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See under France for more info about Michael's travels and crystal journey, plus healing in France

Michael Francis Bray has been playing with his team of Angels and Guides since age 5, thats for 68 years. He has traveled the world sharing about his team and the almost ‘miracles’ they perform almost every day.

He has written 5 books about Angels and Life and one book about Nature Spirits titled ‘Fairies are Real’ which includes conversations with several Fairies in 2 countries and a Gnome in Belgium. The book also explores the truth about Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns, Dragons, Unicorns as well a trees and nature.

There is also an Alphabet with positive words and spiritual wisdom for daily self-help, inspiration, ideas and suggestions for guidance. All books are written in the language of Love and Light.

Michael traveled to France in April 2014, with the idea of living in Europe which was a goal when he first visit there in1968. He loved to travel in Europe and while he was there he drove to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, UK, Ireland and Spain. Once he traveled through 5 countries in one day ( NL, B, D, L, and FR ).

He had goals to travel to the UK, however while living in Pau, France, near Lourdes he experienced a stroke on 30 March 2018. He spent a month in the local hospital, then decided he would be better off having rehabilitation in Australia. He heard some years back that Ipswich hospital was good and he contacted his friend in Ipswich, Megan Maher who collected him at Brisbane airport and took him to Emergency, where he spent another month. Physiotherapy helped him walk (slowly) again and he is also gaining the use of his left arm and hand. Now residing in a lovely Care Centre in Riverview, he is resting often and takes time to create this site, typing with one hand.

* Read how he works with crystals and the healing along the Western Front - during WW1 in France and Belgium.

Featured here are Michael's Past/Parallel Lives and a Timeline for this Life: (an idea):

My past (or parallel) lives, by

Michael Francis Bray ~ In my first year, 1946, Im the one with the hair, now it is all different, this lifetime. Ha ha .....

Past Lives: 

I have always been interested in the lives I have lived in the past and I have been gifted with a sense for discovering the facts about this.

Here are some suggestions:

*37,000 to 40,000 years back, an Aboriginal ‘medicine person’ in the Laverton area of Western Australia. Draw a line from Uluru to Perth and I was in the middle.

*About 20,000 BC in Atlantis, I have had a dream that I was leaving this crystal island in a crystal ‘vehicle’ heading towards ‘space’.

*In the second century BC the Ajanta Caves near the Sahyardi Hills, east of present day Mumbai, India, were carved out. It took 600 years to create them. On my visit, after staring at the ceiling in the first 3 caves, I asked my Angels what was going on? They suggested I had spent 3 lives here - one as an artisan, the next as a student and the third as a teacher. Everything made total sense after that. They are amazing to visit.

*In 2013, I am part of a group visiting Egypt. We toured to the West Bank of Luxor, Valley of the Kings and Temple of Hatshepsut. This is my second visit to this temple and I still have something very special about this area. I ask my Angels what is it that makes it so ~ their reply was that I was Queen Hatshepsut (which explained a lot) and if you read about her life, she was the only ruler of Egypt that did not get involved in wars. She ruled for prosperity and she served the people well. It explains when I was walking up the magnificent steps at the front of the temple, I had a feeling of people waving to me. Queen-Pharaoh Hatshepsut ascended the throne about 1478 BC. 

*About 1400 BC I have seen myself near present day Wellington, New Zealand as part of a new group of people who arrived in the area. We were always called ‘foreign’ and eventually inter-married with the local peoples.

*1000-500 BC I was an Aboriginal living in the present area of Lithgow, NSW. I was initiated and worked with sending energy communications from Mt. Clarence. I lived in a community in caves nearby, close to present day Clarence Railway station. In the winter we would walk to present day Penrith and stay on or near the Nepean River. (See the story about William Charles Wentworth, explorer, who in 1813 discovered a way over the Blue Mountains west of Sydney NSW. This was the same soul who walked that same journey many years before).

*About 200 BC, I have seen myself as part of a team/community arriving in present day Tauranga, New Zealand, in long-boats from Polynesia.

* About 100 BC in Corinth, Greece

*0-48 AD, I was a Roman guard and I was assigned to follow Jesus to investigate what he was doing and how he was ‘healing’ people. Interesting and in this lifetime I was at a course that taught us how Jesus did his healing. It was all just using Love and Light.

*About 1100, I was a court jester in the UK, a short life.

*1182-1226: St. Francis of Assisi was alive ~ I was living in Italy and met him along his road & helped him out a few times. He feels so close. 

* c1209- c1321 ~ somewhere in this time I was a Cathar and a Cathar merchant.                The Cathar info is here.

* About 1288-1346 I was a monk in Battle Abbey, Battle, in East Sussex, UK. This was the site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings when England was conquered by the Normans from France. I delved in writing and illustrating manuscripts, which I loved.   I lived on a vegetarian diet, which was a custom in the abbey at the time.

*1480-1548, I was a monk in the Netherlands near present day Ter Apple, close to the German border. I am later moved to the island of Schiermonikoe, Leuerwarden, off the coast of Groningen. I was apparently a rebel wanting to change the church doctrine, dogma and ideas.

*About 1550 to 1599 I helped build and/or design the Terschelling lighthouse in Friesland, the Netherlands. I have always had a fascination with lighthouses.

  1. *1600 born in Spain. I designed drainage at the ‘El Mayo’ fort at San Juan, Puerto Rico. I died in 1643 when the fort was destroyed by fire by the Dutch navy and army.

*1650 to 1700, I was a Spanish explorer and forged a trail from present day San Diego, CA to Albaquerqie NM to create a settlement there. (This was from a map at the ‘old Spanish Govenor’s Residence’ in San Antonio, TX). The map shows a dotted red line and the path I took with other explorers on horseback.

*1700-1740, I was a slave on a cotton plantation in Louisiana. The first time I saw a cotton plantation in this lifetime in that area, I burst into tears.

*1745- 1771, I was born in England and I was Sydney Parkinson, a black natural History Draftsman for Joseph Banks, Botanist who in 1765 sailed from England with Captain James Cook on the ‘Endeavour’. On this voyage the team travelled via Tahiti and discovered New Zealand and then Australia in 1770, landing at Botany Bay. I collected samples of plants, I noted their environment and I helped draw their image for later use and study. I have seen some of these images on a visit to the UK. This is why so many places along the east coast of Australia have been so familiar to me this lifetime. I died after the 'Endeavour' departed Batavia, aged 26 years. (See steel engraving below \/ )

*1792-1872, I was born on a ship traveling from Sydney to Norfolk Island as William Charles Wentworth, the son of a female convict. I later joined Blaxland and Lawson to discover a way across the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney in 1813. I became a wealthy landowner and politician. I owned Vaucluse House in east Sydney. I died in the UK on 20 March 1872 and I was later buried near my house at Vaucluse, Sydney. (See aboriginal story above 1000-500 BC)

*1872-1911, I was born in Scotland and I helped build the ‘Forth Bridge’ a railway bridge north of Edinburgh. About 1900 I traveled to Australia and from 1905-1907, I visited the Crookwell area 15km north of Goulburn and I helped build stone bridges on the Crookwell-Bathurst road. I was buried near Dubbo.

*1913, I was born a black female in Suriname, South America and I traveled to the Netherlands where I worked with the Netherlands air force. About 1943 I was using a glass wall with a map of Europe, tracing where all the aircraft were flying and drawing on the map where planes were flying during WW2. In 1945, I was having sex with an officer in a tank which was hit by a German shell, we both died.

*1946, I was born in Sydney Australia on 15th June, 2 months early, at 3.18pm. My twin brother was born 15 minutes later. No one knew there were 2 babies there. 

I know I have had many, many lifetimes, all with a similar theme ~ helping people and building bridges between people.

At 70 years young, today in 2017, I am still doing that, but from a spiritual point of view and using unique healing spiritual tools from Jill Marie at SVH. You may also like to look at the crystal pages (above) and cleaning-up (below) page for healing info.

I understand that this life is a culmination of all my past lives and each lifetime has been a prerequisite to the following one. There have been many thousands of lives that I have experienced on earth or other planets.

Here is a list of some people I feel I have a connection with:

-H. W. Longfellow (1807-1882) author of ‘The Song of Hiawatha’. 

-The owner of a bakery in Chicago and there was a fire there (not the great fire of 1871).

-Michelangelo (1475-1564) ~ I have a total fascination for his work.  

-Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) ~ has always inspired me.

It has been an amazing journey, Thank you for sharing this journey with me,

Michael Francis Bray.

Updated 21 Apr. 2019.

My 2 books: ‘Angels are Real’ (1946 to 1992) and ‘Angels are Real 2’ (1993 to 2017) give you more info about my past lives and this wonderful present life, sharing my adventures with my team of Angels, Masters and Guides ~ for info: click here

All information is © copyright 2019 Michael Francis Bray

From: 1745-1771:

A steel engraving of Sydney Parkinson as a youth.

From the booklet 'East Coast Discoveries' , the flora of Cook's 'Endeavour' voyage,

Published by the Queensland State LIbrary 1988

and from the British Museum (National History) in association with Australian 

national University Press, 1983. Carr, D. J. (Ed.) 

Parkinson, Sydney. A journal of a voyage to the south seas in His Majesty's ship

The Endeavour, London 1773.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Michael's Timeline 1946-2019

LIFE TIMELINE: 1946-2017:     

My life by Michael Bray - 15 June 1946 - - - > today:


Birth: 15 June @ 3-18pm. EST @ the Womens Hospital, Oxford St. Paddington NSW.

Michael Francis Bray born first. Very small @ birth - placed in humidicrib for 3 months.

Twin brother named Raymond. Sons to Edna Merle (Lorraine) Bray nee Logan and

Raymond Bernard Bray of Lakemba, Sydney NSW.


Family lived in Kingsgrove NSW


Bexley North Primary school.

Sister Suzanne Mary born 17 feb. 1952.

Kingsgrove, De La Salle College, later (1962-64) at Darlinghurst, Sydney

also boarding schools in Lithgow & Yamba - NSW


62-64: casual work @ Woolworths, Northbridge packing groceries & later casual

delivery person with Advertising agency, Campbell St. Sydney - during school holidays.

64- NSW Leaving Certificate, De La Salle College, Darlinghurst.

64-67, working w/Swire & Yuill, shipping agents, Spring St. Sydney

67- Joined TAA reservations, Elizabeth St. Sydney.

69 - living @ 4 Warrawee Ave. Castle Cove 2069. I moved to Rozelle, Sydney

69 - Dec- moved to Lae, PNG.

later in Mt. Hargen, Port Moresby, Rabaul & Bougainville.


72 - sail from Brisbane to Pt. Moresby on the “Chitral” - cabin C47.

Cabin attendant on DC-3 flights in PNG - I loved the flight to Honiara British Solomon Islands, from Rabaul.

73- July-return to Aust (from Rabaul) from 3 1/2 years in PNG.

Live in Kings Cross for a while - work at TAA, Elizabeth St.

-pulled muscles in left leg & on crutches for a while.

- first trip around-the-world: Fiji, Hawaii, Lax, Sfo, nyc, Paris, Amsterdam,  drove from Delft NL to Florence, Italy, Hkg, Syd.

Move to TAA new Parramatta office.

-Sell land @ Frenchs Forest & buy a 1-bed unit in St. Hilliers Rd. Auburn

73- have passport # H401125 issued Sydney 26 Sept. 1973

73- Nov. 4 to 12 - travel to Bangkok.- airline conference. Purchased brown curtains.

- I spend Nov. 12-13 at Hong Kong.

74 - move to work at Singapore Airlines, Pitt St. city.

-purchased 56 Palace St. Petersham.

74-Aug. arrived in Honolulu.

74-Oct. 18 - in Singapore.

75- July 1 in Honolulu, departed 21 July.

76- Feb to Japan. Mar 3, arrived in Bangkok.- departed 10th. to Kathmandu Nepal.

76- Oct. in Hong Kong 9 to 12 and Nov. 1 in Honolulu.

78 - Apr. 3 in France; 12 April, Heathrow, UK; 14 to 18, in Hong Kong, then to Singapore 19

to 21 April.

78- Sales manager, Message travel, Woolloomooloo.

78 - Oct. 16 - Issued with passport # P261171 - wild pic with hair & beard.

I met Henk Sanders from the Netherlands. -March 23, arrived Schiphol, NL from Aust.. 9 April in Marienborn, East Germany.

79-June 16, dep. Aust. arrived Schiphol, NL - Travel to UK, Netherlands. Time in India - @ Puna, then Sri Lanka, India (East coast) Thailand & Malaysia. Returned to Sydney mid 1980.

- 11 July 79 arrived in Bougtange. 31 Oct.79 in Harwick, UK, departed 1 Nov. and 13 Dec. 79 in Danmark.


80- June 24, arrived in Madras, India from Sri Lanka; 28 June leave Calcutta, arrived

Bangkok, dep 30 June to Penang, Malaysia. Depart Kuala Lumpur 4 July to Sydney.

Almost immediately, work with Aust. Post in Lane Cove, Sydney as a telegram delivery person.

80-late, restaurant - Les Vineron, Petersham, Sydney, as a kitchen hand.

80 - Moved from Petersham to Lismore (via 3-mths in Suffolk Park caravan park N-NSW)

81 - late Opened ‘Double Dutch’ A Natural Foods Restaurant, 49-51 Union St. Lismore.

82 - April - met Julia Vasey - Angel profile & more on April 24th.

Started NR “Gaywaves” on 2NCR-FM

83 - 84 Several editorials written in Lismore's 'Northern Star' newspaper about me being gay: Paper taken to tribunal in Sydney Anti-Discrimination Board. Normally tribunals last 15 minutes - mine lasted 2 days. Newspaper blasted for not respecting gay people.  

84- **14 June 1984 - 1st registered Business name: Rainbow Spirit**

85 - July - closed ‘DD’, Lismore.

86 - Jan./Feb - in Lismore, partner - Ross Milner, (PO Box 882, Lismore 2480) - I design sweaters.

June - moved to Christchurch, met Dianne Goodall & Ralph Sherwood (both Gemini’s).

Aug - IPM Courses in Christchurch.

Aug- 18 - lecture, Christchurch - (Advert)

-Nov.22-24, Healing fair, The Channon, NSW.

87 - sold “DD” house, Lismore.

Jan - fly to Puerto Rico.

Jan 15, press release - for Jan. 26 lecture, Puerto Rico. visited USA twice - Jan/Feb - P.R. 11 wks.

N.Z. & Mexico - later in year - then USA, TX, Conneticut - New Haven, UK, NL.

-Jan. ?? - Arr.? - Syd. A series of lectures about Angels follows in many places - some with media coverage.

- Mar. - Angel lecture Lismore (Media)

Aug- lecture (Media) Georgetown TX. w/Mardi & Robin Tim So.

Aug. 24, lecture (Media) Round Rock, TX. w/Mardi & Robin TS

Sept - 17, lecture Waco, TX.

Sept 20, (Advert) lecture, Austin TX.

Sept- 29, lecture, Abilene, (Media) TX.

88 - March- lecture, Wellington, NZ

July. working @ ALC, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Sept. - lecture Rockhampton & Maryborough Qld. (Media)

- lecture Southport Q. (Media)

Sept 20, lecture Brisbane (Media)

late - moved to NZ again.

89 - Moved from NZ to West. Aust.

Worked on gold mine sites - Mid-WA for about 7 months.

Nov. 23 - (Media) - lecture, Bunbury WA


90 - start - retail sales, Neutral Bay newsagent, Sydney.

March-Media- PCC in Hyde Park.

91 - March 15 - lecture, (Advert.) Devonport Tas. w/Robert Gibson.

Apr - Lecture, Wangaratta / Psychic Fair, Albury, NSW (Media)

May -? - moved to Melb - Randle Robinson - Hurstbridge

June 25, lecture - Eltham Comm. Centre. (Media) my phone#: (9)714-8446.

July - 17 - Lorraine arrives by Compass Airlines @ 9-50am (YM331)/ Dep

YM366, 7:35pm to Sydney.

Aug.-Weekend @ RTE to sort out relationship: - return to Melb and leave Randle -

Later move to Clifton Hill, Vic. - rent unit for 6 mths. - write ‘(My) Angels are real’ - now “Angels are Real”.

92 - Mar.-move to Hobart Tas. I meet Patricia Roberts. Photo’s in a Hobart cemetery for the Angel book.

Aug. 19-21. TAFE- Hobart-course

Sept - 19/20 courses @ ALC, Darlinghurst.

met Tony, from India & Canada

Dec. 9 - Dep. Syd. / Arr. LAX, US - TIME IN WDC OFFICE & N.Y.EVE - PENNSYLVANIA - Met ‘gate-keeper’ from Ireland.

93 - May 8, Arrive London UK - time UK Office + Visit Scotland

Aug. travel to Belfast & Dublin, Media on Radio Ireland + lecture Dublin

Aug. 9 - (Media) lecture, workshop Cork, Ireland.

Aug.17 - lecture, (Media) Galway, Ireland.

-Sept 17, Depart Harwich UK.

-Sept. 18, Arr Hoek van Holland, Nederland.

-Oct. 11 - Arrive London, UK.

Nov. - (Media) - Psychic News - London UK.

Dec - ‘The Irish Times’ - media re Angels. About 2 months after I leave Ireland the Irish and UK Governments commence a dialogue  about the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland.

-Dec. 2 - Dep. Heathrow, UK. Arr Newark, US and on Dec. 9 - Arrive Sydney.

94 - Feb. 8 - Lecture (Media) Dubbo. NSW

Feb. Angel lectures, Springwood NSW.

Mar. 3, Lectures Bathurst (Media). Move to Medlow Bath and teach unemployed teens about tourism.

July 5, Graduation, Tourism Course, Lithgow, NSW.

Oct/Nov. ‘Whats on the Planet’, Sydney - book review - ‘My Angels are real’

95 - Jan.-move to Georgica NSW (NIMBIN)  for 1 year - Look after fruit farm, 1 year

Sat. 8 / Sun. 9 Apr - Body/mind Festival - Wodonga...lecture & stall.

June. 13 - lecture, Gosford Theosophical Group.

?- casual work - Kyogle Employment & Training Centre, teaching unemployed teens about life.

Sept- had reading @ Southport - Q.

Oct-reading w/Carol-Ann, Cessnock.

Nov. 4/5 - talk & stall - Wagga Wagga Expo.

Dec.12 - Dis. A.S.U.-N/NSW course-Lismore. Self-publish ‘Angels are real’.

- I write ‘Angel and Fairy Alphabet’

96 - Jan - leave Georgica, northern NSW, near Nimbin.

30/31 Mar - Sat/Sun., Stall & lecture @ Albury/Wodonga - Body/mind Festival.

April, 13/14 - Spiritual Awareness Festival, w/stall, Great Hall, Newcastle University. Helped organise

June 5, (media) - Living in Mitchelton, Bris. Qld. - my phone #: 07-3855-1946

Sept./oct.- I do first Avatar courses in Sydney Sylvania Waters with Graham Sampson. Stay w/mum.

Nov. 24, Dep. Sydney. / Arr. SFO, US...Master Course, Orlando, FL.


- Jan 11, I Arrive back in Syd.

- I travel up & down the east coast in a van doing Avatar courses with Graham.

-mobile (brick-shape) 018-812 512 & PO Box 1000 Rockdale nsw 2216 - about this time.

-Nov. 25 - Dep. Syd./ Arrive SFO, US

2 Years in the USA: Lived in Asheville NC & San Antonio, TX. -

Travel to: FL, (SC, GA, ) TX, (via AL, LA, MI.) WV, TN.

Manage a gay men's Spiritual Group in Asheville NC 1997-1999, with monthly meetings & introduced email communications

1998 - I experience minor strokes, driving on highway 40 in the USA


- in Asheville, NC & I realise I need to be in Australia at the start of 2000.

- 12 Nov. -Returned to Australia- Arrive Sydney

-Dec. stay w/Lorraine. in Brighton-Le-Sands

Nov. - mobile Phone: 0418-494 657.


-Jan. New years eve ~Course in Wentworth Falls, living in Brighton-le-Sands, Sydney

-CRS-Frenches .Forest, Syd. 19/20 Feb. - 2p

-CRS-Avatar in Melbourne w/Laurel. 18/19 March.

-Started looking for a place to live in Canberra from 21 March 2000 - Met Toni from Bngendore.

-Apr. -’Certificate IV in workplace Training & assessment’ - St George Careers.

-CRS-Lismore 15/16 Apr. Avatar - 3p

-To Canberra - looking over Easter.

-I find a place in Cbr - 1/54 Irvine St. - met Nell - 3 May

-6 May - I move to Canberra. 02-6262 3292; po box 100 Dickson 2602.

-9 May my ABN application arrives @ tax office.

-Sept. 17 - Olympic games in Sydney. Finish Oct. 1.

-Oct. to Dec. Indigenous Art Classes, Tumut TAFE.

-moved to Watson ACT then later to Bungendore NSW


-Jan. 9 -new mobile #: 0411-326 862

-19Feb. start CentreLink, Braddon, finishes 18 May for 3 months.

-May - new mobile #: 0407-COURSE (268 773)

-May, end - course @ The Carrington of Bungendore

-June 30 - moved to 54A Turallo Tce. Bungendore 2621 (PO Box 455)

-July -Casual Trainer, IPA Personnell P/L, Braddon ACT - to Nov/01?

-met Brad from Adelaide.

-Sept. 11- day of changes in the USA!

-Oct 1. - 1st Professional course, Orlando FL, USA


-Jan. 19-Feb. Avatar Wizard course - 13 days, Miami FL & Kids Training for 3 days. + met Mike & Ing-Marie

-April 22-24, Senior First Aid, Aust. Red Cross, Woden ACT

-Feb. 6 - departed Miami via Chicago & SFO

-Feb 8 - arrived Sydney & train to Bungendore.

-Feb. 9 - moved from old convent to - 124A Ellendon St. Bungendore

-March 4 - Angel contact info in Woman’s Day magazine


-Feb. reviewed Wizard course, Orlando, FL

-March - LDP Program, Cairns Qld. with 50 - year 7 kids from Weipa. An amazing experience

-Sept. 12- moved from 60 Duralla St. Bungendore to Aunt  Dorothy’s unit: 9/54-56 Ocean St.

Penshurst 2222. Aunt Dorothy needed to be in a nursing home & she moved to one near mum’s place

-Oct. reviewed Pro course, FL & did International crs in Santa Rosa, CA, Nov. Returned to

Aust. via Hawaii - in Nov.

-Dec. 17 - moved stuff from Bungendore storage to Sydney.


-Feb. 5 -preview Wodonga Vic.  + 27th: Sydney International Avatar crs - RG Hotel.

-Feb. -’Certificate IV in workplace Training & Assessment’ - Balfour College.

-March 25 to Goulburn - intro 25th & course 27-28 w/Alister

-mum to hospital 26th

-April- 6th - Mum moved to a nursing home (same one as aunty) & I move to her house

9th fly to G.coast / 10th- Master course in the Gold Coast, Aust. - New Integrity program.

-I have a hole in my left ear-drum and have an operation - low volume Tinnitus starts in left ear.

-24th - Patricia now in DL’s home. (Official from 28-4-2004)

-May - Gundagai ReS. w/Gaye.

-June - Interview @ Ella - Mon. 7/6

28th - start work @ Ella w/great kids

-June to Mar. 2005 - Casual carer Ella Community Centre, Haberfield.

-June: Venus transit - amazing feelings

-July - 19th - start merchant facility W/St. George Bank (Bank SA)

-Sept - 27th - trip out west: Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, via Mudgee to Sydney.

-Oct.30th - course - Caloundra, Qld. - review

-nov- 27/28 - course- w/Allison - Annandale, Sydney - student - Dave.

-Dec. 28 - I experience Serenity Vibration Healing® with Sandy +++ Amazing


-Feb. 5-13 - Level 1 Serenity Course, Hornsby with Sandy Mayor.

-March 21 @ 3:30am - Vertigo, partial stroke; for about 9 months. Finish work @ Ella.

A lot of time to contemplate - throw out and change

-Casual carer/support work with Pegasus Management & McArthur Management at

Home Care respite, Bankstown. Also Centacare, Waitara.

- June 13, Serenity Vibration Healing L1M (Perfecting the tools) course, Hornsby w/Sandra

-Nov. move to Bexley to share a house with Max, for a short time.

-Work with Ofra in Tempe, at Crystal Art.


-Move to temp. accommodation in Penshurst Hotel, then move to Waitara.

- continue work with agencies Pegasus & McArthur at Home care Respite, Bankstown.

Later with Centacare, Waitara.

-June 22, L2 SVH course, Hornsby w/Sandy

-Sept. 2, Virtual First Aid Training. Sydney

-October - Merle Small, unit 8, graduates from planet earth.

-October - Move from Waitara to temp. accommodation in Bulahdelah, later I move to Taree.

-2nd November. Move to Taree -Work at Dragonfly Divinity shop in Taree, readings, Healing.

I learn Reiki. I facilitate a ‘Serenity Circle’ healing group in Taree.

-also cleaning energy in - Taree.

-Nov.26 - I meet Jill Marie Woods in Newcastle, founder of Serenity Vibration Healing &

Enlightenment. A great day with Jill.

- Serenity Level 1 Teacher Certificate Course in Newcastle 27 Nov. to 1 Dec. - with Jill Marie, Newcastle

- Dec. 7 to 13; Serenity Level 2 Mastery Course at St. Joseph’s Spiritual Centre in Baulkham Hills NSW

- Dec. 15 I fly Qantas to Ayers Rock to visit Uluru. Return to Sydney 17 Dec.

- Christmas & mum’s birthday (27/12) at the Rockdale Nursing Home


-Many visits to Sydney as mum is no well.

-18 to 20 Feb. conception of the ‘bean’, Palm Beach NSW. Sus & Em are well.

-Feb. 23 to March 9, Reiki 3 levels, Taree w/Sandy

-March - Graduation of Edna (Lorraine) Bray, 15 March 2007, about 11:50pm.

Ceremony in her garage on 30 March 2007.

The first ‘Earth Hour’ about 24 March - honouring the earth / Gaia.

-3 May - move from Taree to Uralla.

-I create a web site for Kids-network in Forster.

- 3 May I move from Taree, via Wesak festival in Tamworth. Eventually live in Uralla.

- 8 May I move into 2/126 Bridge St. Uralla 2358. I meet Vera, Harry & J. Hicks. Plus D Adams, and many who receive SVH Healings. We deliver a healing weekend at the Uralla Spiritual Church. Also readings & healing at Tamworth

Spiritual Church.

-June 22 - Port Macquarie Psychic Fair, 22 & 23 June with Garry Wiseman.

-June - I sell mum’s unit in Brighton-le-sands.

- 13 to 15 July I teach SVH L-1 course in Uralla to 4 people.

- 20 July - mum’s unit in Brighton-le-sands - contracts exchanged this day.

- 23 July - fly Armidale-Sydney, QF- meeting with solicitors in Sydney, then to course @

Baulkham Hills.

- 24 to 28 July, SVH, L 3 course with Jill in St. Josephs, Baulkham Hills, Sydney. - also

now a Minister with Serenity Ministries.

- 16 to 19 August, PTT - SVH course in Uralla with 2 people, Harry & Dianne.

- 27 Aug. purchased - Toyota van, Sydney.

- 31 August - settlement of sale of mum’s unit. I spent time in the Lithgow/Oberon areas

and stay with Yvonne & Roy & Sandra.

- 10 Sept. I leave Uralla & travel via Nundle & Mudgee to Lithgow.

- 13 September I pay a deposit to purchase 14 Read Ave. Lithgow 2790.

- 22 September at 2:00pm I move into house # 14 under licence.

-met Pam in Lithgow

-Oct/Nov. finalised purchase of 14 Read Ave. Lithgow.

-Oct. 30 - Birth of Sahara at 10:40am., in Mona Vale Hospital.


-March 6, L 2 teacher - with Jill in Idaho USA. Later to PA with Clyde & NL - Henk

-TAFE Outreach access OH&S, Sept. 2008, Lithgow.

-Volunteer LINC, Lithgow - meals delivery & Eskbank House & Museum


-June/July - moved from Lithgow to Bowraville NSW. over 2 months & teach 3 SVH

courses in Sydney

-Aug 1, L3M course, Pt. Douglas, Qld. with Jilly. We do an environment healing using crystals & I want to do this everywhere.

-Aug. volunteer at Bowraville Folk Museum & Nambucca Valley Food Services (meals)

-7 August - Dorothy Logan passed on - & Funeral on 12 Aug. 2009 in Sydney

-30 Oct - holiday to Egypt (2 weeks) & Italy (12 days)


In Bowraville - volunteer transport people to Coffs Hbr.

-Healings at Mt. Beerwah Qld., monthly


11 Jan. big flood in Toowoomba - I will visit next month

11 Feb. first visit to TWB

11 April purchased 2 Shaw Crt. Harristown, Toowoomba

27 Apr. new PASSPORT

I sell Bowraville (stuff in storage) & move to Toowoomba - I find 2 Shaw Crt. 29 Sept 11, 

30 OCT. flew to Delhi - India tour.

16 Nov. depart Mumbai to Aust.

-purchase Prius car. later registered ZAA-680,  PRIUS CAR ***


- 4-June-12, I started taking Gumbi Gumbi

- 12 May - settlement #2 Shaw Crt Harristown

- 6 Aug 2012 - moved into a rental @ 12 Albert Lane Newtown (Toowoomba) Qld. 4350 

- 12-11-12 Sassafras born

- 7 / 12 / 12, Departed Bris. To AKL, NZ … to Chile, Peru, Easter Isl., Spain, France, Malta, Turkey, London - Singapore


- I travel to Frankfurt  w/ Carolyn - then to: France, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, - 30-9-13 X TLS; 22-10-13 ship to Algeciras Spain, from Tangier, Morocco.

- return to Australia 31-10-13 from Barcelona, 1 day later as I missed the flight.

- 10-11-13 to Uluru for 5 days, return 15-11-13

- visit the girls 17-19/11/13

- Decide to move to France end Nov. 2013


- 3-2-14 moved from #15 Albert lane Newtown house & put ‘stuff’ in storage 

-4-2-14 - fly to France via London

-5-2-14 arrive Toulouse

-18-2-14 depart Toulouse, France, via Paris to arrive Dublin

-Visit Cork and rent car to drive to  NW coast Republic of Ireland

-24-2-14 flight Dub, CDG, Toulouse

-5-3-14 X TLS

-7-3-14 returned to Australia from France

-14-3-14 Moved to Darling Heights Lodge temp. accommodation.

-5-3-14 depart. To Toulouse 

- 5-4-14 start lease 5 Rue du FOUR, LERAN, FRANCE >

-14-4-14 Leave BNE to FRANCE: EY flight BNE-SIN-ADH-BRU-TLS

-15-4-14 arrive FRANCE, via Brussels - o/nite Mirepoix

-16-4-14 move into #5

-My car was shipped from Brisbane on 13 April to Marseille FR.

-28-5-14 to TLS for OFII medical. O/nite Lourdes.

-CAR-OK, Marseille - 105294 KM.  Picked it up.

-25/26- 6–14 train to Cherbourg & to Ireland via Rosslare - to course, N Dublin -MKP

-30-6-14 fly Dublin to Nantes; train to south FR

-14-8-14 Calais, FR car via rail/channel to UK.

-24-8-14 arrive Cherbourg x Ire. by sea w/car

-15-10-14 - moved into 5 Av. du General Leclerc / Appt. 1. in FOIX 09000

-departed Leran 20-10-14 

-Garage in Foix: mid-Nov @ # 18 - rear w/storage shed. 3 x 5mt.

-15 Dec 2014 - give 3 months notice to leave Foix #5 and garage

-mid-Dec. Started lease on Garage at Montperrier - #4 / 41 w/JM


-15 March left Foix, moved to Les Izzards

* 5-May- house-sit for Lina Dillingham at St. Quentin Du Tour, Ariege. I am not well for several months.

* 8-9-15: I fly x Paris to Brisbane, arrive 10-5-15 to clear shed in TWB. 

* 30-9-15 return x BNE to Paris, arrive 1-10-15 to CDG

* SICK FROM MY RETURN FROM AUSTRALIA TO 20/1/2016 - WHEN 5 PLANETS ALIGNED. No energy for some months in southern France. I am still staying at St. Quentin Du Tour. Moved to Les Izzards- (possible energy change)


- I move to Arras on 15 Feb. and travel by car doing healing around France & Belgium (along The Western Front)


•I leave Arras in May and travel visiting friends in FR, BE, NL

  1. •Sept. - I place crystals around the EU Parliament buildings in Brussels, Belgium.

  2. •Oct. I find a new memorial for the Cathar people in the south of France and drop crystals there.

  3. •Time with friends in Belgium.

  4. •In Dec. I move to Pau, France.


*I am in Pau and create 15 things, events to heal of give positive energy to the earth

  1. *I visit Lourdes in March, for a day.

  2. *EXPERIENCED A STROKE ON 30-3-2018, in Pau, France

  3. * a month in Pau hospital - recovering, lost 11 kg.

  4. * I leave the Pau hospital and lovely city on 30 April & fly to Brisbane, Australia, with Qantas - who were wonderful.


* I am in Ipswich Hospital for a month: Psyiotherapy on my left arm and leg

* I move to Riverview Gardens Care Centre, Riverview Qld on 4 June 2018 .........

* I move to 61/56a Moores Pocket Rd., Moores Pocket Qld. 4305, 8 Nov


* Retina damaged (?) IN RBWH, Brisbane for 3 days - about 3 weeks for repair, 4 Jan 2019

* Surgery for new Cataract - right eye on 1-6-19

* moved on 7/5/19 to new address in BOOVAL, Qld.

* Journey to Chinchilla, W. Qld. - 11 June for Healing and visiting a new town

* 26 June - Healing day in Ipswich Qld. & Tarot reading revealing more aspects

* In Booval, near Ipswich taking life easy, while still writing and promoting a new Holistic Spiritual Care Centre

The adventure continues ..... updated 2 Sept. 2019.  |   All information is © copyright 2019 Michael Francis Bray


Above: Michael’s timeline from 1946 to 2019... /|\