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   Rainbow Light - Angel Healing - gentle healing with a profound outcome for all people, animals & All Earth

       Below \/ is the following info: * SVH Healing Updates: IMPHARA, and FREEDOM TRAIN - an 8 minute MP3  (new window)

Angels & Light have always been associated with energy healing on earth - for people, animals and the planet.

SVH is a gentle healing with a profound outcome for the rest of your life.

Rainbow Light & Angels Healing uses Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment (SVH) your Practitioner works with your Angels, Guides and your God-Self, a combination of you as a Soul and your Higher Self. This is the part of you that recognises a viewpoint from beyond everything, which knows your plan for all lifetimes and beyond. This allows healing of all your aspects in all parallel lifetimes, in unity.

SVH was founded by Jill Marie who acknowledges and thanks the Creator for all the healing tools and inspiration. Serenity respects all belief systems, religions, practices and modalities. The healing then comes from the Creator, or whoever you believe it to be. SVH is the premiere enlightenment tool of this century.

The foundation for this modality is Quantum Level Reprogramming, which is a reformatting tool that empowers the Creator to energetically release barriers and blocks that have seeded or built upon limiting beliefs and perceptions that are anchored in your experiences in this lifetime. These tools will also reformat genetic predisposition's that have been activated into your reality and will release limiting alliances that have been anchored into your life through karma, curses, wedges and other suppression profiles.

Quantum Level Reprogramming is a tool that can and will silence random inner-dialogue, freeing the quieted mind to form it's creations in a focused clarity that will support rapid and even instant manifestation.

“This modality is about sovereignty, autonomy and the freedom to elevate your vibration and light quotient, free of the attraction of limiting experiences that have the potential to block your smooth, graceful, expedient evolution to higher consciousness.” ... from Jill Marie, founder of SVH

It is recommended you experience these clearing healings, releases and shields in the first healing session: about 1/2 hour or 1 hour, whatever you choose:

We look at areas that no longer support your evolution to higher consciousness: Blocks, karma, energy cords, curses, contracts, covenants, vows, toxic emotions, different or multiple personalities, trauma, violation, harm, wedges, hostility, and all forms of brokenness affecting you this lifetime, and possibly from parallel lifetimes, that you choose to experience in present time.

Shielding regains sovereignty over your body and spaces and helps you in harmful situations, plus EMF, parasites, organisms, seeds, harm, ritual's, thought, vehicle and much more.

Experience Clearing, healing and physical support, shielding and release for your emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your life, for this lifetime and past lifetimes.

* Receive a complimentary "tool kit" to manage your life. You may also experience Angelic Rebirthing or a Sacred Radiance Healing or Healing meditation.

* It is important that you make a list of the areas you wish to heal, resolve and clear prior to your healing. Email us

* In the first session, you may also explore and heal the following additional areas:

Heal birth trauma, genetic predisposition, foreign DNA, and the following physical areas: brain, nervous system, vision, jet lag, auditory, reproduction, bladder, digestion, sleep, headache, hydration, metals, dental and auric fields. Receive Sacred Healing Radiance with A/Angels Michael and Metatron and a new process: ‘Neutral Paths’ and more (Below).

* Beyond this first session, if you choose, you can explore and heal many areas in a 1/2 or 1 hour session.

Future healing can help with Crystalline body; new chakras/aura, focus of purpose, grounding, wisdom with a higher vibration; Elixer of light; Auric field blessings and much more. Receive additional Sacred Radiance Healing and Level 3 Mastery processes and spiritual ‘Temple’ healing.

Experience lineage clearing, a beautiful way to let go and feel your own freedom, without attachment. Clear your full soul and genetic lines, plus the full soul linage of the genetic lines - from all lives and parallel lifetimes - this healing is now included in all healing for free.

Energy exchange for SVH Healing:   Au$50. for 1/2 hour or Au$90. for 1 hour. Animal healing also available for Au$50.  ~

For Healing, & CD’s ~ Please contact Michael by email: HERE .

If you need HELP in life - we have Free Help 

NEW: Read about the Crystal energy on this site. Enjoy & share Love

Angels have always been associated with energy healing on earth - for people, animals and the whole planet.

Rainbow Light & Angels Healing uses SVH ~ a gentle healing with a profound outcome for the rest of your life.

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NEW Update is called “Neutral Paths” - released 11-11-15 ~ try it (BELOW \/ )

“Neutral Paths”

A New Transformational Serenity Process: Neutral Paths ~

a very powerful healing

11-11 Neutral Paths Leading to your Ascension Gateway.

Elevating the vibrational quotient of the genome to support Divine Neutrality.

This process is a glorious gift to your personal evolution and supports the 11-11 neutrality immersion.

A New Process to Alleviate Ascension Symptoms

Unveiling this process today is a World Team Mission that supports world peace and personal elevation.

The last six months have been interesting to say the least (jd). I would imagine that a lot of us have been feeling the ascension symptoms that are so well known to awakened folk that are embracing the new thought fellowship movement. If the ascension symptom idea is new to you, perhaps this small list of symptoms will help you understand what many individuals throughout the world are experiencing.

•Bursts of energy running through the physical and energy body

•Headaches and discomfort; aches and pains in the body

•Heightened sensitivity to sounds, energy, smells, etc.

•Changes in relationship dynamics

•Intense dreams and unusual sleep patterns

•Amplified emotional sensitivity as well as higher emotional neutrality

•A strong yearning to ‘go home’ or sensing everything you came to do is complete 

•A roller coaster of emotions, shifting from joy and love to flat or depression and despair

If you have been feeling some of these elevation indicators, please know that you are not alone in this journey. It is my hope that the new process will offer a helping hand and perhaps even be the antidote to ascension symptoms.

Your path is important and discomfort can be a distraction from purpose.

So let’s fix it!

The world is evolving and so are you. You are on a journey that is leading you to a destination of heightened states of conscious awareness. Your path is important and discomfort can be a distraction from your purpose, so your best defense in relieving the symptoms of our world’s collective elevation is to speed ahead. You would sprint to higher ground to escape being caught in flood waters, wouldn’t you?

As the many people of our world find their balance in the new energies, you might get caught in a few of the dramas and turmoil from time to time; like getting caught in a rain storm. Yes, you might get wet, but you have the wisdom to get out of the rain and to dry off. In fact, when you maintain a conscious focus that holds you to the higher ground you are choosing, the dramas of others easily fall to the wayside, especially when you are choosing neutral paths.

Please review the following process: SVH Level 3 Master Practitioner Process: Neutral Paths. It is the compilation of two processes I have been working on for several weeks. Today I came to the realization that these two processes belong together, so this afternoon the Creator helped me to married them in to one. I believe Neutral Paths is exactly what you have been praying for.

Process Information

Each of us is comprised of dual and non-dual genetics that make up the whole vessel of us and each element of our self engages and supports the energy field that our physical presence is encased within.

Our auric field is very much like the outside of an automobile that keeps us dry when it rains, but wind can shake and misdirect the vehicle, pushing it out of the focus of our intended direction. As the driver of our vessel, we have awakened to a path that is guiding us to a higher focus and purpose and we are choosing that the journey of our life be traveled in a state of grace. With that said, the vehicle might have some issues.

Imagine riding in a smooth running automobile with an engine that purrs as you navigate the glorious roads of your life in comfort, as soft lovely music and your elevated spirit light the way. Sounds great right?

Now imagine the same automobile navigating twisting winding roads where there is a steep drop with no guard rail on the side you are driving. Most of the time you feel clear and focused and safe and sure, but other times the soft lovely music can barely be heard over the arguing going on in the back seat. That arguing comes from what we term in SVH, the ego program; the ego program is like a computer program that intermittently clicks on, like a radio channel spewing negative rhetoric that if given attention can cloud issues and misdirect your focus. 

The ego program is never constructive and in fact has a diabolical agenda to subvert and distract you from clarity and lead you to distrust your self and your inner guidance. Ego program is that voice you hear or imagine…that says you aren’t good enough, are a victim and are at the mercy of events and experiences. Ego program is the heartbeat of duality, keeping alive the fears and beliefs you developed in this life and those stimulated through genetic imprints handed to you from your ancestors.

Transforming all dual plane genetics that are humanly possible to resonate non-dual genes is something only the Creator can do, but since I believe that the Creator can do anything…I push on.

The second process I have been working on deals with unweaving threads of energy consciousness that are linked to individual and collective consciousness interface hook-ups that somehow sucked in to our gene pool through passive and trauma-based connections. Some of these threads are many thousands of years old.

Both of these processes focus on ancestral energies playing parallel rolls that stimulate ascension symptoms and when joined, enhance the overall directive we crave. We choose to be love and to live purposefully and evolve, free of ancient imprinting that draws us from our clarity.


You and I and others of our focus are choosing neutrality, harmony, peace, vitality and prosperity. I also know that ascension symptoms only occur because there are unresolved issues to be addressed. Rising above issues like these is part of our mastery path, but what if there was a way to lessen the burden by putting our genetic patterning in to the hands of the Creator, to be transformed at the ovum stage…to begin melting away the shell of dual plane parameters on the auspicious date of Jan 10, 2009.

The dual plane genetics will, as we raise our vibration, be overlain with encodements of non-duality to support our evolution to higher states of conscious awareness and over time transform the dual plane genes to non-dual. The Creator can do anything.

There are thousands of steps and stages in this process, to support your development and attraction of non-dual paths that enhance your ability to identify and release the energy of old stories you learned and formed in to your reality. This process stimulates release by assisting you to approach adversity with a more neutral energy that allows your streams of consciousness to elevate to embrace a higher value.

Neutral Paths is a gift to each of us in these transformational times and once activated continues to support our personal evolution as each new day offers higher resonance paths that we are attracted to embrace.

On this day of 11-11, a day when balanced masculine and feminine energies are amplified on this world, the flavours of non-duality are ready to be claimed and celebrated.

We are ready for the lives we are destined to create and are choosing that the neutral paths leading to this graceful reality be fuelled from our conscious choices and desires, rather than through harsh discoveries and the paths of drama and trauma and the discomfiture of the above mentioned ascension elevation symptoms.

This process is a gift to each of us from the masters that supported its development over the last weeks, so please send a resounding thank you to Sananda, Metatron, Michael, Thoth, Jesus, Buddha, Mary, Magdalene and Quan Yin, my master team that never falters in guiding and inspiring me in this work.

May we also offer gratitude to the Creator for activating this process and calibrating the intricate steps for each and every one of us? I thank Creator for the gift of this life and the opportunity for us to receive this loophole that is destined to gracefully guide us on to neutral paths and assist us to elevate gracefully to achieve each and every goal we set for this life.

If you are interested in receiving this new process,

simply close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen is the new SVH Level 3 Master Practitioner Process: Neutral Paths. Silently ask the Creator if it is in the highest alignment for the Creator to activate this process for you.

Relax and listen, sense, feel and know the affirmative answer from Creator (everyone gets it) and when you are ready for the leap, think the world YES and ride the wave. It is done.

Many seeds of past adversity and drama and blocks to grace will begin to evaporate from your energy stream. Feel the new 11-11 neutrality energies flooding on to the planet and claim your paths to be neutral and graceful and filled with passion and joy and vitality and prosperity and love.

Hold the vision of balance for our world and feel that balance find its way in to every corner of your life, as Creator melts away the dual-plane encodements and replaces them with non-duel values that resonate with the truth of your divine nature.

This is your time to shine. Embrace your destiny and live each moment fully invested in truth. Fill your tool box with tools and use them to liberate all that your heightened awareness identifies as ready to release. As you do, watch your self evolve to claim the grace of a non-dual life experience.  

May neutrality reign supreme on our world to spark global remembering of the truth of our Divine Spirit and light the way for peace.

Please pass this e-mail along to everyone of like-mind. Together we are a force of light.

Namaste, Jill Marie

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

A self-healing process from SVH:  ‘IMPHARA‘

Only a fragment of your ethereal body is used in this healing procedure, but it is enough to fuel miracles.

If you need HELP in life - we have Free Help  /   email

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.

THRIVE - a great movement for awake people

Disclaimer: Some things on this site are an expression of someone's ideas or beliefs. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please disregard the idea and decide what you want or choose to believe.

© 2017, 2018, 2021 ~ M. F. Bray.

Email / Freedom Train -BELOW \/ / Colour Your Universe © M. Bray 24 -1-11.

NOTE: Rev. Michael Bray, born in Australia is not associated in any way whatsoever with another Rev. Michael Bray in the USA - this is a very different person with very different beliefs and ideas. The similarity is in name only.

Anything that interfaces with the ethereal body directly affects the physical body immediately and continues to influence the systems for up to three days. This eleven hour healing chamber session continues to immerse your physical body with healing energies for three days, so relax and enjoy the angel’s miracle healing energies.

Many blessings of light,

Jill Marie


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Gabriel’s Horn (Trumpet) ~ A new SVH Trigger Process

from Archangel Gabriel

This interactive SVH Trigger Process is so easy to use. After activating the process, you simply think the words Gabriel’s Horn and the angels and Our Blessed Creator do the rest.

In a recent Channel the Masters seminar, Archangel Gabriel offered an amazing insight. He shared with us that any time an archangel enters your auric field, their energy automatically elevates your vibration and light quotient. (It gets even better) He then said that when there are multiple archangels standing around you, it creates some kind of polarization field that repels lesser energies. This is phenomenal!

After hearing this information, the first place my mind went to was the idea of creating an SVH trigger process that happily summons (using a horn or trumpet) a multitude of archangels in to the space of our auric field. Then…of course, the process enlists the archangels to raise us up to support the harmonization of energies associated with any issues going on right then that would benefit from elevating. I added a clearing feature that initiates a data search to identify the seeds and foundations of any issues limiting you from shifting in to harmony.  Another fabulous element of this process is that as our vibration and light quotient elevates exponentially it expands the field of the angel’s resonance outward to encompass the area of our physical and energy presence and from there it leaks in to the streams of the people, places and things we are interfacing.

Gabriel’s Horn is an SVH L1M Trigger Process that you can call upon in troubled times and any time you feel a little down or would just like to raise your vibration and light quotient.

Each time you think the trigger words Gabriel’s Horn, Archangel Gabriel and a legion of archangels move into action to support a swift elevation of any circumstances. They stand right next to you, elevating and supporting you for eleven minutes.  You are going to love this new process.

It is so Easy to Activate Gabriel’s Horn:

To activate this process, close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen is the new SVH Trigger Process: Gabriel’s Horn.

Silently ask the Creator if it is in Divine Alignment for the Creator to activate this trigger for your use. Now tune in for the answer. When you hear, sense or perceive an affirmative response from the Creator, zing out your authorization with a resounding ‘YES’. Your trigger is then activated for your personal use.

How do I use this trigger to activate angelic support?

Here are some easy guidelines you can follow when using your new SVH Trigger Process.

◦Think the trigger word: Gabriel’s Horn and tune in to the immediate presence of the archangels.

◦Bask in the energy of the archangels.◦If you have a specific issue to address, mentally define the extra help you are requesting and the archangels will take it from there.


Examples of Trigger Use: Think the trigger word Gabriel’s Horn, followed by your directives.

  1. ◦“Gabriel’s Horn…please help me to defuse this situation.”

  2. ◦“Gabriel’s Horn …please light me up.”

  3. ◦“Gabriel’s Horn …please help me to remain clear and focused.”

  4. ◦“Gabriel’s Horn …please help to balance and harmonize my body.”

FYI: Angelic support and interventions are not a new concept; angels are always watching over us ………..and always lighting up pathways to help us create a more harmonious life. We have several SVH Trigger Processes that call on angels, like Angelic Healing Chamber and Angels, Angels Everywhere and actually L1M Sacred Healing Radiance is managed by Archangels Michael and Metatron. This new SVH Trigger Process: Gabriel’s Horn is another reminder to all of us that angels are with us always and that calling on them for assistance gives them permission to intervene and support us above and beyond what they are able to do without our permission.

Calling a legion of Archangel’s in to your auric field to light the way for elevated clarity or to help resolve issues and implement healing is a priceless gift. The clearing parameters of the clearing Creator applies releases the seeds and foundations of issues limiting you and your circumstances from elevating to the new heights your angelic team are assisting you to reach through their presence. 

This process is to live for.

New Waves in SVH - updated 17 May 2015

◦Crystal Healing Bed: Ethereal crystal bed with clearing parameters to support release of identified issues. (see below)

Many blessings of light, Jill Marie



Dear Friends of SVH and Angels,

Delicious Angel Healing is one of the yummiest healing processes I have ever experienced.

When you activate this SVH Trigger Process, angels fill the space of the room you are in and the walls and ceiling ethereally transform to crystal.

The angels pour unconditional love in to the space of the room and pool it above you, then drawing the love down in to your energy body through a funnel like stream that continues for eleven minutes while your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator identify areas of the body that are affected by genetic and current life experience imprints and beliefs that are fueling the physical body imbalance your angel healing addresses.

This delicious flow of unconditional love healing from the angels is like floating in the clouds for eleven minutes as an energy stream carries you up to the heavens for a celestial healing. In fact, the final step of Delicious Angel Healing is your journey with Archangel Michael as he transports you to Imphara for a nine hour rejuvenating treatment in a crystalline angel healing chamber.

This new SVH Trigger Process: Delicious Angel Healing is available for you to call upon at any time. Once activated, this trigger process initiates the healing procedure when you think the words Delicious Angel Healing with an intention to activate the angel healing procedure.

To access and activate this trigger process for your use, please listen to the recorded healing steps. Once your trigger process is activated you will be guided through a Delicious Angel Healing that floats on the healing tones of Eloiwa’s ‘Sweet Serenity’.  Enjoy.

     Duplicate Love & Light - here + scroll down.


A new SVH process to support good things coming your way.... OF COURSE!

This new SVH Trigger Process was created for the Update Your Soul Purpose Mini-clearing Seminar and it is so awesome that it must be shared.

This new process is called, Of Coursewith an exclamation point. In fact, when you think the trigger words of course, lilt your voice with expectation of the good things coming. Best of all, when you use this trigger, the SVH Tools activate to assist limiting possibilities to fade from the streams of creation energy fueling your desired outcomes.

Once activated, this process initiates a multiphasic system of steps and stages designed to support the attraction of ideal occurrences related to your current focus and desires, as well as amplify any stream of forming elements fueling ideal outcomes. When an ideal outcome is present and you activate this trigger by thinking the words "Of Course", this process amplifies creation forming elements to enhance the development of good and great potential outcomes.

SVH Level 1 Master Practitioner Trigger Process: Of Course!

  1. •The moment this process is activated for your use, it rolls back through the life to every time your great expectations were realized and to each time they were thwarted. In that sweep, each time negative or limiting thoughts, words and actions thwarted ideal outcomes, your higher consciousness and soul will activate a mega mop-up clearing to support the fueling of desired potentials.

  2. •Each time the expected ideal or miracle outcome does occur, a flourish of elevated energy and radiance highlight the outcome to raise the standard of your expectation of always creating good things in to your life.

  3. •This elevated stream of higher expectations anchors and fuels a success mindset that seats in the consciousness to support your acceptance and anticipation of a continued pattern of good things attracting to your life.

  4. •This trigger process also supports success through the fueling and forming of positive and constructive ideal outcomes when you activate it to enhance a desired outcome.

Activating this SVH Trigger Process:

Activating this trigger process implements a big mop-up in the past and helps raise the bar on what you expect.

To activate this process for your use, simply close your eyes and imagine a big viewing screen floating before you. On that screen is the SVH Level 1 Master Practitioner Trigger Process: Of Course!

Silently ask the Creator if it is in the highest alignment for the Creator to implement the trigger process for you. Pause and wait a moment, because you will receive an affirmative sense, knowing or an audible or visual confirmation. As soon as you sense it, shout out the word YES and the big mop up will occur and your trigger process is then ready for you to activate any time you have a desire to amplify the good things manifesting in your life; of course!

There may have been times in the life when you might have expected less than the ideal outcome. This process works with your higher consciousness and soul and the Creator to reformat the seeds and foundations of genetic and current life beliefs that fueled those negative and limiting perceptions. This sets a new standard for expecting good things.

Any time you are planning something or are in the midst of a project, like procuring a great parking spot, buying plane tickets, making a cake, fixing your car, hiking to the top of a hill…or any life experience that you desire to have a successful and positive outcome, consciously think of what that ideal outcome might look like and then think the trigger process: Of Course! This fuels the ideal outcome.

If you have a negative or success thwarting thought slip in, just think the trigger word Cancel and consciously ignore the lesser thought. We never want to give energy to negative potentials, so immediately think of your ideal outcome again and say or think the words Of Course

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

SVH ~ (Serenity Vibration Healing®) ~ Suggested life maintenance & Self-help,

for clients to experience the principles of neutrality & to uplift & honor your amazing life.

This exercise is a suggestion for you to do for a full seventeen (17) days. 

Now it is your choice how long you do this for - however 17 days is highly recommended.

You may like to do it beyond that timing, so you give yourself a really good workout and you will start to see / feel great benefits in your life and in the lives of people around you.

For the next 17 days from: ______________________To:_____________________

1) Say no-thing negative. No one word - and if you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say or think the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought. Triggers work like the delete button on your computer. To activate this spiritual ‘software’, listen to ‘About’ which will be calibrated to your situation when you hear it and follow the instructions. It is an 8 minute MP3, based on 100% love from the Creator.

2) Do no allow any negative thing or thought from the past to be bought into present or positive conversation. If you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought. Only talk or think about what is current and what is going on in ‘now time’.

3) Do no put any past failure or limitation on anything that has been created or is being created now. If you catch yourself saying a negative thing or thinking negative - immediately say or think the trigger word: “Cancel” with the intention to clear the word(s) or thought.

For example: You are creating a cake - do you put old stale ingredients or rotten eggs into your wonderful cake? No! So what recipe are you using to create today or tomorrow: do you put old ideas, beliefs or negatives words or thoughts into your new recipe; or do you add positive words, ideas, thoughts and possibly body language.

These positive actions, thoughts and words will encourage you to focus on the positive in your life, your work, your relationships and your goals or dreams. These are your keys to monitor yourself, the keys to your life. Enjoy. A suggestion: use only Love & Thanks / Gratitude in life.

** To activate these ‘Trigger’ words - listen to the MP3 file titled ‘Freedom Train’ **

or go to: http://www.serenityministry.com/lectures.htm and scroll down

Here are some SVH Trigger words to help you in your life: Say these with intention to change or heal  . . . . .

* ALL CLEAR: activates ALL trigger words, over 120 of them.

* Angels Angels Everywhere: get instant help for you, your family, friends, pets or another person or situation. This is non-manipulative help from Angels, Masters and Guides, directed by the Creator.

* Bless: for all foods & fluids entering your body. Great for nutrient absorption.

* Butterfly: for clearing Random Inner Dialogue (R.I.D) or mind chatter & ego.

* Cancel: cancels anything you thought or said, so no one wears it.

* Describe: removes/releases anything you or others have said or described.

* Funk Buffer: clears less-dimensional energy (like depleted energy, exhaustion, no focus, depression, agitation, achy -just describing-), adds buffer and support. 11 minutes ( * if you want this trigger 24/7 ask your God-Self to repeat it every 11 minutes.)*

* God Help Me: Instant help and massive clearing or 'stuff'. Clears your limits, blocks & RID (Random Inner Dialogue)

* Grounding: stay attached to earth in 'now time', deliberately present.

* Harmony Home: 11 minutes of 6-7 D love infusions & sacred harmony for home, any building or vehicle you are in. *

* I Love Me: for self-love, mutes any limits & doubts. Honour all of your self.

* Judgement: remove / release anything anchoring or supporting judgement, prejudice, favouritism, separation and blocks to seeing a reflection of the Creator in all that is.

* No Offence: for forgiveness & letting go. Restores Love, peace & acceptance for self and others.

* Pain release: clears pain & re-scripts any & all seeds, foundations & formatting adds infusions from Gods Pharmacy (GP) & supports your harmonious, balanced host body.

* Prosperity: covers many aspects of life: reformats all blocks to prosperity.

* Safe: Angelic help with anything that attracts physical harm or imbalance. ArchAngel Michael stands beside you for protection.

* Serenity: relax & create a quiet space - release and rescript R.I.D.

* Sweet Dreams: with AA Michael on all levels of consciousness + relax.

* You are Wonderful: because you are. Say to self or others - it is a gift & receive rays of light & harmony.

* If you want any trigger that is for 11 minutes to last longer, like for 24/7 - just ask your God-Self to repeat that. *

An idea from the Creator & Jill Marie, founder of SVH; form created by Michael Bray,

a Serenity Vibration Healing®  Master Practitioner   

Contact Michael ~ eail

or spiritlove.webs.com (for lessons from the Masters)

also visit the SVH world web site: www.serenityvibrationhealing.com ~ where you can download free ‘podcasts’ from this web site or go to: ‘New Life Seminars’ (left side of that site's page) and click on: ‘Acceptance of Self’ (# 8) mp3 file at this web site, or use any of these seminars - they are all

for FREE - there is a 1 or 3 hour MP3 or PDF you can print or download.

Enjoy exploring. For more specific and personal healing, a session with Michael ~ a SVH Master Practitioner is recommended.

If you need HELP in life - we have Free Help  /  Healing with your Angels / Email

“Love is knowing and trusting my own 100% heart-unconditional-love and appreciating all my decisions and actions and those of all people, animals and things.” ..... Michael

Disclaimer: This page may contain beliefs or ideas from myself or other people. There is no intention to indoctrinate anyone. If this happens, please 'cancel' it and decide what you want or choose to believe.   © Jill Marie and M. Bray 2012, 2013, 2016.

** To activate these ‘Trigger’ words - listen to the MP3 file titled ‘Freedom Train’ -ABOVE /\ **