you in spreading it to four corners of the earth

You exist only through your love

You are felt only through the consistency of your love

You are remembered only by the manifestation of your love

Your consciousness and peace of mind come only from the depth of your love

- Amahl (just describing)


"The way to success, to prosperity, and to happiness is to give happiness unto others.

The simplicities of the Master's way have been made plain in the midst of a complex civilization.

The pathway of the Spirit that is so childlike and sweet is in any age wondrous to live when verified by the Spirit of truth within oneself.

Cultivate, then, the Spirit of truth. Invite an honest analysis of situations."

..... 'The Sacred Adventure' El Morya - recorded by Mark L. Prophet. Summit University Press, Los Angeles, USA. permission applied for 27-10-11.

In any situation:

What would Love do now?

Remember that you are the creator of your reality by your thoughts, words & deeds. 

Choosing to change negative or self-defeating thoughts, words and actions and replacing them with the positive, 

supportive language of love will release you from limitation and change your life experience.



When you have FAITH, all things are possible.


BOOKS: 6 Angel books by Michael F Bray now available - click here for info - opens in a new window

Here are favorite quotes from Tom Shadyac. His movie / DVD "I Am" is highly recommended. www.iamthedoc.com


“It is one light which beams out of a thousand stars. It is one soul which animates all men.” (American Scholar)

“Let us unlearn our wisdom of the world…and learn that truth alone makes rich and great.”

“Nothing will bring you peace but yourself. Nothing will bring you peace but the triumph of principles.” (Self-Reliance)

“Trust thyself. Every heart vibrates to that iron string.” (Self-Reliance)

“Men…seek money or power…for they aspire to the highest, and this, in their sleepwalking, they dream is the highest. Wake them, and they shall quit the false good and leap to the true.” (Self-Reliance)

“While he sits on the cushion of advantage he falls asleep.” (Compensation)

“Great souls are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.”

“Colleges…can only highly serve us, when they aim not to drill, but to create, when they…set the heart of their youth aflame.” (American Scholar)

“All of life instructs.”

“Those who shut the door to heaven on others don’t realize they are shutting the door to heaven on themselves.”

“Hardly the bravest amongst them have the manliness to resist it successfully.” (Emerson on Wealth)

“What we do not call education is more precious than that which we call so.” (Spiritual Laws)

“When the act of reflection takes place in the mind…we discover that our life is embosomed in beauty. Behind us, as we go, all things assume pleasing forms…even the tragic and terrible, are comely, as they take their place in the pictures of memory… The soul will not know deformity or pain. If, in the hours of clear reason, we should speak of the severest truth, we should say, that we had never made a sacrifice… No man ever stated his griefs as lightly as he might… For it is only the finite that has wrought and suffered; the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.” (Spiritual Laws)

“There is less intention in history than we ascribe to it… Men of extraordinary success, in their honest moments, have always sung, ‘Not unto us, not unto us.” (Spiritual Laws)

“When we have broken our god of tradition, and ceased from our god of rhetoric, then may God fire the heart with his presence.” (Over-soul)

“God will not make himself manifest to cowards.” (Over-soul)

“A little consideration of what takes place around us everyday would show us that a higher law than that of our will regulates events; that our painful labors are unnecessary and fruitless; that only in our easy, simple and spontaneous actions are we strong, and by contenting ourselves with obedience we become divine…” (Spiritual Laws)

“It is the vice of our public speaking that it has not abandonment.” (Spiritual Laws)

“The man may teach by doing, and not otherwise. If he can communicate himself, he can teach, but not by words.” (Spiritual Laws)

“The object of the man…is to make daylight shine thought him, to suffer the law to traverse his whole being without obstruction, so that, on what point ‘soerver of his doing your eye falls, it shall report truly of his character, whether it be his diet, his house, his religious forms, his society, his vote, his opposition…” (Spiritual Laws)

“…Our life might be much easier and simpler than we make it…Why need you choose so painfully your place, and occupation…? Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which animates all whom it floats, and you are without effort impelled to truth, to right and a perfect contentment.”

“Look in thy heart, and write.’ He that writes to himself writes to an eternal public.” (Spiritual Laws)

“Let the great soul incarnated in some woman’s form, poor and sad and single, in some Dolly or Joan, go out to service, and sweep chambers and scour floors, and its effulgent daybeams cannot be muffled or hid, but to sweep and scour will instantly appears supreme and beautiful actions, the top and radiance of human life, and all people well get mops and brooms..!” (Spiritual Laws)


“When all your desires are distilled

You will cast just two votes

To love more

And be happy”


“I wish I could show you,

When you are lonely or in darkness,

The Astonishing Light

Of your own Being.”


“Why go to sleep each night,

Exhausted from the folly of ignorance.”





So much from God

That I can no longer



A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim,

a Buddhist, a Jew.”



great religions are the


poets the Life


Every sane person I know has jumped



“Every child has known God,

Not the God of names,

Not the God of don’ts…

But the God who only knows four words…

“Come dance with me.”


“Even after all this time

The Sun has never told the Earth

“You owe me,”

look what happens

with a love like that,

it lights the whole sky.”


“Die before you die,

Then do whatever you want.

It’s all good.”


“Nothing has ever been said about God that hasn’t already been said better by the wind in the pine trees.”

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul. For just as the wind carries thousands of winged seeds so each moment brings with it germs of spiritual vitality that come to rest imperceptibly in the minds and wills of men. Most of these unnumbered seeds perish and are lost, because men are not prepared to receive them: for such seeds as these cannot spring up anywhere except in the good soil of freedom, spontaneity, and love.”

“To hope is to risk frustration. Therefore, make up your mind to risk frustration.”

“Do not be one of those who, rather than risk failure, never attempts anything.”

“As if the sorrows and stupidities of the world could overwhelm me now that I realize what we all are. I wish everyone could realize this. But there is no way of telling people they are all walking around shining like the sun.”

“What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves?”

“The humble man receives praise the way a clean window takes the light of the sun. The truer and more intense the light is, the less you see of the glass, and the more you see of the sun.”

“What is serious to men, is often very trivial in the eyes of God. What in God might appear to us as play, is perhaps what He Himself takes most seriously.”

“The more we persist in misunderstanding the phenomena of life, the more we analyze them out into strange finalities and complex purposes of our own, the more we involve ourselves in sadness, absurdity and despair. But it does not matter much, because no despair of ours can alter the reality of things, or stain the joy of the cosmic dance, which is always there. Indeed, we are in the midst of it, and it is in the midst of us, for it beats in our very blood whether we want it to or not…And the fact remains, we are invited to forget ourselves on purpose, cast our awful solemnity to the wind, and join in the general dance.”

“Finally, I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is to be what I already am…”

“Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy…this love itself will render both ourselves and our neighbors worthy.”


“We do one thing or another, we stay the same or we change. Congratulations if you’ve changed.”

“We all have much more listening to do.”


“What keeps us from joining the dance

The dust particles do?…”


“We should split the sack

Of this culture

And stick our heads out.”


“I have lived on the lip

of insanity, wanting to know reasons,

knocking on a door. It opens.

I’ve been knocking from the inside!”


“Because of this love for you

My bowl has fallen from the roof.

Put down a ladder and collect the pieces, please.”


“Hear what Sanai said:

Lose your life, if you seek eternity.”


“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”

“Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

“If you’ve opened to…love, you’re helping people you don’t know and have never seen.”


“When I hear the stock market has fallen, I say, Long live gravity!”

“Intellectual property names the deed by which the mind is bought and sold and the world enslaved.”

“Nor do I believe artistic genius is the possession of any artist.”

“Ceaseless preparation for war is not peace.”


“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.”

“We make ourselves sick, that we may lay up something against a sick day.”

“What old people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can…”

“What everybody echoes as true today… may turn out to be falsehood tomorrow.”

“Age is no better qualified for an instructor than youth… for it has not profited so much as it has lost.”

“I am always regretting the fact that I am not as wise as the day I was born.”


“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

“My life is my message.”

“Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.”

“An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.”

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

“Live simply so that others may simply live.”


“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.” (1945)

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

“Try not to let school get in the way of your education.”


“It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.”

“Preach the gospel wherever you can and when all else fails, use words.”


“Whoever walks a furlong without sympathy walks to his own funeral.”

“I hear and behold God in every object, yet understand God no the least…”

“Love the earth and sun and animals,

Despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks,

Stand up for the stupid and crazy,

Devote your income and labor to others…

Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book;

Dismiss whatever insults your own soul;

And your very flesh shall be a great poem.”


“Swiftly arose around me the peace and knowledge

that pass all the argument of the earth;

And I know that the hand of God is the elderhand of my own,

And I know that the spirit of God is the eldest brother of my own,

And that all men and women ever born are also my brothers…”


“The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis…it is the lack of love and charity; the terrible indifference towards one’s neighbor.”

“It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into what we do.”

“Intense love does not measure; it just gives.”

“I do not agree with the big way of doing things, to us what matters is the individuals, if we wait till we get the number then we will be lost in the numbers.”


“We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.”

“Doubt is too lonely a pain to know that faith is his twin brother.”


“Before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve moved toward that dream. That’s the point at which most people give up. It’s the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one ‘dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon.’”

“Every search begins with beginners luck. And every search ends with the victor’s being severely tested.”

“His heart whispered: ‘Be aware of the place where you are brought to tears. That is where I am, and that is where your treasure is.’”

“Thy lot or proportion in life is seeking after thee, therefore be at rest from seeking after it.” (The Alchemist, The Kalif Ali)


“When you know that you are eternal you can play your true role in time. When you know you are divine you can become completely human. When you know you are one with God you are free to become absolutely yourself …”

“One common mistake is to think that one reality is THE reality. You must always be prepared to leave one reality for a greater one.”

“In silence one can receive more because all one’s activities become concentrated at one point. There is only one real rhythm; in silence you hear it. When you live to the rhythm of this silence, you become it, slowly; everything you do, you do to it.”


“I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend.”

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.”


“For Occupation – This – the spreading wide my narrow Hands to gather Paradise.”


“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve… You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”


“If you want to know the past, look at your present life. If you want to know the future, look at your present.”


“When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


“When we live our life contrary to the inner guidance of our Soul, our actions often have a disharmonious effect upon ourselves, others and the Earth. This is why the evolution of individual human consciousness is intimately linked with the future of this planet. In light of this, the crisis of all physical illness, emotional imbalance and planetary upheaval has but one ultimate purpose: to provide an opportunity that will motivate us to realign our body, mind and emotions with the infinite love, wisdom and healing of our Soul. Therefore, whenever we gather the courage to do whatever it takes to end the war within, we contribute directly and immediately to our own healing and transformation as well as to the peace that our world cries out for.”


“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others”


“The words ‘I am…’ are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you’re claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you.”


“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”


“The Sun, with all the planets revolving around it, and depending on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as though it had nothing else in the Universe to do.”


“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”


“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”


“When we have seen Reality, there is not a grain of dust which has not a sublime meaning.”


“Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you have chosen the wrong road – turn around!”


“Study to overcome that in yourself which disturbs you most in others.”


“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

“Do not store up treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal, but store up treasure in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul.”

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“The kingdom of God cometh not with observation; nor will they say unto you, ‘Lo here, or lo there!’ For the kingdom of heaven is within you.”

“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

“Consider the birds of the air, they do not sew or reap or gather into barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them. Look at the lilies of the field; surely Solomon in all of his splendor was not arrayed like one of these… So if God so clothes the grass of the field… how much more will he care for you…? Therefore, do not choose to be anxious, saying: ‘What shall we eat, and what shall we drink, and what shall we wear?’ Your Heavenly Father knows that you need these things. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you. Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow; for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.”

“Unless you become like these little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“Do not judge, that you may not be judged.”

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who endure persecution for the sake of justice, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“If you bring forth that which is within you, that which within you will save you. If you do not bring forth that which is within you, that which is within you will destroy you.” (Gospel of Thomas)

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me…Truly, I say to you, that which you did for the least of my brothers, you did unto me.”

“Whoever would be great amongst you must be your servant, and whoever would be first amongst you, must be last.”

“Whoever will save his life will lose it, and whoever will lose his life…will save it.”

“Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own?”

“You can not serve two masters, for either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You can not serve God and money.”


“Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself founded empires; but what foundation did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded an empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for Him.” 


“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.”

“Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.”

“A laugh, to be joyous, must flow from a joyous heart, for with out kindness, there can be no true joy.”

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You are a being of light, who has chosen to be here in 2015 and beyond for a very special reason. 

It is usually so you can learn, grow and remember you are a Master and a magnificent being on Earth and in this universe and beyond.

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  • Fearing abundance - 55 mins.
  • Judgements about abundance - 42 mins.
  • What is abundance? - 33 mins.
  • Random Inner-dialog: the principal block to Mastery - help clear your head, 34 mins.
  • Enhancing your innate gifts - 33 mins.
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Life Maintenance, a suggestion from SVH

BOOKS: 6 Angel and Life books by Michael F Bray now available - click here for info - opens in a new window

SVH ~ (Serenity Vibration Healing®) ~ Suggested life maintenance & Self-help,

for clients to experience the principles of neutrality & to uplift & honor your amazing life.

This exercise is a suggestion for you to do for a full seventeen (17) days. 

Now it is your choice how long you do this for - however 17 days is highly recommended.

You may like to do it beyond that timing, so you give yourself a really good workout and you will start to see / feel great benefits in your life and in the lives of people around you.

For the next 17 days from: ______________________To:_____________________

1) Say no-thing negative. No one word - and if you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say or think the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought. Triggers work like the delete button on your computer. To activate this spiritual ‘software’, listen to ‘About’ which will be calibrated to your situation when you hear it and follow the instructions. It is an 8 minute MP3, based on 100% love from the Creator.

2) Do no allow any negative thing or thought from the past to be bought into present or positive conversation. If you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought. Only talk or think about what is current and what is going on in ‘now time’.

3) Do no put any past failure or limitation on anything that has been created or is being created now. If you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say or think the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought.

For example: You are creating a cake - do you put old stale ingredients or rotten eggs into your wonderful cake? No! So what recipe are you using to create today or tomorrow: do you put old ideas, beliefs or negatives words or thoughts into your new recipe; or do you add positive words, ideas, thoughts and possibly body language.

These positive actions, thoughts and words will encourage you to focus on the positive in your life, your work, your relationships and your goals or dreams. These are your keys to monitor yourself, the keys to your life. Enjoy. A suggestion: use only Love & Thanks / Gratitude in life.

** To activate these ‘Trigger’ words - listen to the MP3 file titled ‘Freedom Train’ - click here - opens in new window

OR go to: http://www.serenityministry.com/lectures.html  and scroll down

Here are some SVH Trigger words to help you in your life: Say these with intention to change or heal  . . . . .

* ALL CLEAR: activates ALL trigger words, over 120 of them.

* Angels Angels Everywhere: get instant help for you, your family, friends, pets or another person or situation.

* Auric Radiance: emanates the Creator's harmony & hues through your aura for 11 minutes: goes out 8m or 25' in all directions *

* Bless: for food and drink. Blesses the source of the food or the animal and heals any pain associated with death of the animal.

* Butterfly: for clearing Random Inner Dialogue (R.I.D) or mind chatter & ego.

* Cancel: cancels anything you thought or said, so no one wears it.

* Describe / just describing: removes/releases anything you or others have said or described.

* Funk Buffer: clears less-dimensional energy, adds buffer and support. 11 minutes ( * if you want this 24/7 ask your God-Self to repeat it.)

* God Help Me: Instant help and massive clearing or 'stuff'. Clears your limits, blocks & RID (Random Inner Dialogue)

* Grounding: stay attached to earth in 'now time', deliberately present.

* Harmony Home: 11 minutes of 6-7 D love infusions & sacred harmony for home, any building or vehicle you are in. *

* I Love Me: for self-love, mutes any limits & doubts. Honour all of your self.

* Judgement: remove / release anything anchoring or supporting judgement, prejudice, favouritism, separation and blocks to seeing a reflection of the Creator in all that is.

* No Offence: for forgiveness & letting go. Restores Love, peace & acceptance for self and others.

* Pain release: clears pain & re-scripts any & all seeds, foundations & formatting adds infusions from Gods Pharmacy (GP) & supports your harmonious, balanced host body.

* Prosperity: covers many aspects of life: reformats all blocks to prosperity.

* Road Bliss: calms enraged people near your property, clears influences & R.I.D.

* Safe: Angelic help with anything that attracts physical harm or imbalance. ArchAngel Michael stands beside you for protection.

* Serenity: relax & create a quiet space - release and rescript R.I.D. (Random Inner dialogue )

* Sweet Dreams: with AA Michael on all levels of consciousness + relax.

* You are Wonderful: because you are. Say to self or others - it is a gift & receive rays of light & harmony.

* Zen space: 11 minutes of Buddha brain wave, Radiance, inner expansion & peace *

* If you want any trigger that is for 11 minutes to last longer, like for 24/7 - just ask your God-Self to repeat that. *

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