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'Serenity Fellowship': a future idea

Future Fellowship @ Glen Innes NSW: 

There is a possibility of  a Fellowship happening in Glen Innes NSW

Talks are under way & you will be advised very soon

Watch this space.

Welcome to Rainbow Light Healing:

The colours of the rainbow, so stunning and vibrant, yet gently merging into thousands of shades of colour actually match the radiance, frequency and vibration of the healing energy within us all and all of nature and the earth and universes. We are all that light and healing and we are made from stardust too.

Imagine accepting and acknowledging that magnificent energy we all are and working with an aspect of you called your God-Self plus a 100% unconditional love liaison with the Creator and ArchAngels Michael and Metatron. You can work with rainbow healing energy for yourself, your family, friends, people in the community and the whole of humanity, nature, earth and beyond. Acknowledge, breathe and shine that light and healing that you are.

Michael was on a trip to Egypt in October 2013, and the Rainbow Light was ignited at the site of the Pharos - the ancient Lighthouse in Alexandria in cooperation with the Creator and A/Angel Michael. This site is still a vibrant and healing light portal that was tapped into and by using the healing energies and techniques of SVH, the light was shared via rainbow bridges of light, healing and love, to Cairo and then through all of Egypt, then through all of Gaia, on the outside and all the inside and then through the universe and the universes. It was a beautiful experience, one which I will never forget. During a recent healing, the person receiving the healing said they saw rainbows of light.

Take time, if you choose to tune into the rainbow light and love that you are, feel it, know it, trust it and sense that through breathing in, acknowledge it and then breathe it out to the All and the Everything. Amazing.

You can make it possible by experiencing Serenity Vibration Healing® or SVH. 

Check out the web site for info or arrange a healing with Michael or Email