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Transcript from Tilee, a Fairy in Southern France.

Inspired by Gaia and the Fairy ‘Tilee’ - channeled by Jill Marie and by visiting the Fairy Tilee, Pan & Green Man at the Labyrinth, Nebias, Aude, France. Gratitude to a lady, from Australia for first connecting with the Fairy at Nebias and sharing with Jill Marie and to Gaia for connecting us all via Jill Marie to the Fairy.

Its a gift or present for everyone/humanity from the Fairy Tilee in her garden at Nebias

HERE IS A TRANSCRIPT OF THE RECORDING: Parts left out or unknown are: ‘.....’

Gaia: ‘Fairies live in a graduating wave of dimensions’..... ‘They create a world of the greatest purity, which is waiting for you’..... ‘They are ageless and of great wisdom and of the purest of love and acceptance’..... Please hold the vision of this truth when you know it for yourself. Find your own truth about the Fairies, in your heart. ..... Gaia.

Tilee the Fairy:      (just describing some bits)

‘When you let go of all that is capture you, you will live forever too, it is very simple’..... ‘If you breathe light into yourself, it is easy to feel the spark of that light feeds you.’..... ‘Earth is our bigger garden’...... ‘My present today will help you to be ageless’ ..... ‘An important lesson you will love very much - If you breathe LIGHT into yourself it is easy to feel the sparkle of that light feed you - It is true we do not eat anything, we don’t have to drink waters (giggle).

On Food: You think you have made your stomach full - instead you are eating a light of it and we have the pure carrot with us and the same with animals and eggs, it is consumed as liquid - as you consume it you have an illusion - eggs; become a chicken in our realm. When the chickens and animals enter our realm they never die - it is our job to help them.

We always live in our today. Eternity is today. If you can see this in your mind, you can see forever and forever is beautiful - Its a part of you, all is a part of us and we are all from that place of beginning. Every breath you take - you breathe us. I have lungs and heart that beats very fast. I came with earth Gaia - all that ever was is still here, when you make your journey into higher dimension - I am free to see all the gardens of the earth - that is what you give to me.

If you are living in today, a part of you in your heart knows how to breathe as light. Knows every breathe and every part of you is light and you recognise it and see it, all part of us is light and all parts breathe light. Everything consumes light.

I have for each of you a present - a tiny seed of remembering, it is a story that began for all of us - the spark of light that is the beginning for everyone is a seed that exists, always - you cannot dig it out or make it go away. It is the true essence of the spark of your very being. That little seed of spark exists somewhere else - in a place where everything exists - it is always there - has always been there and the only place that is not an illusion - it is true that the illusion is quite real for me - I can feel things: joy, so much I can make everything bloom if I want - where it snows - I can do it with my joy and so you can do this too - make flowers in snow - do it with your heart. There is a beautiful heart with in all of you, mine is very tiny, yet it is as big as this whole planet - because I am filled with so much Love & thats what makes everything work - it is like a machine - the heart - it makes an incredible motion of creating - it does it with that spark - the seed.

I wish for you to find that within your very heart. Please do this:

Find this in yourself - that little seed - did you find it - Ah yes, it is the spark of you - it is Light from a match (matches can be very dangerous - they can make fires, be careful of matches and fire) - it is a tool - a match that lights a spark, like a spark within your heart consumes - it consumes the air we breathe and that makes the fire burn hotter and bigger, so it is the same with the spark, except that what is consumed can never be (giggle) it is always giving more to light that fire even more - so there is no lessening or consumption of anything - in Love it only the spark of growing Light that makes more of everything that is in Love and Light and sweetness and so now that you have found this seed - I would like you to see the centre piece of it, as if it was of flame that is alight with the most glorious spirit of your essence and begin to breathe from your heart - that very Light breathing into yourself with your lungs and with your heart a very golden sweet Light and I wish for you to feel it - moving through your veins as if your heart and your veins and where the blood goes and instead of the bloods - see it as pure golden Light - I do not have any bloods, I only have golden flowing Love Light - see your blood as flowing golden Love Light - it is very happy to feel this - are you feeling it my dear - you will.

It is the only thing that is a truth - you have all these clothes, arms, legs, hairs, eyes and all this is all Love and it is all that spark of golden Light and so you must practice feeling the Light and you must practice breathing it and seeing all that comes into your noses and your mouth are pure Light - it is of that golden Light and when you are breathing this Light I wish for you to feel - Ah - feel the parts of your body that make up everything and as you will see all of a sudden that these too are the Light and there is no oddness in fingers and there is no ageness in you. (If you were to see me - I am a young little girl) not someone as old as earth, well as old as Gaia - earth.

I came along just after Gaia and all of us - and so if you are to breathe this gold and feel it as golden in your veins & lungs and in every part of you - it will begin to feed and sustain you and it will sustain you in a way that allows all parts of your body, to come into its purest form - now.

I think if you are ugly you will always be ugly, (giggle - just kidding, describing). There is no ugly (giggle) everything is beautiful - it was very funny: she looked at me and thought I was crazy and perhaps to some, Love is crazy and to some that vision that everything is beautiful is crazy and yet I would tell you that within everything - there is beauty - because it is looked upon as the purest of Light - there is nothing that can be taken from that purest Light - that is not that same essence except for the illusion projected upon it.

And so we remove the projection of its ugliness. It is that spark - the same one in your heart. I hope that you will take my message of the golden Light brightness and let yourself have it and yet I will tell you something else - you will get it anyway (giggle) when you slip into the highest dimension of the next juncture from this blending you are in now, it will be hop, - a hop, hop and then of course you will be this Light and you will see my garden and all the gardens of this world - you will see the beauty that is a part of us that has never left and your heart will become filled with the greatest joy and of course you will be <pleasing> the golden Light and you will become ageless and the beauty within all of you will be recognised - at the deepest of levels and all that other things that are part of the illusion that you are not perfect - and that there are bad things - they will no longer be in your reality - because there is no reason for them.

Just like we took those things and there is a burning of a tree and the grasses and all the animals are damaged - we bring them into our realm, see nothing truly dies and the story of your life - that of pain and hardship which are a part of the existence outside my garden, but soon they will be living in my garden and it is your garden - for truly Earth is your garden and you are a part of it - in every way - you have always been part of this garden because today, right now is the only day since yesterday.

It is all in one day. Everything is in one day. That is why it is important to be living in the moment. Living in the moment - because it is silly to live in yesterday. Because yesterday doesn’t exist - except of course if you want it to - in memories of things that keep us holding hope for the day when those things will be no more. There are mean people out there, but they are Love too, they don’t know that they are Love and we might help them. We might help them by Loving ourselves the very most - OK.

We Love ourselves very much - it helps everyone to see that it is silly to be anything but that - because it is the most fun, it is the most pleasure and it is the most (sigh) sweetness and that is my story for you.  ….. Tilee the Fairy (just describing some bits).

Much Gratitude for Tilee wanting to share this beautiful wisdom and revealing the truth about Fairies.

All information is © copyright 2018, 2021, Michael Francis Bray

An email & Fairy Picture from a reader of my book ‘Fairies are Real’: book info here.


FEEDBACK:  “Hi Michael,

I read your book Fairies are Real.

I've always believed in fairies from being a small child. I've always felt magical presences being out in nature.

After all of the latest catastrophes happening I decided to take a green, pink and clear Crystal up to Tandlehill park, one of my favourite places to go walking near where I live. I put them into the soil under a tree root to help balance and heal Mother Earth.

 Today as I was walking through Tandlehill I took a picture of the sun shining trough the trees. As I was about to take the picture I saw a glowing light dancing In front of me, I first thought it was a butterfly. I moved my camera away but I could see anything. I looked again and it was still there bold as brass dancing. I managed to take a picture and wanted to share it with you.

I would also like to say thank you for giving me knowledge and inspiration to become closer to Fairies and Angles.

The fairy is situated at the front if the picture. Enlarged version below \/.

Many Blessing J, UK.    and here is the picture:          {  Wow - I Love it, Thank you J for sharing :-)  }

Fairy drawing above by Dianne Downs. YouTube videos here.

Copyright © 2017 Jill Marie and Michael Bray.

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Channeled by Jill Marie, transcript by Michael Bray. Recorded on about 2 August 2014.

Permission from Gaia. Tilee said this is a gift or present for everyone / all humanity.

I confirm this transcript is true and correct ..... Michael

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In my quest to explore more of ‘Spirit’ I have always been fascinated by the unseen, especially in nature. I have always believed there is much more out there and I feel it any time I venture into a nature or forest area. I was once living near a natural labyrinth, in the South of France, which I am continuing to explore and I am now talking to Pan, Green Man, and the local Fairies & Elves. It is amazing. I also have a healing from the Fairies - click here. I also know I have Gnomes always following me - quiet fun and uplifting at all times. Enjoy this page. Fairy book

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