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Posted on 19 March, 2020 at 20:15

Pope Francis Calls For Worldwide Prayer Vigil of healing to stop the spread of virus.

The Pope calls upon people of every faith TODAY (March 19th) to offer their prayers, in particular to the Divine Mother. As my friend Vicki Thomas always says: "Stop, Drop and Pray." We know that when massive numbers of people focus their intentions and prayers at the same moment, miracles happen. Please spread this message to everyone you know!

It's happening in a few hours!!!

Together we can mobilize the most powerful force in the Universe - positive, affirmative prayer. Don't simply ask for the virus to end its spread across the planet, but FEEL in advance that your prayers have already been answered. That's the key - to feel that your prayers have ALREADY been answered! I've traveled around the world as The Peace Troubadour sharing prayer vigils and worldwide meditations, and I've seen wars literally stop in front of me when millions of people focused together. Now we envision and affirm that the Coronavirus has run its course and slows its spread! JOIN US!

Join us at Namaste!

Here at our spiritual community in Ajijic, Mexico we share and celebrate each day. We are going to start broadcasting our morning sessions on my Facebook page so people all over the world can join us. You can watch today's session - And follow the page so you can get all our videos.


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