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**NOTE: Angels are NOT religious: they are Celestial Beings ~ beyond the ‘dogma’ and limits imposed by religions. They are pure non-dual beings who all work with unconditional Love & Light & they have no limits. This includes Fairies, Gnomes & Nature Spirits or 'Little people'.

See under France for more info about Michael's travels and crystal journey, plus healing in France

Michael Francis Bray has been playing with his team of Angels and Guides since age 5, thats for 71 years. He has traveled the world sharing about his team and the almost ‘miracles’ they perform almost every day.

He has written 6 books about Angels and Life and one book about Nature Spirits titled ‘Fairies are Real’ which includes conversations with several Fairies in 2 countries and a Gnome in Belgium. The book also explores the truth about Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns, Dragons, Unicorns as well a trees and nature. Go to: books

There is also an Alphabet with positive words and spiritual wisdom for daily self-help, inspiration, ideas and suggestions for guidance. All books are written in the language of Love and Light, titled: 'Angel and Fairy Alphabet'.

Michael traveled to France in April 2014, with the idea of living in Europe which was a goal when he first visit there in1968. He loved to travel in Europe and while he was there he drove to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, UK, Ireland and Spain. Once he traveled through 5 countries in one day ( NL, B, D, L, and FR ), because he could.

He had goals to travel to the UK, however while living in Pau, France, near Lourdes he experienced a stroke on 30 March 2018. He spent a month in the local hospital, then decided he would be better off having rehabilitation in Australia. He heard some years back that Ipswich hospital was good and he contacted his friend in Ipswich, Megan Maher who collected him at Brisbane airport and took him to Emergency, where he spent another month. Physiotherapy helped him walk (slowly) again and he is also gaining the use of his left arm and hand. Has resided in a lovely Care Centre in Riverview, he was living near Casino NSW & resting often and takes time to create this site, typing with one hand & he is driving again ~ now living in Muswellbrook NSW. 

* Read how he works with crystals and the healing along the Western Front - during WW1 in France and Belgium.

Featured here are Michael's Past/Parallel Lives  (an idea):

My past (or parallel) lives, 

Michael Francis Bray ~ In my first year, 1946, Im the one with the hair, now it is all different, this lifetime. Ha ha .....

Past / Parallel  Lives: 

I have always been interested in the lives I have lived in the past and I have been gifted with a sense for discovering the facts about this.

Here are some suggestions/ideas:

*c45,000 to 40,000 years back, an Aboriginal ‘medicine person’ in the Laverton area of Western Australia. Draw a line from Uluru to Perth and I was in the middle, near Leonora.

*About 20,000 BC in Atlantis, I have had a dream that I was leaving this crystal island in a crystal ‘vehicle’ heading towards ‘space’.

*In the second century BC the Ajanta Caves near the Sahyardi Hills, east of present day Mumbai, India, were carved out. It took 600 years to create them. On my visit, after staring at the ceiling in the first 3 caves, I asked my Angels what was going on? They suggested I had spent 3 lives here - one as an artisan, the next as a student and the third as a teacher. Everything made total sense after that. They are amazing to visit.

*c 1400BC: In 2013, I am part of a group visiting Egypt. We toured to the West Bank of Luxor, Valley of the Kings and Temple of Hatshepsut. This is my second visit to this temple and I still have something very special about this area. I ask my Angels what is it that makes it so ~ their reply was that I was Queen Hatshepsut (which explained a lot) and if you read about her life, she was the only ruler of Egypt that did not get involved in wars. She ruled for prosperity and she served the people well. It explains when I was walking up the magnificent steps at the front of the temple, I had a feeling of people waving to me. Queen-Pharaoh Hatshepsut ascended the throne about 1478 BC. 

*c 1300 BC I have seen myself near present day Wellington, New Zealand as part of a new group of people who arrived in the area. We were always called ‘foreign’ and eventually inter-married with the local peoples.

*c 1000-500 BC I was an Aboriginal living in the present area of Lithgow, NSW. I was initiated and worked with sending energy communications from Mt. Clarence to other tribes. I lived in a community in caves nearby, close to present day Clarence Railway station. In the winter we would walk to present day Penrith and stay on or near the Nepean River. (See the story about William Charles Wentworth, explorer, who in 1813 discovered a way over the Blue Mountains west of Sydney NSW. This was the same soul who walked that same journey many years before).

*c 200 BC, I have seen myself as part of a team/community arriving in present day Tauranga, New Zealand, in long-boats from Polynesia.

* c 100 BC in Corinth, Greece

*c 0-48 AD, I was a Roman guard and I was assigned to follow Jesus to investigate what he was doing and how he was ‘healing’ people. Interesting and in this lifetime I was at a course that taught us how Jesus did his healing. It was all just using Love and Light.

*c 1100 AD, I was a court jester in the UK, a short life.

*1182-1226: St. Francis of Assisi was alive ~ I was living in Italy and met him along his road & helped him out a few times. He feels so close. 

* c1209- c1321 ~ somewhere in this time I was a Cathar and a Cathar merchant.   The Cathar info is here, & scroll down \/

* About 1288-1346 I was a monk in Battle Abbey, Battle, in East Sussex, UK. This was the site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings when England was conquered by the Normans from France. I delved in writing and illustrating manuscripts, which I loved.   I lived on a vegetarian diet, which was a custom in the abbey at the time.

*1480-1548, I was a monk in the Netherlands near present day Ter Apple, close to the (now) German border. I am later moved to the island of Schiermonikoe, Leuerwarden, off the coast of Groningen. I was apparently a rebel wanting to change the church doctrine, dogma and ideas.

*About 1550 to 1599 I helped build and/or design the Terschelling lighthouse in Friesland, the Netherlands. I have always had a fascination with lighthouses.

*c 1600 born in Spain. I designed drainage at the ‘El Mayo’ fort at San Juan, Puerto Rico. I died in 1643 when the fort was destroyed by fire by the Dutch navy and army.

*c 1650 to 1700, I was a Spanish explorer and forged a trail from present day San Diego, CA to Albaquerqie NM to create a settlement there. (This was from a map at the ‘old Spanish Govenor’s Residence’ in San Antonio, TX). The map shows a dotted red line and the path I took with other explorers on horseback.

*1700-1740, I was a slave on a cotton plantation in Louisiana. The first time I saw a cotton plantation in the USA this lifetime in that area, I burst into tears.

*1745- 1771, I was born in England and I was Sydney Parkinson, a black natural History Draftsman for Joseph Banks, Botanist who in 1765 sailed from England with Captain James Cook on the ‘Endeavour’. On this voyage the team travelled via Tahiti and discovered New Zealand and then Australia in 1770, landing at Botany Bay. I collected samples of plants, I noted their environment and I helped draw their image for later use and study. I have seen some of these images on a visit to the UK. This is why so many places along the east coast of Australia have been so familiar to me this lifetime. I died after the 'Endeavour' departed Batavia, aged 26 years. (See steel engraving below \/ *****)

*1792-1872, I was born on a ship traveling from Sydney to Norfolk Island as William Charles Wentworth, the son of a female convict. I later joined Blaxland and Lawson to discover a way across the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney in 1813. I became a wealthy landowner and politician. I owned Vaucluse House in east Sydney. I died in the UK on 20 March 1872 and I was later buried near my house at Vaucluse, Sydney. (See aboriginal story above /\ 1000-500 BC)

*1872-1911, I was born in Scotland and I helped build the ‘Forth Bridge’ a railway bridge north of Edinburgh. About 1900 I traveled to Australia and from 1905-1907, I visited the Crookwell area 15km north of Goulburn and I helped build stone bridges on the Crookwell-Bathurst road. I was buried near Dubbo.

*1912, I was born a black female in Suriname, South America and I traveled to the Netherlands where I worked with the Netherlands air force. About 1943 I was using a glass wall with a map of Europe, tracing where all the aircraft were flying and drawing on the map where planes were flying during WW2. In 1945, I was having sex with an officer in a tank which was hit by a German shell, we both died.

*1946, I was born in Sydney Australia on 15th June, 2 months early, at 3.18pm. My twin brother was born 15 minutes later. No one knew there were 2 babies there. 

I know I have had many, many lifetimes, all with a similar theme ~ helping and empowering people and building bridges between people.

At 75 years young, today in 2021, I am still doing that, but from a spiritual point of view and using unique healing spiritual tools from Jill Marie at SVH. You may also like to look at the crystal pages (above) and cleaning-up (below) page for healing info.

I understand that this life is a culmination of all my past lives and each lifetime has been a prerequisite to the following one. There have been many thousands of lives that I have experienced on earth or other planets.

Here is a list of some people I feel I have a connection with:

-H. W. Longfellow (1807-1882) author of ‘The Song of Hiawatha’. 

-The owner of a bakery in Chicago and there was a fire there (not the great fire of 1871).

-Michelangelo (1475-1564) ~ I have a total fascination for his work.  

-Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) ~ has always inspired me.

-John Russell - Australian Impressionist Artist

It has been an amazing journey, Thank you for sharing this current journey with me,

Michael Francis Bray.

Updated 18 Sept. 2022.

My 2 books: ‘Angels are Real’ (1946 to 1992) and ‘Angels are Real 2’ (1993 to 2017) give you more info about my past lives and this wonderful present life, sharing my adventures with my team of Angels, Masters and Guides ~ for info: click here

All information is © copyright 2019, 2020, 2022. Michael Francis Bray

*****From: 1745-1771:

A steel engraving of Sydney Parkinson as a youth.

From the booklet 'East Coast Discoveries' , the flora of Cook's 'Endeavour' voyage,

Published by the Queensland State LIbrary 1988

and from the British Museum (National History) in association with Australian 

national University Press, 1983. Carr, D. J. (Ed.) 

Parkinson, Sydney. A journal of a voyage to the south seas in His Majesty's ship

The Endeavour, London 1773.

- Why I am still fascinated by flowers & flowering, this lifetime.

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