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Holistic (Healing) Care Centre...an idea that will happen...

PLEASE NOTE: The W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) says that people entering a 'Nursing home' have a right to be given a choice: either they want a Holistic diet &/or Energy Healing to continue & sustain their life, their way OR medication to assist them to continue their life. When I entered a 'nursing home' I was NOT given a choice, I was there for 5 months & I WOKE UP! & I AM MUCH BETTER: My body HEALS ITSELF, with positive ideas/feelings & Loving thoughts from me. 


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A Rainbow of Light in a medicated world.   Your health ~ your choices. Your body heals itself

I was living in France for 4 years, writing & visiting Europe when I experienced a stroke. I spent a month in a French hospital in Pau, then I flew myself to Brisbane & stayed in Ipswich Hospital (for another month) - they taught me how to walk, then I was in a Nursing home for 5 months & later independent living for 6 months.

The Nursing home was interesting, because I rang a wonderful ex nurse friend & I discovered she was in a home & she said: ‘they are giving me medication that is killing me - unfortunately it did, Patricia graduated some months later.

Following our chat I decided to cancel my medication, slowly & I started to take Hemp Oil & I also bought a blender & was making a ‘green plant - based’ Mix which I believe really helped me. I thought all this was for a reason ~

I asked A.ANGEL Michael why Im here ( 2018, as I returned from France in May 2018) - OMGoodness- I’m here (In Australia) to create a Holistic {Healing} {Spiritual} Care Centre - somehow, somewhere, With healing and health foods - but it will work - The 'how' and 'where' is open to the Universe.

I trust, with the right people- Amazing - I have firmly believed ‘The body heals Itself’. THE SEEDS ARE PLANTED.

I asked A.ANGEL Michael why Im here ( 2018, as I returned) - OMGoodness- I’m here (In Australia) to create a Holistic Healing {Spiritual} Care Centre - somehow, somewhere, With healing and health foods - but it will work - The 'how' and 'where' is open to the Universe. I trust, with the right people- Amazing - THE SEEDS ARE PLANTED:

LAND USE & FOOD: organic for: Herbs and medicinal plants ~ possibly at Fairy Hill, or Stratheden in the Richmond Valley Council area, half way between Casino and Kyogle NSW.

(see modularfarms.com.au - pop-up garden in a container)

Light & Green-plant based plant produce for cancers. Promoting Organic Hemp Oil, or if required Medicinal Hemp products

Nutritionalists to help people in the home & for outside people, vegetarian restaurant, possibly open to the public + a health Food shop.

Vegetarian /Vegan foods - raw and/or never over- cooked. Whole, LIGHT Green, Food will be served. Plant-based Foods for specific healing.

GREY water to be recycled to grow green veggies (pond close to Greenhouse)/garden

GREENHOUSE - CLOSE TO KITCHEN-Plants/leaves/vegies are washed prior to entering kitchen

Powered by solar and wind.

Traditional Aboriginal Healing :  The wisdom of Aboriginal spirituality and healing and the connection to this ancient land. Possibly a personal journey to offering Aboriginal healing spa care.


12 Units in a pod, set out in the 4 directions : one pod for each direction: N, S, E, & W. (JD) - each pod named after a flower.

Possible dome shape containing 2 or 4 rooms, or rectangular/circular shape/yurt, in a natural area w/trees, plants, flowers & nearby river.


Using HEMP where possible (www.hemphomesaustralia.net.au )- Gary Rogers -0409-576 458 ~ using non-toxic building materials


Not - for -profit: Volunteers to help with Trained Carers. We will feature a Gender- neutral staff policy with equal pay


We may use an existing ‘operator’ and enhance the Care Centre Partnerships


looking for sponsors - Any help or assistance is appreciated, no matter how small, very Grateful, Michael

An idea by Michael Bray: I'm LIVING this idea, that's why I want to share it with others, as at 2-6-2018 / Updated:  11-1-2022

mobile: +61 -(0)490-237-487   |    email: holisticcare33@gmail.com

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